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There are so many places in this beautiful country to go and see that it can be hard to choose sometimes. One of the things that I have never regretted doing is going to some of our country’s national seashores.

These protected areas are so amazingly beautiful that you’ll have a hard time leaving, at least that was the case in my experience.

While many of these areas you can’t take an RV, you can leave your RV at a park nearby and visit them. I highly recommend doing so. You will not regret it. Here are the national seashores I recommend.

Cape Lookout National Seashore – North Carolina

Cape Cod National Seashore
Image by Mark Pearson from Unsplash

Cape Lookout Lighthouse and the Cape Lookout National Seashore often get overlooked by people heading to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore that’s a little to the northeast. However, that’s their loss because this place is amazing.

The lighthouse has a distinctive black and white pattern on it, and you can easily get tickets to go up in the structure. The seashore features several beautiful areas where you can watch the wildlife, sink your toes in the sand, and relax completely. If you want, you can also check out Porstmouth Village, which is a ghost town on a nearby island.

Gulf Islands Naitonal Seashore – Florida and Mississippi

The Gulf Islands Naitonal Seashore is in both Florida and Mississippi and is the largest national seashore out there. It encompasses several barrier islands. You can see beautiful and historic forts from the 1800s, amazing wildlife, and so much more.

It’s a place you can hang out on the beach, kayak the waters, take a ferry to a super remote island, or get a history lesson from guides. You can spend a long time exploring down here, so plan you trip ahead of time and take your time, too.

Point Reyes Naitonal Seashore – California

point reyes national seashore
Image by Jordan McQueen from Unsplash

Point Reyes National Seashore in California is another place you simply must see. It’s a popular Northern California tourist destination, but don’t let that keep you from visiting. The place is worth the trip and the photos even if there are other people around.

The seashore is located approximately 30 miles from San Francisco, so you can also spend time in one of the most impressive cities in all of California. There are a few RV resorts near San Francisco, so you should be able to find a good spot to check out Point Reyes National Seashore its lighthouse and check out the programs around the area.

Cape Cod National Seashore – Massachusetts

The name Cape Cod brings up ideas of lighthouses, boating, swimming, and so much more. The Cape Cod National Seashore is home to so many wonderful Atlantic surprises. The seashore features a 40-mile long beach, and many areas of this seashore are famous for various reasons, including Coast Guard Beach which is a simming area favored by local and was once a place Henry David Thoreau spent a lot of time.

The lighthouses are great places to visit, there’s also dunes, 11 different nature trails, and over 1,000 shipwrecks you can view here. It’s a place that has a rich American history, and you should make a point to take all in that you can.

Assateague Island Naitonal Seashore – Maryland and Virginia

The wild horses of Assateague Islands roam free along the beach of this barrier island in Maryland. These horses are said to be descendants of horses brought to islands along the coast in the late 17th century. Visitors can walk along the shore and see these animals in their natural environment.
Image by JeninVA from Getty

Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and Virginia is one of those places on most people’s bucket list. Why? It’s one of the best places to see wild horses.This 37-mile-long barrier island goes all the way from Ocean City Maryland to the northern portion of Virginia.

Horses aren’t the only thing you can see here. You can spend plenty of time riding a bicycle or boating. The wildlife is wonderful to view, and the beaches are beautiful and extremely peaceful. There’s a rich and long history to learn about while you’re here, too. It’s one of those places that reminds you how diverse and amazing the U.S. really is.

What national seashores have you been to? What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below.

5 national seashores you should visit

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  1. Love to explore Michigan’s Pictured Rocks National LakeShore. On Lake Superior. So much to do and explore. Hiking, camping, waterfalls, agate hunting, ORV trails, bring your own or rent, kayaking. All in and around a small town of Munising.

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