Join Us in The Great American Cookoff: Episode 3 2148

The Great American Cookoff may be coming to an end, but the season for outdoor cooking is just beginning. As the contestants head into their final Cookoff, preparing filling dinner recipes, the scoreboard shows several tie breakers.

Chris Young announces the standings as the camp chef’s head into their final Cookoff.

The stakes (and steaks) are heating up as the contestants race to win a travel trailer, motorhome, or Camping World shopping spree to gift lucky Cookoff viewers. Breakfast and lunch recipes left the judges both impressed and looking forward to more. Who will race out from the pack with a standout dinner recipe?

Join Chris Young and the panel of expert judges in Episode 3 of The Great American Cookoff. Cheer for your team as they prepare their favorite dinners. Try grilling along with the show by testing the recipes below. Get all the tools you need for these recipes at Camping World, in-store or online.

Everyone’s excited to get cooking on episode 3 of the Great American Cookoff.

What will judges Derek Wolf of @overthefirecooking, Kena Peay the “Hiking Chef,” and Camping World’s resident product specialist, Ian Baker, think of the contestants’ grand finale recipes? Watch the episode and find out.

The judges take their sampling seriously as they sample dinner recipes on episode 3 of The Great American Cookoff.
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