7 Essentials You Need Before Your First Road Trip 4390

Going on your first RV trip? No matter what kind of RV you have there are a few main necessities you will need to bring. Don’t worry – we offer these basic essentials at our stores and online! Whether you’re planning on being a weekend warrior or a modern nomad, you need to consider these 7 essentials when traveling.

1. Good Sam Membership

The Good Sam Club offers members benefits while on and off the road. Here are just a few rewards for joining the club:

  •  Save 10% at 2,400 Good Sam Parks and Campgrounds across the U.S.
  • Save 10% off discount at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors Super-centers
  • 5¢ off gas & 8¢ off diesel at participating Pilot Flying J locations
  • Free RV & boat dump station service at participating Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor Super-centers
  • Access to Good Sam’s RV Trip Planner

Good Sam also offers roadside assistance, extended service plan, insurance, and much more. It’s the best place to find an RV park, plan a route, and set a course for your next outdoor adventure.


2. RV Water Filter

When traveling you never know what kind of water you will be using, so to maintain quality water we recommend using a filter. It will get rid of all sediment, odor, and should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Enjoy fresh drinking water wherever you are!

3. Sewer Hose

Unless you have a compostable toilet, you will need a sewer hose. This hose connects your waste tank to the sewer drain. We recommend getting the longer options offered since you never know how far from the drain you’ll have to park.

4. RV Toilet Paper

We know what you’re thinking, can’t I just buy any toilet paper? No! You will need to use toilet paper made for RVs or that is septic-safe. You don’t want it to clog the sewer or septic, so buying fast-dissolving toilet paper is very important.

5. Freshwater Hose

When enjoying the open road, it’s crucial to have an RV water hose solely for drinking water that you can take everywhere you go. The water hose connects your RV to the city water available at campgrounds and RV parks. This one easily attaches to the faucet, prevents tangles, and protects itself from mildew and mold.

6. Water Pressure Regulator 

To avoid plumbing issues and damage, we recommend getting a water pressure regulator. You will want to put it onto the freshwater hose before connecting your water system to it. Your RV water pressure should be around 50 psi for older RV’s and 60 psi for newer ones.

7. Leveling System 

You never know where you’ll be parking and how level it is. This wireless system makes it so easy to level your RV on the first try every time! It uses Bluetooth which is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones or tablets. Also, it works with travel trailers, 5th wheels, and all drivable RVs. 

Now you’re ready to get out and explore the open road with the comfort of knowing you have everything you need. Happy Travels!

Tell us below what products you own that you consider an RV essential before hitting the road!





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