How To Light Your RV’s Pilot Light 6978

In your house, you rarely need to think of your pilot light—you only worry if it goes out. But in your RV, you’re responsible for lighting it and making sure it’s off before you head off anywhere.

The video above gives a quick, simple walkthrough for lighting your RV’s pilot light. Plus, you’ll learn when to leave it on, and when to turn it off.

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  1. Puma palamento 29 ft 5th wheel
    Where do i light the furnance piliot? I use the thermostat and i can hear the gurnance kick on but its only blowing cold air. Please help

    1. Hi Kristen,

      I’d reach out to the service department of your local Camping World. They will be able to make the proper suggestion.

    1. Hi John, it’s really easy to get the pilot light going, so I’d say to re-light it every trip. If you move the RV or it will sit for a long period of time, then go ahead and turn it off between uses. If you’re camping in the same spot for an extended period of time and actively using your appliances, you can leave the pilot light lit.

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