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Additional headroom makes a huge difference in the comfort and enjoyment of the tall people in your RV camping crew. The taller your crew, the more limited your RV selection can be, which is why we’ve collected some of the best travel trailer RVs for tall people to help you narrow down your search. 

When it comes to an RV’s interior height, even a few inches can make a dramatic difference. You won’t have to crouch when showering or passing through doorways, and the increased clearance also allows for larger storage and more spacious bunks. 

Check out these seven RVs for tall people and explore how a tall-ceiling RV might make life easier for you and those on your trips. 

How Tall Are Travel Trailers? 

Interior of an East to West Longitude
Image by Camping World

Fifth wheels with high ceilings are more common in the world of towables, with interior heights often extending up to seven to eight feet. With travel trailers, interior heights over 6.5 feet are harder to find. Many traditional travel trailers have a 6’5” interior height, but among some small campers, the headroom is even shorter.  

For this list, we’ve targeted travel trailers with interior heights of 6’6” or taller. We’ve also included a few hybrids that might make you reconsider a traditional travel trailer. We start with the Cherokee Alpha Wolf and a few other brands that offer travel trailers under 7 feet tall. 

Cherokee Alpha Wolf (6’6”)

Alpha Wolf Travel Trailer against white backdrop
Image by Forest River

Coming in at 6’6”, the Cherokee Alpha Wolf lineup from Forest River is a great baseline if you are looking for an RV for tall people. Choose from ten models, all at this elevated height. Below are some added benefits you get with a higher vaulted ceiling. 

Overhead Storage

This is a common feature in RVs with taller ceilings because the added height allows for more space to lengthen the overhead storage. When touring tall-ceiling RVs, pay attention to how much they utilize the added height for overhead storage. 

Shower Accessibility

The shower is a common issue for tall people in short-ceiling travel trailers. There’s simply not great clearance with the showerhead. The Alpha Wolf travel trailers provide more general headroom and also include a skylight in their showers, so tall travelers will have an easier time. 

Bunk Clearance

Several of the Alpha Wolf floorplans include a double-over-double bunk area in the rear of the trailer. Bunks are great for families with kids, but unfortunately, some travel trailer bunkhouses are designed just for that—kids, not adults. The increased height on the Alpha Wolf expands those bunk clearances to make them more comfortable for adults than in RV bunks with a shorter ceiling. 

Keystone Outback (6’6”)

Outback travel trailer against fields and a mountain
Image by Camping World

The Keystone Outback travel trailers have an exterior height of over 11 feet, with their tallest unit coming in at 11’6”, making them among the taller travel trailers. This exterior height translates to more interior height with 6’6” barrelled ceilings at the center. Choose from nine floorplans. Below are the unique features of the taller Outbacks. 

Slide-out Height

While slide-outs always help a room feel bigger, you typically lose a lot of interior height in the slide-out section. For the Outback? Not so. The Keystone Outback slide-outs offer an impressive six-foot clearance, leaving these living areas plenty of headroom.

Bigger Windows

Tour the inside of a Keystone Outback and you’ll note the expansive panoramic windows. The added height and large windows make the floorplans feel more open and residential.


With a skylight, the showers inside the Outbacks are roomy and spacious, with plenty of headroom. 

Heartland Mallard (6’8”)

Mallard travel trailer being towed by a pick up truck at dusk.
Image by Camping World

Heartland Mallard ups the ante of RVs for tall people with a total of 12 units, all with ceilings at a formidable 80 inches tall. Uniquely, Mallard offers this extended interior height even on its most compact units, as short as 22 feet. If you have a smaller tow vehicle but don’t want to miss out on taller interior heights, a Mallard may be right for you. 

Barrel Ceiling

While the Outbacks have a barreled ceiling, this really shines on the Mallard due to the considerable increase in height. Barreled ceilings indicate that the center ceiling will likely be at least a few inches taller than normal. 

Slide-out Fascia

Heartland incorporates a flat, thick natural-wood slide-out fascia that resembles a support beam rather than the faux crown molding you often see on slide-outs. This contributes to the interior’s overly open and sturdy feel, which is made possible with the added clearance.

Heartland Mallard being towed with mountains in the background
Image by Camping World

You’ll also see many of the same tall-friendly features across the Mallards as other barrel ceiling units: 

  • High storage
  • A tall shower with additional skylight clearance
  • More headroom on bunk-model floorplans 

If you aren’t a taller individual and wonder what kind of difference a higher ceiling would make, maybe the Mallards are the right intermediate level for you. The great thing about Mallards is that Camping World keeps a good inventory of these popular units, and you can often find them at our dealerships.

Now, let’s check out a few 7 foot tall travel trailers.

Keystone Sprinter Limited (7’0)

Couple sitting outside of a Sprinter travel trailer
Image by Camping World

With our tallest ceilings yet, the Keystone Sprinter Limited RVs make ideal campers for tall people with an interior height of seven feet flat, or 84 inches. As a bonus, these Keystone travel trailers also boast wide-body construction, coming in at 100” and giving you an additional four inches of width compared to traditional eight-foot construction. Here are a couple of features that come with the tall interior. 

Slide-out Height

Each 2024 Keystone Sprinter Limited travel trailer includes slide-outs in the living space and the primary bedroom, among other locations. The best part is that Keystone offers an impressive 6-foot clearance on the slide-outs in this lineup.

Large Windows

Like the Outbacks, the Sprinter Limited travel trailers’ large panoramic windows add an open feeling to the living space, which is only heightened by the tall ceilings.

Crown Molding

With the extra interior clearance, Keystone incorporates crown molding along the top of the walls, which gives these units a more elegant look. In this case, when it looks taller, it actually is taller. 

Jayco Eagle (7’0)

Jayco Eagle interior
Image by Jayco

Jayco Eagle travel trailers offer similar clearances to the Sprinter Limited in seven total floorplans. The interior height of each Jayco Eagle travel trailer comes in at seven feet even, ranking among the tallest ceilings on a traditional travel trailer. 

Overhead Storage

These Jaycos feature overhead storage above the primary bed at the nose of each unit. Many also have a rear living space with overhead storage above the sofa or a U-shaped dinette. 

Extra Tall Shower

On the Jayco Eagles, you’re looking at a tall shower made even taller with a skylight for an improved bathing experience. We also love the marbled design of these spacious showers for a uniquely Jayco touch of luxury. 

Grand Design Momentum G Series (7’8”)

Momentum interior toy hauler travel trailer
Image by Grand Design

Now, we’re changing things up and introducing a cheat code for RVs for tall people: the toy hauler option. Smaller toy hauler travel trailers offer the maneuverability of a traditional travel trailer while giving you about as much headroom as you could want. 

The Grand Design Momentum G-Class toy haulers have taller ceilings—over 7.5 feet—to accommodate the garage space. Let’s explore how this extra clearance impacts the layout.  

Garage Drop-Down Bed

Many of the Momentum garages feature a queen-sized mattress that lowers for additional sleeping on top of the foldout bench seats, providing comparable sleeping capacity to many bunkhouse travel trailers

Super Tall Shower

The Momentums have enough shower headroom, so even the tallest person in your group will have no problem. 

Additional Storage

The allure of toy haulers is their capacity to stow and transport toys like four-wheelers, dirt bikes, kayaks, and inflatable hot tubs. These Momentum toy haulers also have ample storage space with cabinets that fully utilize the taller ceilings.

Timberwolf Mini Loft (Over 13’)

Timberwolf interior with loft
Image by Camping World

Okay, now we may be cheating. But if you’re interested in a travel trailer with a tall ceiling, don’t dismiss these shorter, more agile destination trailers. The Timberwolf Mini Lofts are shorter and lighter than most destination trailers but feature super-tall ceilings and residential features that give them a leg up for full-time living compared to traditional travel trailers. 

The interior of the Timberwolf 16ML, for example, comes in at over 13 feet tall. Let’s look at some features that are made possible by that expansive interior height.  

Residential Living

The interior looks and feels more like a tiny home than a recreational vehicle. The added space creates room for a high-top table across from sofa seating in a living room with rear sliding doors that step out onto a covered patio. Plus, the kitchen boasts an upgraded appliance package with a dishwasher, ice maker, and more. 

Lofted Sleeping Locations

Designed more like a fifth wheel, the Mini Lofts provide dual lofts that allow up to five people to sleep in this smaller unit. The lofted design also keeps those sleeping spaces separate from the living and kitchen areas, providing coveted privacy in a trailer under 30 feet.

Overhead Fan

The Mini Lofts feel much more residential. With the tall ceilings, there is even room for a ceiling fan for additional airflow and cooling. 

Travel Trailers for Tall Guys

Girl laying down in the top bunk of a travel trailer
Image by Camping World

So, what are the best travel trailers for tall guys? Here are a few guiding principles as you search RVs beyond this list. Look for the following: 

  • Barrel ceiling designs
  • Tall slide-outs
  • Decorative fascia and molding 
  • Open-concept toy hauler travel trailers
  • More agile mini loft or destination trailers

For more travel trailer ideas, check out the following resources: 

Which of these RVs for tall people is your favorite, or do you have another suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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