4 Reasons Why You Need to RV This Winter


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Our favorite trip was when we first hit the road full-time and drove all the way up the coast of California and into Oregon. Our first 3 months as full-time RVers we drove the entire Pacific Coast Highway and camped at different beautiful beaches along the way. We then drove through the towering redwoods in Redwood National Forest and continued on through Oregon and Idaho on our way to Glacier National Park in Montana. There was so much stunning scenery and adventure around every corner that entire trip.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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We loved our Winnebago Navion 24D. It was nimble so we could park it pretty much anywhere but it still gave us a comfortable living space with the Murphy bed. We drove it all over the country!

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Lindsay McKenzie travels full-time in her Winnebago Navion with her husband Dan and their 2 dogs. Originally from Colorado, they have been seeking adventure together for 10 years now and have done a lot of international traveling, including living in Costa Rica. They took the leap into full time RVing after experiencing life-altering news. They viewed the news as a life “detour” and started a travel and inspirational blog called Follow Your Detour. Lindsay has grown more passionate about pursuing her dreams and a leading a fulfilling life, while inspiring others to do the same. She loves that RVing allows her to be in nature and do more of what she loves. You can usually find her on the river fly fishing, hiking to sunset spots, or at a local brewery. (All photos by Lindsay McKenzie, except where noted.)

As fall camping comes to an end, many people are winterizing their RV and preparing to store it away for the long, cold winter ahead. Their RV is going into hibernation, like a bear in the woods, until springtime rolls around again. But what if we told you that camping season doesn’t have to end just because there’s a chill in the air?

What if instead of bundling up and riding out the winter, you could hit the road and continue enjoying your RV? Not only is it possible to extend your RVing season, but winter RVing is an adventure all on its own. Believe it or not, but the colder months are the perfect time to RV!

If you need a little convincing, we understand, so here are four great reasons why you should RV this winter:

1. Take That Dream Ski Vacation

There’s something so magical about a dedicated winter vacation, especially if skiing is on the itinerary. Whether you love to ski or snowboard or simply enjoy the feeling of being cozy and warm while watching the snow fall outside, what better way to experience the mountains than from the comfort of your RV?

The convenience factor of RV living is undeniable and it doesn’t stop just because temperatures drop. Store your tents and unpack your snow gear. A full day on the slopes is wonderfully exhausting, not to mention the views on the way up and again on the way down. Afterwards, retreating back to the warmth and familiarity of your RV is a luxury only RV enthusiasts can truly understand and appreciate.

Surprisingly, there are many wonderful ski towns and resorts that have RV parks available during the winter. Staying in your RV is the most cost-effective way to enjoy a dream ski vacation, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Here are a few RV parks near popular ski resorts that just might be the perfect place to host you and your family this winter:

2. Avoid the Crowds

Yosemite National Park during the winter

As to be expected, spring and summer are the most popular seasons for many common RV and camping-related activities – such as hiking, biking, fishing, etc. Sure, spring and summer bring warmer weather, which everyone loves, but they also bring much larger crowds, which everyone doesn’t love.

The easiest way to avoid the constant flow of people is to visit the popular destinations when everyone else has packed up for the winter. Since most people consider winter to be the “off-season” for RVing, the roads are left wide open for those who know better to take full advantage of.

RVing in the winter still allows you to experience many of the activities you enjoy in the warmer months but with fewer crowds to deal with along the way. Visiting destinations, especially the national parks, during all the different seasons can be rewarding in so many ways. You’ll get to experience the beauty and attractions from a different perspective, like Aladdin – a whole new world – minus the flying carpet.

3. The Holidays

Holiday decoration

With the winter months come the holidays. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s. Valentine’s Day. For many, the holidays are synonymous with hectic travel plans, chaotic rearranging of schedules, and hilariously uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to take your RV to all of those family gatherings, an option you’ll quickly come to love as it’s a win/win all around.

Think about it. You can sleep comfortably in your own bed, in your own bedroom, instead of on the couch of a relative or an air mattress in a spare room. Plus, if you need to, you can retreat to your own space when you need a little peace and quiet during all the hustle and bustle of gathering around the table or between opening gifts. Or perhaps you have taken on the responsibility of hosting your family this year, an admirable decision. Having an RV near conveniently allows for more comfortable and private sleeping arrangements for your holiday guests or as an overflow option for kids who don’t necessarily want to hang with the adults.

Regardless, RVing during the winter holidays is a gift you’ll never take for granted. The memories made during this time of year are always ones that last, but experiencing the holidays from your RV takes memory-making to an entirely new level. Don’t be surprised if RVing in the winter becomes a tradition. Before you know it, ’tis the season will take on a completely different meaning.

4. Escape the Cold Weather

rv by the beach in florida

If a cold-weather RV trip isn’t exactly your cup of tea, no worries. Hit the road and escape to warmer weather! RVing to warm weather destinations is a tried and true way to enjoy your RV year-round. Luckily, the US has many destinations that stay nice during the winter months and these places tend to be very welcoming to RVers. Outrunning Mother Nature has never been more thrilling.

As shorter days and colder temperatures start to inch closer and closer, remember the fun doesn’t stop just because winter blows in. There are lots of things to do and many places to visit this winter, so don’t put the RV in storage just yet. Squeeze some more juice out of the RVing season by adventuring off the grid during the typical off-season months.

If you don’t already have an RV and are looking to explore some or all of these activities, winter is also a great time to purchase. Stop by your local Camping World for a tour or think about renting an RV if you’re not quite ready to purchase. Winter is an ideal time to dip your toes into the RV lifestyle. Who knows? If you do, you just might be ready to take the plunge full-time when the warmer months roll around again.

Where would you like to take your RV this winter? Leave a comment below!

  • Comment (4)
  • Lynnette Oser says:

    How do you prevent the pipes from freezing over while using your RV during the winter months?

  • Lisa Perkins says:

    I truly would, and I think it would be a Wonderful Experience. To get away from the everyday routine, and being able to see the Winter Beauty!!!!

  • Janice Mansfield says:

    Wrap the outside pipes with insulation. The inside should be fine but if really cold, keep cupboards open a little at night. Helped me.

  • Wade Thiel says:

    Hi Lynette,

    Space heaters and heat wrap for plumbing is the way to go. Here’s a great video on dealing with winter while RVing — https://youtu.be/2sORrlTH2hM

    With the proper prep, you shouldn’t have too many issues.


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