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Some say there are 2 types of RV’ers: those that camp in the Winter, and those that don’t.

RV camping in the Winter is certainly possible in a 4-seasons RV. Fun winter-weather activities like ice-fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and snow-shoeing are all excellent ways to get outside and enjoy the crisp winter weather. There are a few things you need to know for Winter RV camping, so be sure to prepare accordingly. If you’re a fan of frosty camping, don’t forget to brush up on these essential tips for towing in the snow.

For the rest of us, the camper is headed in for a long winter nap. Splendid spring and summer camping awaits your RV after hibernation, but only if you properly winterize your RV before putting it in storage. Don’t know how? Follow our helpful guide on how to Winterize your RV, then pick up these must-haves for RV winterization at your nearest Camping World, in-store or online. When starting the winterizing process, there are certain items that help make the activity easier and smoother and, most of the time, quicker

Before Mother Nature gives you the cold shoulder, you should think about the process of winterizing your RV. Procrastinating this item on the old to-do list could be the difference between a successful spring start-up or a lengthy, expensive list of repairs.

Whether you plan on camping this winter or putting your RV in storage, you’ll need some of these must-have items to get through the harshest season.


If winter weather is the villain, then frozen pipes that burst are its weapon of choice. Avoid the fallout by pumping a non-toxic formulated anti-freeze through your plumbing before the weather drops. Not only will your pipes avoid freezing over, but healthy additives in the anti-freeze will help prevent the corrosion of metals such as copper, brass, and more.

rv anti-freeze

Blow Out Hose

Let’s face it, we don’t always have someone nearby to help us with the multiple tasks that come along with winterizing. Some of us (you know who you are) have trouble asking for help in the first place. Thanks to the design of this blow-out hose, winterizing can be an easy one-person job. Simply screw the hose into your RV’s city water inlet and connect your air compressor (if you don’t have one, this one is a favorite of ours). Then open all the faucets and flush the lines with your free hands! It gets the job done and keeps your pride intact. That’s a win/win if there ever was one.

blow out hose

Plastic Winterizing Hand Pump

Speaking of anti-freeze, add it into your RV waterlines and supply tanks with the aid of a hand pump kit. Simplifying the task should always be the objective. This hand pump kit checks all the boxes. The kit comes with a flexible line for city water connections, too.

winterizing hand pump

Pump Converter Winterizing Kit

If you’re looking for a step up from the hand pump, this permanent pump converter should do the job. It draws anti-freeze directly from the bottle and, with a wrench, your one-time installation will save you valuable time when the next winterization period rolls around.

pump converter winterizer kit

Quick Turn By-pass Kit

Once the water heater has been completely drained, you’ll want to bypass it altogether. Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s much easier with a bypass kit. With this permanently installed unit, you’ll simply turn the single valve to bypass the water heater. In doing so, you’ll end up saving yourself anti-freeze in the long run. A back-flow preventer and shutoff valve are included. Does it still sound complicated? No worries. Swing by your nearest Camping World location for a hassle-free installation and walk-through of the features.

quick turn by pass kit

Camco Freezeban Heated Drinking Water Hose

If you plan to pull out RV for some winter camping, you’ll need a special heated hose to get running water from city lines into your RV. Don’t cobble together a DIY version of a heated hose, as some hose components are not meant to be heated and can leach chemicals into your drinking water. This Camco drinking hose is specifically designed for Winter camping. How? This insulated hose won’t freeze your pipes and undo all that hard work of flushing and prepping your system for the colder months. An energy-saving thermostat only heats when needed, so there’s no fear of wasting energy. Throw this one in the RV for those unexpected cold snaps. You’re welcome.

camco freeze ban hose

Floe 12V DC Integrated Drain Down System

Make flushing your water system an easy task with this 12v powered drain system. Clear unwanted water from your pipes quickly and easily, or clear out anti-freeze fast if you decide to take the camper out at a moment’s notice. Compressed air makes clearing out your pipes fast and hassle-free.

floe down 12v integrated drain down system

RV Winterization Bundle

If this is your first time winterizing your RV, or you simply need to restock, the winterization bundle is a winner! It includes a premium gel-gloss wash and wax, the blow-out hose, a Dri-Z air dehumidifier, the plastic winterizing hand pump kit, the Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer, and a gallon of anti-freeze. It’s the best value for the most gear, especially if this is your first spin around the winterizing wheel.

rv winterization bundle

Whether you’re closing up the RV for the winter ahead or you’re planning to hit the highway periodically through the colder months, winterizing is crucial to the longevity of your RV’s lifespan. Stocking up on the right gear to winterize your RV will have you looking forward to spring more than ever. Mother Nature’s cold shoulder can be brutal, but with a little preparation, your home away from home will survive her icy behavior.

As always, reach out to or stop by your local Camping World location where highly qualified service technicians are available for all your RV needs, winterizing and beyond.

  • Comment (4)
  • Mike C says:

    My 2022 Cougar 33RLI doesn’t have a water pump bypass kit installed. The pump is in an awkward spot beside the sofa. I would wonder if the reason it didn’t come with a kit installed is because there is an easier way to get rv antifreeze to the pump. Any idea’s?

  • Joey Basta says:

    Is it possible to stay in an RV for whole cold and snowy winters at a time? How can an RVer be able to have constant water (and hot water) flowing into an RV without freezing in the hose? And do RV water heaters work good in cold winters?

  • Wade Thiel says:

    Hi Joey, yes, you can do it. You’ll need to insulate water hoses (and possibly sewer hoses) and ensure your holding tanks stay warm enough to keep from freezing. It’s definitely doable at full hookup campsites. There are special heating elements you can add to hoses and tanks and using some plumbing insulation can do wonders. A space heater in the basement of the RV is doable, too. Still, if the temperature drops far enough, you could have issues.

    If you’re without hookups camping during the winter is still possible, but you’ll likely be out there for shorter periods of time.

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