8 of America’s Most Scenic Routes 8405

The beauty of America is that it’s so different from place to place. The west coast looks nothing like the east coast, and all parts in-between are completely unique. And as the old adage goes, it’s not about the destination, but about the journey. So jump off the interstate for a while, and take one of these eight scenic routes.

Pacific Coast Highway

California’s PCH runs from San Francisco to San Diego, primarily (and aptly) right along the coast. The scenery is breathtaking, with cliffs and beaches—plus plenty of awesome taco places to stop at along the way.

Overseas Highway

US1 starts in Miami and strings together the Florida Keys. That means the Overseas Highway is really a band of bridges. From beach bars to water sports and deep-sea fishing, it’s a beautiful way to escape the winter doldrums of the north.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Nestled high in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and the Carolinas, the nearly-500 miles of twist and turns offer unparalleled mountain views. And not just in the nice months, either. The colors of fall explode in a spectrum across the ridges, and there are lots of ski resorts open in the winter.

Trail Ridge Road

Want a good view of wildlife? Trail Ridge Road is the highest continually-paved road in the state, winding through Rocky Mountain National Park. About 48 miles long, it traces from Estes Park through to Grand Lake. It’s not uncommon to find herds of elk or even an occasional moose on the road. (But remember to never approach wildlife.)

Park Loop Road

New England isn’t to be missed, especially in the fall. Maine, in particular, has some wild, beautiful country. You can get a good glimpse of it on Park Loop Road. Located near Bar Harbor, this road navigates you through Acadia National Park and offers several beautiful overlooks.

Highway 101

Highway 101 runs the length of the coast of Oregon. This single road runs you through old forests, glorious beaches, and over several grandiose bridges.

Arizona State Route 89A

Not all routes are hundreds of miles long. State Route 89A in Arizona runs just under 84 miles—but the views you’ll see will have you stopping far more regularly. From Prescott to Flagstaff, you’ll cross Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon and take in all of the gorgeous red rocks. If you need more convincing, the Grand Canyon isn’t far from Flagstaff.

Ocean Drive

In the nation’s smallest state, this 10 mile route may be short, but the views are nothing short of breathtaking. Not only the ocean, but the houses. This historic district used to be a favorite vaction spot of the fabulously wealthy. So in addition to the scenery, there’s a lot of amazing architecture as well—including former homes of the Astors and Vanderbilts.

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    1. Since I lived on the 89 A on the way to Jerome I would not recommend taking it up that way.
      First of all there is a lenght limit and it his 33 knarly curves that are very tight in some places.
      Going thru Jerome would be nightmare.

  1. We have been travelling for over 20 years with trailers, fifth wheels and for 7 years a Holiday Rambler, Neptune. We have been on almost every one of these routes (and many more including the Alaska Highway, Monument Valley and the National Parks Routes in Utah to name a few) . We are not sure is we ever travelled Ocean Drive. When you travel any of these and others, be sure your camera is always on and ready for the next spectacular view coming up around the next corner. We have approximately 45 Gigs of pictures (more than 30,000) enough to allow us to relive our travels for a lifetime

    1. Well, if you’re not sure if you did the ocean drive you probably didn’t. Truly not trying to be snarky, but it’s hard to forget one hundred and thirteen miles of nothing but ocean and tiny Florida keys. (You should come, The Florida keys are awesome).

  2. Been fulltiming 18 yrs and the bestway to see these and others is to park your rv and take a “toad” or in my case my motorcycle. Happy and safe travels.

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