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Camping World’s Ultimate RV Show National Tour is underway. We’ve divided up the nation into 10 distinct regions and will be putting on RV shows across the country over the course of the next several weeks.

Join the tour as they pass through a local Camping World, Gander RV, or Airstream Dealership near you. Or, enjoy the show from the comfort of home by registering online and accessing premium tour content like live-streamed walk-throughs, RVer interviews, and exclusive Ultimate RV Show pricing.

This week (January 7 – 10) Ultimate RV Show is in what we’re calling the Northeast region, comprised of:

  • Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Ohio

Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions you can visit in your RV in the Northeast region. Make a trip out of swinging through the Ultimate RV Show, and then through some of these amazing parks and forests.

Here are some of our favorite locations to visit in the Northeast region of the country.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Virginia:

  • Airstream of Virginia – 10300 NorthLake Park Drive Ashland, Virginia
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Roanoke – 8198 Gander Way Roanoke, Virginia
  • Gander RV of Fredricksburg – 3708 Plank Road Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Camping World of Manassas – 10850 Balls Ford Rd Manassas, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park

It might surprise you to learn that Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is only 75 miles drive from the busy streets of Washington D.C. The land is a stark contrast to the nation’s capital with cascading waterfalls, spectacular views, wildflowers, fields, and an abundance of wildlife.

Photo Tripping America - Shenandoah - Camping World

This national park covers more than 200,000 acres and this provides plenty of opportunity for hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and so much more. There are five campgrounds within the park’s limits that are open seasonally, and even more privately owned campgrounds outside the park. The campsites within the park don’t have electrical or water hookups, but they still cover some basic necessities like flush toilets and potable water.

If you’re in Virginia Shenandoah National Park is a can’t-miss. It has a rich history from the early indigenous people to the first European settlers and on into the modern era. This park has always been a place for people to come and reconnect with nature, and with it not being too far from our nation’s capital, you could do a trip that’s comprised of both this beautiful national park and the bustling city that is Washington D.C.

New Jersey

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in New Jersey:

  • Camping World of New Jersey – 1359 River Ave Lakewood, New Jersey
  • Camping World of Bridgeport – 602 Heron Dr. Swedesboro, New Jersey

Gateway National Recreation Area

If you’re looking for an interesting place to stop and visit for a day or two in New Jersey, then you’ll need to check out the Gateway National Recreation Area. This area is comprised of 27,000 acres from Sandy hook in New Jersey to Breezy Point in New York City.

You can camp in the area, but there are also numerous campgrounds outside of the national recreation area. Most of the camping at Gateway is primitive tent camping, but different areas offer different amenities and it’s worth it to check out what’s available. There are only a few RV campsites, so if they’re taken you’ll need to seek out one of the privately-owned campgrounds outside of the recreation area.

The list of activities within the area is extensive. In addition to the regular outdoor options like hiking and biking, you’ll also find archery, bird watching, boating, team sports, guided programs by park staff, fishing, swimming, and more. In the winter months, visitors bring out the sleds, cross-country skis, and snowshoes.

New York

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in New York:

  • Camping World of Kingston – 124 NY-28 Kingston, New York
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Buffalo – 5533 Camp Rd Hamburg, New York
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Cicero – 5864 Carmenica Dr. Cicero, New York
  • Camping World of Syracuse – 7030 Interstate Island Rr. Syracuse, New York

Saratoga National Historical Park

Located just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York, is Saratoga National Historical Park. This park was the site where American troops battled and beat a British force during the American Revolutionary War in 1777, which was unthinkable at the time. It marked the first time in the history of the world where the British Army surrendered.

Today the Saratoga National Historical Park provides visitors with a look back at this historic site and educates visitors on what happened here during the birth of our nation. Sites you can visit include The John and Lydia Neilson House, The General Philip Schuyler House, The Saratoga Monument, and The Saratoga Surender Site. Park personnel will be on-site (and often in period correct uniform) to help guide you and educate you as you see all that this historical park has to offer.

Saratoga Monument, in Saratoga County, Upstate New York, from farmland
Image from Getty

While there is no camping at the park, there are plenty of high-quality campgrounds nearby, and if you’re in the area check out Saratoga Springs, which has been a hotbed for resort activity for over 200 years due to the presence of mineral springs in the area. Saratoga Springs is also well-known for horses, which is why the city has adopted the official slogan of “Health, History, and Horses” If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you need to check out Saratoga Springs and Saratoga National Historical Park in your RV.

New Hampshire

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in New Hampshire:

  • Camping World of Conway – 1571 East Main St. Center Conway, New Hampshire
  • Camping World of New Hampshire – 165 Dover Rd. Chichester, New Hampshire

White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain National Forest is a massive area. It stretches along the eastern portion of the state and features 1,200 miles of hiking trails, 400 miles of snowmobile trails, 160 miles of the Appalachian Trail, six ski touring areas, and four alpine ski areas. It’s enjoyable both in the summer and in the winter and is a dream of an Eastern United States location to visit and camp.

There are 23 developed campgrounds within the national forest. The campgrounds are collected in three main districts of the forest, including the Androscoggin Ranger District, the Pemigewasset Ranger District, and the Saco Ranger District. The campgrounds can vary, so you’d better make a point of deciding where in the forest you’d like to stay and check with the closest campground ahead of time before going.

The White Mountains are some of the best places for hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and other outdoor activities. The scenic drives are breathtaking, too, with plenty of places for you to pull your RV off to the side of the road and take in the views and snap a few photos.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Massachusetts:

  • Gander RV & Outdoors of West Hatfield – 188 West Street Route 5 West Hatfield, Massachusetts
  • Camping World of Berkley – 137 Myricks St. Berkley, Massachusetts

Cape Cod National Seashore

If you’re looking for a place with amazing beaches, beautiful lighthouses, walking, and biking trails, and hunting and fishing opportunities, then Cape Cod National Seashore might just be perfect for you. Cape Cod was the site where the Pilgrims landed in the New World. It’s also been a focus for numerous well-known thinkers and authors, with Henry David Thoreau saying of the great Outer Beach, “A man may stand there and put all America behind him.” This place is deeply ingrained in American history, but it’s also just a wonderful spot to park your RV for a week or two and take in the sights and activities.

Cape Cod National Seashore
Image by Mark Pearson from Unsplash

While there are no campgrounds run by the park’s department for Cape Cod National Seashore, there are campgrounds nearby, including the state-run campgrounds at Nickerson State Park and Wellfleet Hallow Campground. There are also privately-owned campgrounds in the area.

If you’re an outdoor lover who enjoys the water, then you’ll love Cape Cod. From paddling and swimming to walking along the beach or fishing, there are plenty of things for you to do. On land, you’ll find miles of hiking trails along the beach and additional miles of paved biking trails for you and your family to enjoy. You can easily just relax on the beach, but you’ll be happier exploring this unique area.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Pennsylvania:

  • Camping World of Pittsburgh – 537 State Route 356 Apollo, Pennsylvania
  • Camping World of Hanover – 2100 Baltimore Pike Hanover, Pennsylvania
  • Camping World of Harrisburg – 7501 Allentown Blvd Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a 70,000-acre park that welcomes outdoor lovers and river paddlers to take in all this unique place has to offer. The 1,000-foot-deep water gap is an impressive place, and one perfect for folks who want to explore, so load up your kayaks and paddleboards on your RV and head to this beautiful spot in Pennsylvania.

There are campgrounds within this recreation area. Developed campgrounds include the Dingmans Campground, Mohican Outdoor Center, and the Worthington State Forest Campground. You can also do dispersed camping or river camping, but you’ll have to leave your RV behind for that. Check with the campgrounds you plan to stay at ahead of time to make sure they’re open and ready for visitors.

The national recreation area features 40 miles of the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River. There are 67,000 acres of forested mountains and riverine valleys. As you can imagine, you can paddle or hike to your heart’s content and even check out a portion of the Appalachian Trail if you’d like. There are also more than 100 miles of scenic roadways for when you get tired.

Allegheny National Forest

Another amazing spot in Pennsylvania is the Allegheny National Forest. This is the state’s only national forest, which is just one reason you have to check it out. The forest rises up to an elevation of approximately 2,300 feet above sea level and valleys drop down to about 1,000 feet above sea level. With this great variation in the landscape comes some very impressive trails and views.

Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania, USA
Image from Getty

Camping in the forest is spread out over six different areas and districts, including Allegheny Reservoir, Allegheny Wild and Scenic River, Bradford Ranger District, Clarion Wild and Scenic River, Marienville Ranger District, and North Country National Scenic Trail. There are also numerous other privately owned campgrounds in this area of the state.

Obviously, hiking is going to be the main draw here. Additional activities include biking, paddling the rivers, and riding the trails with ATVs—in the designated areas of course.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Michigan:

  • Gander RV of Coldwater – 373 N Willowbrook Rd Ste Y Coldwater, Michigan
  • Camping World of Houghton Lake – 2735 West Houghton Lake Drive Houghton Lake, Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

You can find pretty much anything in Michigan from sleepy little ski towns to white sandy beaches, but the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore should be on the top of your list. The park features miles of sandy beach, bluffs that reach 450 feet above the expanse of Lake Michigan, beautiful green forests, and smaller inland lakes and ponds. There is even an island lighthouse, and some small villages to check out when you need a break from the outdoors.

A weathered wooden walkway on the Empire Bluffs Trail is the perfect overlook to see Lake Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and the Manitou island
Image from Getty

Camping at Sleeping Bear Dunes is easy. There are four campgrounds, including Platte River Campground, D.H. Day Campground, North Manitou Island Campground, and South Manitou Island Campground. Nearby the national lakeshore are some additional privately-owned campgrounds you can stay at if you please.

In terms of the park, you’ll be able to hike, bike, swim, fish, climb dunes, kayak, and canoe, and so much more. The dunes don’t sleep when winter comes. Once the snow falls and the lakeshore is transformed into a winter wonderland, you can snowshoe, cross-country ski, go sledding, ice fish, and snowmobile.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Indiana:

  • Camping World of Indianapolis – 303 Sheek Rd. Greenwood, Indiana
  • Camping World or Richmond – 2250 Williamsburg Pike Richmond, Indiana

Hoosier National Forest

In the hills of south-central Indiana sits the 204,000-acre Hoosier National Forest. This local treasure shares stewardship between forest managers and the public. It’s a beautiful area with miles upon miles of hiking trails and it makes up about half of the public forest land in the entire state.

Camping at the Hoosier National Forest is spread across three main areas of the forest, including the Hardin Ridge Recreation Area, the Indian-Celina Lakes Recreation Area, and the Tipsaw Lake Recreation Area. The campgrounds there offer campsites for both tent campers and RVers.

Hiking is the most popular activity in the forest, and it’s a great way to see the landscape and wildlife of the area. Visitors also partake in horseback riding, mountain biking, and fishing. If you’re interested in doing some backcountry camping or you can find a good place for your RV, and then hike into the forest and do some dispersed camping.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Another great option in the state of Indiana is the Indiana Dunes National Park. It’s not too far from Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan but offers it’s own unique Lake Michigan experience. The park hugs 15 miles of the southern shore of the lake and there’s a lot packed into that 15-mile stretch, including over 50 miles of hiking trails crisscrossing the land, rugged dunes, wetlands, prairies, rivers, forests, and, of course, beaches.

View of Lake Michigan over the dunes at Indiana Dunes National Park
Image from Getty

While there are no campgrounds right in the national park, you’ll find numerous that are only a short drive from the park. These various campgrounds near the dunes will provide you with more amenities than you’re bound to find at a national park campground anyway, so you’ll likely be happier there with your family.

You can head into the park each day and spend time on the beach and swimming in the lake, biking, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and horseback riding. In the winter months, you’re bound to find people snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and sledding.


Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Indiana:

  • Camping World of Akron – 1005 Interstate PKWY Akron, Ohio
  • Camping World of Toledo – 28000 Sportsmans Dr. Rossford, Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley Naitonal Park

Not far from Cleveland and Akron, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a must-see. You won’t believe you’re in Ohio and will swear that you must have passed into a new state. The park features the winding Cuyahoga River, beautiful forests, rolling hills, farmlands, and trails for you to explore.

Photo Tripping America - Cuyahoga Valley - Camping World
Photo Credit: Erik Drost (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Camping near the Cuyahoga Valley National park is easy with the prevalence of numerous state park campgrounds nearby. These include the Ottawa Overlook Backcountry Site, Nimisila Reservoir Metro Park, Punderson State Park, Portage Lakes State Park, and the West Branch State Park. Each has its own camping regulations and you should abide by each.

While you’re visiting the national park, you’ll likely hike and bike, but you should also take part in some of the other activities that are available. These include fishing and paddling the river, horseback riding, golfing, and backpacking. You can also partake in winter activities such as snowshoeing, ice fishing, and cross-country skiing.

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