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waterfront campgrounds

We’re all drawn to the water. A bunch of us dream of waterfront property, whether a lake or the ocean. Alas, land on the water doesn’t come cheap—but hey, we’re RVers, right? We can find our own water. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite waterfront campgrounds.

Polson Motorcoach & RV Resort, Montana

flathead lake montana camping

Montana and waterfront? Yes, and it’s not the only landlocked state you’ll find listed here. The beauty of this RV resort isn’t just its proximity to Flathead Lake, but also its view of the Mission Mountains—and how close it is to Glacier Park. Worth noting, however, that Polson is specifically a Class A motorhome resort—no others need apply.

Libby’s Oceanside Camp, Maine

nubby lighthouse

On the southern coast of Maine sits Libby’s Oceanside Camp, which puts your RV right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. With its own 1.5-mile-long beach and a view of the picturesque Nubble Lighthouse, and plenty of local places to load up on Lobster, Libby’s long-running campground is a beautiful place to enjoy beautiful Maine weather.

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

hunting island south carolina camping

Hunting Island, so named because it was a popular hunting spot for sailors and pirates, is loaded with wildlife and fowl, plus a nesting ground for the Loggerhead turtle. There are nature trails for hiking, a boardwalk through the marsh, and a pier for saltwater fishing. The island also plays host to the only public lighthouse in South Carolina, which lets you climb 130 feet up to its deck. 

South Padre Island KOA, Texas

south padre island camping

There are plenty of waterfront areas in the states that encourage you to rough it. South Padre Island isn’t one of those places. Totally embracing the idea of “island life,” most parks include pools, laundry, boat ramps, and snack bars. The South Padre KOA puts you right along the water in the Gulf of Mexico, and if you want to get out for a bit, you can check out their Pier 19 Restaurant and Bar, sitting out on the water.

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Oregon

honeyman memorial park camping

In the midst of Oregon’s dense, rich evergreens sit plenty of beautiful lakes. Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park is almost a three-fer: just off the Oregon coast, the forests, plus two freshwater lakes, Cleawox and Woahink. Go scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, or stay off the water and go sandboarding on the dunes.   

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

pictured rock national lakeshore camping

Pictured Rocks are right on the coast of Lake Superior, way up in upper part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These rocks are named for bright mineral streaks that run along the coast. Beautiful in the summer and quite popular with backpackers and hikers, it’s also a spectacle in the winter. Because it’s so far north, temps stay pretty cool year-round, but in the winter, things tend to freeze—including the numerous waterfalls.

Chula Vista RV Resort, California

chula vista san diego camping

Just down the street from the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Chula Vista RV Resort sits on the bay—also owned by the Wildlife Refuge. Into birding? There are walking and biking paths that lead through the bay, or you can take a guided tour (winter only) and get a look at a few rare birds. And because this is San Diego we’re talking about, you can take in the beauty of the beach, or check out the many attractions nearby.

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, Kentucky

lake cumberland kentucky camping

Known as one of the better fishing lakes in the country, Lake Cumberland and its surrounding forests are a hot spot for visitors. Because we’re talking about a resort, there’s no shortage of things to do—for the whole family. So if you’ve only got one or two anglers in your group (who can fish for stripers, trout, walleye, and sauger, among others), there’s also golf, birding, hiking, and plenty of opportunity to just get out on the water and enjoy yourself.

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