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Recently, the RV lifestyle has seen more people jumping at the opportunity to hit the road and become part of the RV community. With RVs now offering more of the comforts of home than ever before, it’s not a surprise to see so many taking the path less traveled in the spirit of adventure.

These days, RV washers and dryers are among the many comforts included in RVs. While it may be tempting to leave the laundry until you get home, the ability to do a load or two during your journey is a lifesaver.

Plus, with the RV washers and dryers available today, the chore isn’t nearly as cumbersome as it sounds! Here’s everything you wanted to know about RV washers and dryers.

RV Washer & Dryer Types

Portable RV Washing Machine
Image: Shutterstock

While there are alternatives to doing laundry in your RV, like campground facilities and laundromats, nothing beats the convenience of having your own washer and dryer. You can fit laundry into your lifestyle instead of planning your excursions around the necessity of spending half a day at a laundromat.

There are three types of RV washers and dryers: portable, stackable, and combo models. Depending on the type and class of your RV, one of these options will suit your needs.

Portable RV Washers & Dryers

Available in manual and electric designs, portable RV washers and dryers are among the most affordable and compact of the three types. However, they can be rather heavy, they require a water source, and you’ll need the ability to drain them effectively.

While they’re the most energy-efficient option, portable washers and dryers often do not provide the same level of cleanliness as stackable or combo designs. Still, they’re a solid option for in-vehicle laundry when your RV doesn’t have a washer-dryer prep.

Stackable RV Washers & Dryers

If you’re looking for a washer and dryer setup that resembles your home setup, a stackable RV washer and dryer is the best option. While smaller and lighter, stackable RV washers and dryers operate like residential models.

Both units can run simultaneously, making it the perfect option for RVers who accumulate a lot of laundry – like those of you traveling with kids or pets. However, stackable units tend to use more water than portable washers and dryers.

RV Washer/Dryer Combo

The last type is an RV washer/dryer combo that’s more unique than the other options because it combines the functions of separate washer and dryer units into one. How? The single drum features automatic cycle changes to switch from washing to drying as necessary.

Combo units work like the other designs while taking up less space, but they require a little more time to wash and dry a load fully. Still, they’re super easy to use and are ideal for smaller campers.

RV Dryers: Vented or Non-Vented

RV Washer Dryer Laundry
Image: Camping World

Residential dryers use heated air to dry your clothes. As a result, they require an exhaust vent to avoid overheating. Vented dryers for an RV work the same way, with the air exhaust vent located on the exterior of your RV.

With non-vented RV dryers, a condenser dries your laundry with warm air on the outside and cool air within the drum, creating a condensation effect. The result pulls the evaporated water from your clothes and pumps the water through a drain and into your gray water tank.

There’s no wrong choice regarding vented or non-vented, but not all types of RV washers and dryers are offered in both. The choice may be made for you depending on which type you prefer.

  • A portable dryer is non-vented.
  • A stackable dryer is vented.
  • A washer/dryer combo can be vented or non-vented.

How to Install an RV Washer & Dryer

RV Washer Dryer Prep
Image: Camping World

When RVs are pre-prepped for a washer and dryer setup, there will be a designated area inside the RV with hot and cold water hookups and an electrical connection. For a vented dryer, a specific location is typically marked to indicate where to drill the vent hole.

Do All RVs Have Washer-Dryer Prep?

No, not all RVs are prepped for a washer-dryer setup. Some RVs come partially prepped, meaning electrical and plumbing lines are in a designated place, but the outlet and spigot hookups are not pre-installed. Some RVs are prepped for a stackable unit, while others are only prepped for an RV washer/dryer combo.

If you choose to install an RV washer and dryer that doesn’t meet the pre-prepped requirements or have an RV that isn’t pre-prepped at all, it’s best to consult an experienced technician. While it’s possible to do it yourself, a service center can ensure the installation will work as intended.

Schedule an appointment with Camping World’s Service Center.

Where to Find Your RV Washer & Dryer

RV Washer and Dryer
Image: Camping World

Before you begin the adventure of purchasing a washer and dryer for your RV, you should narrow down which type you need. Check if your RV is pre-prepped for a specific type and if you’ll be using the preparation provided or if you’ll be modifying the setup.

Once you’ve decided which type of washer and dryer you’re looking for — considering how much water it will use, load capacities, and compatibility with your RV — it’s time to find the perfect washer and dryer.

Camping World carries a full selection of washers and dryers designed to work inside your RV. From portable to stackable to combo units, there’s a washer and dryer waiting to tackle the clothes piling up in the corner of your RV bedroom.

Splendide RV Washers & Dryers

Splendide WDV2200XCD Combo Washer/Dryer, Vented
Image: Courtesy of Splendide

If you’re unsure where to begin, start with Splendide — a brand just as fresh as the laundry it washes and dries. Focusing on clean performance and clean results, Splendide washers and dryers will go mile-for-mile, giving you ready-to-wear clothes at every destination.

Shop Splendide washers and dryers.

Your home away from home will be even more accommodating with an RV washer and dryer along for the ride. Stretch the journey a little further and avoid laundromats along the way by getting your own washer and dryer. Your family (and your favorite shirt) will be glad you did.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on laundry accessories such as clotheslines and drying racks. Plus, check out The RVer’s Guide to Doing Laundry on the Road.

Does your RV have a washer and dryer? Tell us what you love about them in the comments below!

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