Unconventional Ideas for RVs 18015

When you think of RVs, you probably think of traveling down the road, freedom, camping, and moving from place to place. And for the most part, you’d be right. There are, however, some more unconventional uses for RVs are popping up, and we wondered: just what made you buy your RV?

Hotel Alternative

rv baseball game

Have kids? Have kids that are on a sports team, traveling for competitions pretty regularly? A lot of summer programs focus on traveling—sometimes great distances. And some tournaments or meets can last several days. Those hotel stays add up. Even if you’re a member of every rewards point program in the country, you’re going to be dropping money regularly.

The monthly payment of an RV will likely be lower than the cost of all of the hotel stays. Many large sports complexes offer free parking for your rig. This gives you a reprieve from the heat of summer games, plus gives the kids a place to relax in between games without driving all the way back to the hotel.

Want a little on-theme fun? Get a projector and broadcast a baseball game onto the awning of the RV, and use the outdoor speakers.


tailgating in an rv

Sports and RVing go together like a ball and a mitt, don’t you think? RVs are becoming increasingly popular in parking lots outside of major sports stadiums and race tracks. Tailgating with them is easy—especially models with outdoor kitchens.

Don’t have tickets to the game? Keep the party going inside and just watch it on your flat screen TV from the comfort of your lounge chairs.

Food Truck

airstream food truck nashville TN

Food trucks have come a long way since the “roach coaches” of yesteryear. Now, these rolling kitchens are slinging some pretty gourmet meals in cities across the country. While most of the trucks you’ll see are built specifically for cooking, you’ll also see a few that stand out among the crowd, and for good reason. RVs make great food trucks.

From small trailers to big Class As, most RVs are already run for gas because they come equipped with kitchens. This makes them easier to renovate, building more cooktops or refrigeration space, with lots of areas for prep as well.


airstream mobile storefront

One of the largest hurdles to storeowners is the cost of rent. A good storefront in a good location is prime real estate—and you’re going to pay for it.

Would-be merchants across the country are utilizing RVs as their storefronts and taking their products to their customers. If you’re looking to renovate or update your RV to reflect a new passion, let a Design Specialist help! Camping World Design Centers offer the products, resources, and installations you need to plan and execute your ideal interior design projects with the latest products from exclusive brands

Have you seen any relatively unconventional uses for RVs? Do you use an RV for something other than camping? Let us know what it is in the comments section below.


  1. I love to have a R.V. camper trailer I have a good job my wife and I. But no down payment that what hurt . I can afford a payment montly.

  2. Bought ours so we could totally re-do our Bathroom, then we were going to sell it. But we took it out and found out we enjoyed it so much we kept it.

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