5 Light Camper Trailers You Can Tow with a Minivan


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One of the biggest challenges for beginner RVers is acquiring the right vehicle to tow a camper. If you have a minivan at home in the driveway, you’d be surprised how many light camper trailers might meet your towing needs. Here we explore lightweight travel trailers you can tow with a minivan.

Use Camping World’s simple Tow Calculator to find what your minivan or vehicle can tow with just a few clicks.

No need to search for a new vehicle or say farewell to your road trip dreams. Minivan Camping is a great way to get the family outdoors together. Small travel trailers may not fit the whole family, but combining a small camper with tent camping can make for a fun and comfortable trip for everyone.

Can Your Minivan Tow a Camper Trailer?

Before diving into the best camper trailers for you and your family, you must consider how much your minivan can tow. As with anything, it’s best to learn the flexibility and limits of your particular minivan before hitting the road.

A few tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to towing and your minivan:

  • All minivans are capable of towing, but can yours tow heavier camper trailers?
  • Find your minivan’s towing weight capacity using a tow guide, or referring to your owner’s manual, then stay a little under the limit.
  • Learn about the towing packages included or offered with your minivan. Invest in an upgrade if you’re ready.

As a reminder, a minivan’s towing capacity varies by make and model. Consult your owner’s manual for more information regarding towing specifics. Also, consider the additional weight of passengers, food, and equipment once packed. This can be a factor in the size and weight of the camper you can safely tow.

Once you understand what your minivan can safely tow, it’s time to choose a camper that checks all the boxes. Here are a few light camper trailers you can tow with a minivan.

1. NuCamp Teardrop Trailer

NuCamp Teardrop Trailer
Image Courtesy of NuCamp RV

The NuCamp Teardrop Trailer is a perfect option to tow behind a minivan because it has everything needed for dry camping adventures or extended boondocking. These trailers come with large battery banks and optional solar add-ons to ensure your devices stay charged.

For your outdoor adventures, the NuCamp teardrop can be equipped with roof racks to carry extra outdoor recreation gear. Plus, it comes with an outdoor shower to help you clean yourself and your gear at the end of a long day.

There is a rear outdoor kitchen with running water and a sink to accommodate all of your camp cooking needs. Aggressive off-road tires allow you to travel further into the wild than other camper trailers. And the best part? The star-gazing window allows you to view the night sky from the comfort of your bed.

Shop NuCamp Teardop Trailers.

2. Casita Travel Trailer

Casita travel trailer in woods
Image by Casita Travel Trailers

Every Casita Travel Trailer features durable, lightweight fiberglass construction that makes it extremely fuel-efficient and ideal for towing with a minivan. There’s plenty of quality storage space and the floorplans include spacious seating options that easily convert into comfortable sleeping arrangements.

All Casitas also boast aerodynamic shells that decrease wind resistance while towing. This improves towing stability, fuel economy, and lowers crosswind resistance so you can feel safer on the road.

The insulated interior features large screened windows that keep the trailer feeling open and airy. Built to last, Casita trailers will soon become a treasured part of the family memories.

Shop Casita Travel Trailers.

3. Riverside Retro Camper

Riverside Retro
Image Courtesy of Riverside RV

Possibly the most unique travel trailer mentioned on this list, the Riverside Retro delivers on the promise mentioned in its name. Its retro look and vibe make it one of the most sought-after travel trailers for RV enthusiasts. Vintage travel trailer enthusiasts love the Riverside Retro for its timeless style coupled with modern amenities.

As if it stepped out of the 1950s, the interior and exterior both share the same throwback aesthetic. The exterior is sure to turn head by mimicking a vintage camper, but there’s nothing old about the interior amenities.

This small, lightweight camper comes with a queen-sized bed, a small yet efficient kitchenette, a comfortable sofa for lounging, and a two-piece dry bath. A rear-door entry configuration allows full use of both sidewalls, so while this may look like a blast from the past, it’s full of forward-thinking ingenuity.

Shop Riverside Retro Campers.

4. Cricket Pop-Up Trailer

Cricket Pop-Up Camper
Image Courtesy of Taxa Outdoors

The Cricket is proof that good things do come in small packages. The design features everything you need and nothing you don’t. Lightweight and rugged, the Cricket has enough sleeping room for two adults and two children and it features integrated plumbing and electrical systems.

The pop-up roof allows for more overhead space while optimizing for ventilation and protection from the elements. Plus, you’ll get better fuel economy while towing than you would with a taller camper.

Coming in at a maximum dry weight of 1,753 pounds, you can tow the Cricket anywhere with just about anything, including your minivan. When you get there, you’ll have a much easier setup and a more comfortable basecamp than if you were tent camping.

Shop Cricket Pop-Up Trailers.

5. Happier Camper

Happier Camper
Image Courtesy of Happier Camper

If you want to tow something that’s guaranteed to turn heads every time you roll into a new campground, say hello to a Happier Camper. Revolutionizing the travel trailer industry with its modular Adaptiv system, Happier Camper has dedicated itself to innovation. Lucky for RVers, the community gets to reap all the benefits of their design expertise.

Their Adaptiv modular grid system is built into every single camper and allows you to easily customize your travel trailer according to your needs. Rotate seating for sleeping, hosting guests, or working from your the road.

Reconfiguration is simple and easy and can even happen while you’re on the go. Pick up the moveable components and arrange them however you’d like to create smart and useful layouts for lounging, sleeping, dining, and more.

Shop Happier Campers.

Minivans are already useful in so many ways. Choosing the right camper to tow behind your minivan will ensure your next camping trip has everything you wanted. These five light camper trailers are just a few RV options available when it comes to campers you can tow with a minivan.

Looking for more lightweight travel trailers? Check out these additional lightweight travel trailer resources!

Have you ever been camping in a lightweight trailer? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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