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Ah, the quintessential RV camping evening next to a campfire. It sounds (and is) amazing! What isn’t amazing is finding a portable firepit that is easy to use but doesn’t hog all of your RV storage space.

We’ve been looking for a way to enjoy campfires that don’t smoke us out but still provide the ambiance we crave outside at night. Smoke from a traditional wood fire can be bothersome, and wood fires aren’t always allowed in all areas. Plus, wood can be costly, and not all areas allow you to purchase ahead and transport to your next stop due to local restrictions.

Portable gas fire pits are a great solution, but some are overly large and take up too much space in RV storage. So, what is the best solution for quick and easy campfires on the go?

We spent some time checking out the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit and were impressed. Keep reading to discover if this small firepit is right for your camping adventures!

*Camping World donated this product for the purpose of review. The opinions are our own.

Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit At-A-Glance

The Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit is a compact and portable design that takes outdoor ambiance to a new level. This firepit is a great addition to our RV camping trips, but it’s also portable enough to take to the lake or the beach. 

Can you picture how nice it would be to have a picnic by the lake with your portable fire? We can’t wait to use it the next time we go to the beach. The two propane canisters fit within the Qube, so all we need to do is load it up and head out.

Here’s a quick look at the basic specs of the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit:

  • Burn Time: 3.5 hours
  • Max Flame Height: 20”
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Size: 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 13.5″
  • Fuel Type: Two one-pound propane canisters
  • Materials: Powder-coated steel body and stainless-steel burner
  • Burners: 6 jet-tip stainless burners with adjustable starter

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Who Is The Qube Best For?

Couple sitting in camp chairs with Ukiah Qube firepit between them
Photo by Scott Russell

The Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit is ideal for RVers who desire the ambiance of fire wherever they park. Its compact design and innovative fuel system, which is powered by two one-pound LP canisters stored internally, make it an excellent choice for on-the-go adventures while conserving storage space.

The Ukiah Qube is perfect for campsites that don’t offer designated firepits, such as boondocking locations. As many campgrounds and outdoor sites have strict fire restrictions, the Qube’s elevated fire design makes it suitable for areas where only elevated fires are allowed. Always check the rules for your camping area.

The Qube’s portability caters to day-trippers who love having a campfire at the beach or by the lake. Its easy-to-carry design makes it effortless to transport and quick to assemble, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire regardless of location. 

It’s also great for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire without the smoke. We absolutely love having campfires, but the campfire smoke, unfortunately, bothers our family. This is a great solution without sacrifice.

While the Qube is especially compact and portable for RVers, it could also be used in your backyard when you aren’t RVing. It’s lightweight and compact enough to take to a party at a friend’s house too. 

The Qube isn’t for someone who loves a traditional wood-burning campfire. There is honestly nothing quite like the crackling of a fire, the beauty of the glowing hot coals, and the campfire smell. If a wood campfire vibe is a must-have for you, then a propane firepit isn’t the best fit.

Setting Up The Ukiah Qube

What you will need: 

  • 2 one pound propane canisters
  • Additional propane canisters, if a longer run time is desired

Setting up the Qube is simple and fast. It includes 1 AAA battery for the electric ignition. You will need to purchase 2 propane canisters. From there: 

  1. Place the Qube on its side on a flat surface away from flammable materials. 
  2. Install the AAA battery and screw both propane canisters into place.
  3. Set the Ukiah Qube upright in the location you wish to use it. 
  4. Press the ignition button to light the firepit. 
  5. Enjoy the ambiance and warmth of your compact fire on the go!

What are the Pros and Cons of the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit?

We have been using and enjoying the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit while RV camping, and I must say, it has some standout features that make it a unique product for RVers. Let’s dive into the specific pros and cons of this firepit.


Man carrying Ukiah Qube firepit
Photo by Scott Russell

The Ukiah Qube features a sturdy, quality build that feels like it will last a long time. It’s easy to use and requires zero cleanup. The Qube is extremely lightweight and portable, making it an excellent choice for those who want a firepit to use on the go. 

One of the best features of the Ukiah Qube is its magnetic lid, which doubles as a tabletop for food preparation. This is a handy touch that adds functionality to the firepit. We appreciate that the wooden lid stays attached to the firepit during storage and transport.

Additionally, the design of the Qube provides internal storage for both propane tanks, so we don’t have to worry about carrying them or storing them separately. Since the Qube also features an electric start, we don’t need to bring anything along to enjoy the firepit during our outings. All we have to do is hit the starter button and enjoy a nice fire.

The firepit is also elevated, which adds a layer of safety by keeping it off the ground, away from any potential hazards, and can help to prevent fires. Many places we camp require a raised fire, and the Qube fits those fire requirements.

We found that the sides of the Ukiah Qube Portable firepit stay cool. The top burner area also cools down rapidly after use, so we don’t need to wait long to load it up after enjoying a fire. Since no cleanup is required, we just wait for it to cool and replace the wooden magnetic lid before storing it.

Our favorite feature, and the one that puts the Ukiah Qube above its competition, is the compact, lightweight size and portability of the firepit. It really can go anywhere our adventures take us while still providing a good-sized fire.


Woman holding hand out to feel heat from portable gas firepit
Photo by Scott Russell

Firstly, the run time on the propane tanks can be relatively short, especially on the highest setting, which means we need to keep an eye on the fuel levels.

Plan on getting a little over three hours of use if running the firepit on high. It helps to carry extra propane for an extended evening or longer camping trip. You may also have a camping grill that uses these propane canisters, so it’s always helpful to keep them on hand.

The Qube’s smaller size also doesn’t provide much heat output, making it more suitable for smaller groups or couples seeking ambiance rather than a substantial heat source. It does put off some heat, though, and this wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.

If there is one thing we would change about the Ukiah Qube, it would be to include a cooktop accessory. While this add-on can be purchased separately, it seems like with the wooden table surface approved for food prep, they were going for the ability to cook with this unit. It would be nice if that piece was included.

The cons listed are minor, and the pros make getting this firepit worth it. We have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of our Qube so far.

Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit Features

The Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit has several distinct features that make it great for any outdoor adventure. Here are our favorites:

Lightweight Compact Design

Its lightweight, compact design is perfect for camping, tailgating, or the beach. This is one of our favorite features, as it packs easily to take on the go, and it doesn’t take up much of our precious limited RV storage.

Stainless Steel Burners

The six jet-tip stainless steel burners create an impressive fire display with up to 20 inches of flame height. The flame is adjustable from low to high, depending on how much flame and heat are desired. Surprisingly, it also puts off quite a bit of heat. 

Adjustable Flame Setting

It is fueled by two one-pound propane canisters that are conveniently housed inside the unit, providing a 3.5-hour burn time on the high setting and up to eight hours on the low setting for outdoor entertainment. We like that the flame height is adjustable, which lets us decide how much propane we want to use. It’s also great to use it on the lower setting on windy days.

Wooden Lid Doubles As Table

I appreciate how the magnetic lid keeps the Qube in one piece during storage and transport. The wooden lid is also FDA-approved to double as a food prep table or regular table space, which can be handy when you have limited space.

Sturdy Design

With dimensions of a little more than a square foot and a weight of only 18 pounds, the Ukiah Qube firepit is both portable and easy to set up. Despite its lightweight design, the firepit feels extremely sturdy. 

Weather Resistant

It has high-quality components, including a powder-coated steel body and a stainless steel burner. This weather-resistant construction helps the firepit last for years to come.

Do I Recommend the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit?

Man using ignition switch on Ukiah gas firepit
Photo by Scott Russell

I recommend the Ukiah Qube for outdoor couples and small groups that enjoy having a fire but don’t have enough space for a larger firepit. Since the design is so lightweight and compact, it’s easy to transport it in the car trunk to use on the go. We are excited to take it on our next beach trip.

It also doesn’t take up much room in RV storage, which we really appreciate. Weight and space are always luxuries when RVing, and the Qube conserves both.

We love that the Ukiah Qube uses the same one-pound propane canisters as our camping grill, as we always keep these on hand during our travels. This means we can enjoy an impromptu fire anytime without purchasing wood. 

The price seems reasonable for the quality and features of the Ukiah Qube, making it an even more attractive option for those looking for a stylish and portable firepit solution. 

Check the price at Camping World.

Optional Ukiah Qube Accessories

Ukiah sells a cooktop accessory that allows the firepit to double as a camp stove. The grill accessory is made from cast iron and is double-sided. It has a griddle on one side and a grill on the other. The cooktop accessory pairs well with the wooden tabletop surface for food prep.

Another handy add-on accessory for the firepit is the Qube carry bag. This carrying case is padded with rubber handles to make it even easier to transport. The front of the carry bag also has a zippered pouch to hold two additional one-pound propane canisters. We plan to purchase the bag to use when storing the Qube.

How Does the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit Compare to the Competition?

Let’s compare the Ukiah Qube to some of its competitors to see how it stacks up.

Wood Burning Firepits

The Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 firepit is a wood-burning portable firepit designed for a smokeless outdoor experience. It’s lightweight and works well for small gatherings. While it offers an easy setup, it doesn’t match the Ukiah Qube’s propane fuel source convenience and does require cleaning the ash pan after use.

The BioLite FirePit+ is another popular choice, featuring a dual-fuel system that allows users to burn wood and charcoal. With patented fan airflow technology, it delivers a smokeless burn with a flame intensity controlled via Bluetooth remote. While this firepit offers the added benefit of cooking, it is not as lightweight or compact as the Ukiah Qube.

The Ridge Smokeless Portable firepit is another wood-burning competitor with a twist. It can burn firewood or wood pellets. The heavy-duty steel construction is engineered for efficient airflow to provide a less smoky fire. It is slightly larger than the Ukiah Qube, making it a solid option for larger gatherings.

Alternative Choices For Propane Firepits

There are also some additional options available, such as the Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Fire Column, which is a propane-powered, small outdoor fire column with a stylish design. It may not be as portable or light as the Ukiah Qube, but it adds a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.

Another option is the Ukiah Tailgater II Premium Portable Audio Gas Firepit with Beat-to-Music Technology, which combines a propane firepit with a premium Bluetooth speaker system. It’s perfect for those who want a combination of warmth and entertainment during their outdoor gatherings.

The Endless Summer 18.5″ LP Gas Portable Outdoor Firepit is a smaller propane firepit with a lava rock flame filler. It’s an economical choice but requires attaching a larger propane tank, which limits portability. 

Each of these firepits offers different features and benefits. Some prioritize smokeless burning, while others focus on portability, different fuel options, or additional entertainment technology. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a firepit.

If you are looking for a completely portable propane firepit that is easy to take along on all of your adventures, the Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Firepit could be just right for you. We found it extremely fast to set up and easy to use. We love the ambiance, lack of smoke, and gentle warmth that it puts off. 

Is the Qube your perfect firepit? Tell us in the comments below!

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