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One of the most beautiful—and perhaps overwhelming—parts of buying an RV is finding the right floor plan for you. Fifth wheels come in numerous different layouts, and you’re bound to find one that fits your personality and needs. Below are just a few options that are popular among RVers.


bunkhouse fifth wheel rvBig family or RVing in a group? Bunkhouse models feature loads of sleeping spaces to keep everyone comfy. Add slideouts, and these models are spacious enough to accommodate multiple people comfortably—even on rainy days.

Front Living

front living floor plan fifth wheel rv

Designed for maximum comfort (for a couple), the front entertainment option dedicates itself to living space. Multiple couches and a large screen TV mean these models pretty much come with their own man caves/personal retreats, or just make for a great space to allow guests to crash thanks to hide-away beds.

Rear Living

rear living floor plan fifth wheel rvRear living floor plans emphasize living space. Some of these models utilize this plan to offer a master bath in addition to an additional bath for guests. Dinettes, a large kitchen area, and theatre-style seating make these floor plans popular among those who love cooking—and keep camping cuisine culinary.

Rear Entertainment

rear entertainment layout fifth wheel rvThese plans are built around the entertainment center at the rear of the camper. Spacious couches surround the large screen TV, making these models ideal for watching the game—and keeping the tailgate party going. And with large kitchens, the snacks can keep coming.

This is only a drop in the bucket for most fifth wheel floor plans. If one of these doesn’t fit the style you’re looking for, stop by a Camping World and check out our selection. There’s a fifth wheel layout that’s perfect for you.


    1. Be careful what you wish for – rear kitchens are, imo, terrible because that is the part of the rv that bounces around the most going down the road and all the kitchen stuff gets thrown all over unless you really know how to tie down your plates/cups/etc

      1. So true. My sister just traded her rear kitchen 5th wheel off for this very reason. I looked good but stopped there.

        1. So true. My sister just traded her rear kitchen 5th wheel off for this very reason. It looked good but stopped there.

      2. Absolutely loved my rear kitchen. Wish they would design more. Hated to trade it in but wanted automatic levelers and no carpet in the living room.

    2. We have a rear kitchen and the refrigerator is on the very back wall that is a no no. if you have a rear kitchen and the refrigerator is on the side closer to the wheels that is ok

    1. Rip the Bunks out and turn it into a walk-in closet. That said, there are floor plans out there without them, just keep looking.

  1. We love the rear living space as most places we go to are back in. The walk through bath room to master bedroom is a nice feature, The 2018 Keystone Cougar 5 wheel 344 MKS has what we need, love the layout & plan on getting one soon.

  2. Rear living space for us, as most CG we go to are back-in. Walk through bath to master bed room is nice. Like the Keystone Cougar 344 MKS 5th wheel.

  3. Rear kitchen is the best by far hands down for 5th wheels and TT’s. Lots of wanted/needed counter space, all kitchen appliances, pantry, dining area, any spills and droppings, most cooking odors localized and very importantly keeps disruptive kitchen passing thru traffic out of the one local defined non-walk thru area. Also big in keeping any dropped food particles from being tracked both ways thru the rest of the RV with constant passing foot traffic. We learned that many years ago and it’s still true today!

  4. You didn’t mention a word about probably the most popular 5th wheel set up is the Toy Hauler! What’s available in that?

  5. we are looking at 5th wheel campers and our main concern is the bathroom ..most all want to make the toilet close to either sink or shower and what a pain that is..

  6. We bought a Rear living with 3 slides. One on each side and one in the bedroom. We love ours. 37 foot just the right size

  7. why don’t we see any thing on windbreaker styles, more usable space, less buffeting from wind while towing, better gas mileage. this is my third camper in 32 years and its a windbreaker. I love it.

  8. We are just now looking…..we retire soon and want to hit the road for a few months at a time. We fell in love with the front living space in the 5th wheel. I so excited to start this adventure!

  9. The front living room layouts are absolutely great! Fell in love with the openness and design. We are starting to shop for our full time RV, and so far, that’s the layout we want. … we want to have an outdoor kitchen and W/D combo with it. That’s my ‘wish list’. OH, and windows that open to let air flow in…not just huge ones that don’t open. Am I too picky? NO!

  10. How about a camper with a shower that real people can fit in? 48×32 would be ok as long as ut doesn’t have a molded seat. Flip down/up seat us good.

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