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An off-road toy hauler can take your camping trips to the next level. The comfort of an RV combined with the thrill of zipping through the great outdoors on your favorite bike or ATV? Sign us up.

So what are the best off-road toy haulers? And how do you know which will be best for your needs and budget? Below we’ll go over all you need to know about choosing the best toy haulers for your trip. 

Note: Before you run out and buy the nearest off-road toy hauler camper, take a moment to consider whether it will be possible to travel to your desired camp spot in a large, heavy vehicle. While toy haulers are built for the outdoors, they may not be suitable for more rigorous off-roading adventures.

What Are Off-Road Toy Haulers?

Photo by Camping World

Toy haulers, also called sport utility recreational vehicles (SURVs), are towable RV campers with garage space for “toys.” There’s usually a ramp that comes off the garage, so it’s easier to load and unload your toys.

Toys can be things like:

In addition to the garage, a toy hauler has a living space that has typical RV features: a kitchen, toilet, dining area, and sleeping quarters. 

A toy hauler allows you to pack some extra fun along with everything else. But what other features do they have? And how do you choose the best ones for off-roading? Read on for answers to these questions.

Choosing the Best Toy Hauler for Your Adventures

Here’s what you should consider when shopping for an off-road toy hauler camper trailer.

Garage Space

Photo by Camping World

The defining feature of a toy hauler is that it has garage space. 

When looking at toy haulers, the best thing to do is measure the garage space. Will it fit everything you’d like to travel with? Are there enough tie-downs for you to load your toys safely?

Most models we recommend have a garage space of 11-15 feet. Depending on the model, the garage can share some space with the dining and kitchen areas. Some models fix this by cleverly putting the bathroom between the garage and living room areas. 

Towing Capacity

Photo by Camping World

For toy haulers, towing capacity is probably one of the most important factors to consider. The models we recommend typically have dry weight (meaning the RV is empty) of 6,000-14,000 lbs. 

Adding in your luggage and toys will make the toy hauler even heavier. So, be sure your car can tow the model you choose. This is especially true if you’re planning to go off-road.

Use our Towing Guide to check your vehicle’s towing capacity.   

Living Area

Photo by Camping World

The living area, like all features, depends on the model. Some toy haulers can sleep as few as four people, while others can sleep a whopping 11. 

All models have seating and a master bed for a comfy night on the road. All models will either have a space to hook up a TV or already come with a TV. 


Photo by Camping World

Going off-road can be risky. Not all RVs on the market are the best off-road toy haulers. Make sure to confirm whether off-roading is possible and recommended for the model you choose. 

All the models discussed below can be taken off-road, but keep this thought in mind if you’re shopping elsewhere. 

The 10 Best Off-Road Toy Haulers

Let’s take a look at the 10 best off-road toy haulers.

Coleman Lantern 270TQ

Floorplan of Lantern 270TQ toy hauler by Coleman

The Coleman Lantern 270TQ is a travel trailer that sleeps four people and is about 31 feet, six inches long. It has about 13 feet of garage storage and weighs about 6,000 when empty. It has one slide-out that expands the kitchen and living area, so you’re not so cramped while cooking. 

It also has a queen bed, recliners, and an inside shower so you can rinse off and relax after a big day of outdoor adventure. 

Forest River No Boundaries 10.6

Floorplan of No Boundaries off-road toy hauler

It’s not called No Boundaries for nothing. 

The No Boundaries off-road toy hauler is one of the smaller travel trailers on our list. It’s 13 feet,10 inches long, which may make it easier to get off the beaten path. It’s lightweight, too, with a starting weight of 1,763 lbs. 

It sleeps two to three people (depending on the model year), and has a queen bed and a rooftop tent. It can fit an ATV 4×4 and has a roof rack for extra storage. The cooktop is outside but comes with a refrigerator and cooking tool storage. With its lightweight and compact design, this off-road toy hauler truly knows no boundaries. 

Forest River Salem FSX 280RT

The floorplan for the Forest River Salem toy hauler

The Forest River Salem has a lot to offer. This travel trailer is 32 feet, four inches long, and weighs 5,600 empty. It has 11 feet of garage space, a large dinette with a refrigerator to match, a walkthrough bathroom, and a Murphy bed. 

Fans of fireplaces will love that this model has one near the U-shaped dining area. ATV through the wilderness by day and cozy up next to the fire by night.

Heartland Fuel 260

Floorplan of the Heartland Fuel 260 toy hauler

The Heartland Fuel 260 allows you to explore the heartland in style, with 14 feet of garage space, a large master bedroom, and an outdoor kitchen.  

This travel trailer is 30 feet and weighs about 7,600 lbs. empty. Its spacious interior, comfy recliners, and ability to sleep six make it a great off-road toy hauler for families and friend groups.

Keystone Outback 335CG

Floorplan for the Keystone Outback 335CG toy hauler

The Keystone Outback 335CG is one of our larger off-road toy hauler travel trailers. It’s 37 feet long, weighs 8,164 empty, sleeps up to seven people, and has three slide-outs. 

The opposing living area slide-outs make this a solid choice for camping with large groups—or for campers who just like their space. You’ll have eight solid feet of garage space, a kitchen island, a fireplace for cold nights, a wardrobe slide-out, and a sizable fridge. It also has an outside kitchen to cook on mild nights. 

Forest River Wolf Pack 365PACK16

Floorplan for the Wolf Pack toy hauler by Forest River

The Forest River Wolf Pack has one of the largest garage spaces on our list, with a whopping 15 feet available. The garage is separated from the kitchen and living area and is accessible from the exterior. 

This fifth wheel is 43 feet and seven inches long, sleeps up to seven people, and has two slide-outs. Its empty weight is 12,443 lbs.

There are several features that make this off-road toy hauler a true pick for your wolf pack: there’s a 30-gallon fuel tank for ATVs, a private suite with a king bed, fireplace, and half-bath in the garage.

Forest River XLR Boost 37TSX13

Floorplan for the Forest River XLR Boost toy hauler

The Forest River XLR Boost has 13 feet of garage space, a peninsula kitchen, three slide-outs, and can sleep 11. This fifth wheel toy hauler is 39 feet, nine inches long, and weighs 11,943 when empty. 

When you’re ready to move from outdoors to indoors, you’ll enjoy this RV’s king bed and fireplace, especially on cool nights. For added convenience, it comes equipped with a storage loft so you can keep your space clutter-free.

Heartland Fuel 357

Floorplan for Heartland Fuel 357 toy hauler

The Heartland Fuel 357 gets its name partly because it has a 30-gallon tank for ATVs. Plus, a solid 13 feet of space to store them. 

This fifth wheel toy hauler is 40 feet, has three slide-outs, and weighs 12,815 lbs. It sleeps seven people and comes with a king bed plus a twin loft. It has space-saving features like swing-out stools and a wardrobe slide-out in the bedroom.

Keystone Raptor 352

Floorplan of Keystone Raptor toy hauler

The Keystone Raptor 352 is a fifth wheel toy hauler that has just about everything you need to feel equipped and comfortable on your next camping trip. It’s an even 39 feet and weighs 13,945 when empty.

This toy hauler has an 11-foot garage, twin loft, dual 30-gallon fuel takes for all your toys, a king bed, a fireplace, and sleeps up to eight people. Store all the food and drinks you’ll ever need in its huge, 18-cubic-foot fridge. 

The three slide-outs in the living area make this toy hauler feel even more spacious. And did we mention, it has washer and dryer prep?

Thor Outlaw 38MB

Floorplan of Thor Outlaw 38MB toy hauler

This could be the most interesting off-road toy hauler on our list. That’s because the Thor Outlaw 38MB is not only a toy hauler, it’s also a Class A RV

That’s right, this toy hauler has 10 feet of garage space for your toys and is a drivable RV. This ride has 350 horsepower and 468 Lb.-Ft. of torque. It sleeps up to 10 people, complete with queen bunks, a 66-inch sofa bed, and a private bedroom. Plus, while other models on this list have space and outlets for a TV, this model has three 39-inch TVs and one 32-inch TV built in.

Other luxury amenities the Thor has are an exterior TV with a soundbar, touchscreen dash radio, stainless steel microwave, residential refrigerator, and a deluxe patio deck. 

Find the Perfect Off-Road Toy Hauler

With the right off-road toy hauler, you can venture off the beaten path in comfort and style. Just keep a few things in mind as you’re comparing your options: how much your car can tow, how much space you need for your toys, and whether you can, realistically, tow a toy hauler to your desired camp spot. 

Once you have an idea of what you want, compare the best toy haulers we’ve laid out above. Do you want one that’s more compact and easier to take off-road? Or are you more interested in something that’s large and luxurious? 

For even more options, browse our whole collection of toy haulers to find the perfect RV for your next outdoor adventure.

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