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Stepping into any of Forest River’s Campsite Reserve RVs, I first notice lots of natural light. So much natural light that I struggle to understand how switching from traditional rounded windows to square windows makes such a massive difference. Oh, but it does. 

If natural lighting isn’t high on your RV feature priority list, consider the following:

Natural light reduces your reliance on artificial light, which benefits your health and the lifespan of your RV’s 12-volt batteries. It also allows the sun to heat your RV’s interior naturally, reducing your furnace and propane usage. And it allows you to enjoy panoramic views of your surroundings from nearly anywhere inside (okay, not from the bathroom, you got me there). And those views alone make the Campsite a contender.

But the features of Campsite Reserve RVs go far beyond those eye-catching square windows. These travel trailers boast the largest storage capacity in their class, the largest windows in their class, a 100-watt solar package, the industry’s first pull-out drawer under a bunk, and much more. These new models are making waves and are worth a closer look.  

Let’s learn more about Forest River’s innovative Campsite Reserve RVs.

The Forest River Campsite Reserve Travel Trailers

Forest River Campsite Reserve exterior with couple enjoying time outside by the fire pit
Image by Camping World | 26CJ

Campsite Reserve is a Forest River private label introduced in late 2023 at the Hershey RV Show with its first model, the 26CJ. They have since developed four additional models, descending in length and dry weight from the 26CJ.

Let’s start with a comparison of the specs, moving from smallest on the left to largest on the right: 

LengthTBD26’9” 30’1”29’8”32’9” 
Dry Weight (lbs)TBD5,65661245,9526,421
SleepsUp to 3Up to 3Up to 7Up to 4Up to 8
*CCC stands for cargo carrying capacity.

Details of the Campsite Reserve Floorplans

Kitchen, living, and bunk areas in the Campsite Reserve 23LM
Image by Camping World

One of the unique details about the Campsite Reserve RVs is their model numbers. You won’t find any RK (rear kitchen), BH (bunkhouse), or RL (rear living) model numbers in this lineup. 

Because of that, let’s do a brief breakdown of the floorplans from smallest to largest. In each, the Camp King Bed is at the front of the layout, so we’ll highlight the major differences in the rest of the floorplan below.  

Campsite Reserve 20AK

forest river campsite reserve 20ak floorplan
Photo by Forest River

The smallest of the Campsite Reserve RVs, the 20AK situates the bathroom in the rear, off-camp-side corner, with the refrigerator on the back wall moved toward the camp side. The L-shaped kitchen’s bar top faces towards the front of the layout, and the U-shaped dinette sits in the single slide-out across from the kitchen on the off-camp side. 

Campsite Reserve 23CC

forest river campsite reserve 23cc floorplan
Photo by Forest River

The 23CC floorplan flips the bar top to face towards the rear of the coach. That places the entry door back further and allows the rear bathroom to span the floorplan’s entire width. The U-shaped dinette still sits across from the kitchen, but now the refrigerator sits in the slide-out forward of the dinette. Across from the refrigerator is an entertainment center – with an electric fireplace below – to the rear of the kitchen. There’s hidden storage behind the entertainment center and an outside kitchen with a mini fridge and griddle.

Campsite Reserve 23LM

forest river campsite reserve 23lm floorplan
Image by Forest River

Campsite Reserve’s 23LM floorplan keeps the same kitchen and living area arrangement as the 23CC, with the bar top facing the rear of the coach, the dinette and fridge in the slide-out, and the entertainment center with hidden shelves forward of the kitchen. The major difference is the inclusion of two double-over-double bunks in the rear on the camp side. The bathroom is also situated lengthwise beside the bunks on the off-camp side. 

Campsite Reserve 25MW

forest river campsite reserve 25mw floorplan
Image by Forest River

Flipping the L-shaped kitchen again so the bar top faces the front of the floorplan, the 25MW is designed with a full-width rear bathroom. Across from the kitchen, the U-shaped dinette and a convertible sofa are situated in the single slide-out. The entertainment center with hidden storage lies across from the sofa, and there’s a small closet just in front of the single entry door.

Campsite Reserve 26CJ

forest river campsite reserve 26cj floorplan
Image by Forest River

The largest in the Campsite Reserve selection, the 26CJ is a rear bunkhouse floorplan with two entry doors. One door enters the living area forward of the kitchen, and the other enters the rear, camp-side bathroom. The double-over-double bunks with the pull-out storage drawer are beside the bathroom on the off-camp side. Forward of the bunks and bathroom, the kitchen and living area boast the same layout as the 25MW. 

Features of the Campsite Reserve Travel Trailers

Child watching tablet in bunks of the Campsite Reserve 26CJ
Image by Camping World

Remember the boilerplate features?

  • Most storage in its class
  • Largest windows in its class
  • Industry’s first pull-out drawer under a bunk

Now let’s dive into more of what sets the Campsite Reserve apart from the competition: 

The X9 Chassis

Forest River's X9 chassis
X9 Chassis

In partnership with Lippert (LCI), Forest River developed a unique chassis for the Campsite Reserve. Boasting welded construction, this chassis is designed to deliver enhanced structural integrity compared to bolted or pop-riveted alternatives. 

The chassis’ I-beam construction delivers exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, shear strength, and resistance to buckling. Through the use of cutting-edge software and extensive track testing, the X9’s design has been tested to experience roughly 25% less deflection when compared to bolt-together chassis. 

Other benefits of the X9 chassis include improved handling, reduced noise and vibration, better weight distribution, rust resistance, and easier maintenance. 

Storage Galore

storage under bunks in campsite reserve
Storage under bunks

It’s not just the amount of storage in the Campsite Reserve models that impresses me. It’s the organization and thoughtfulness of where that storage is laid out. It’s a little different in each floorplan, but the bunks all have that industry-first pull-out storage drawer instead of an open storage area under a flip-up bunk (like you’ll find in many comparable models). 

Each has dedicated storage areas for shoes, a trash can, and pet bowls. There are pull-out drawers under both side dinette cushions and stacked wardrobe closets on the off-camp side in the main sleeping area. 

Plus, there are hidden shelves behind the entertainment center in every model but the 20AK (simply due to its size). Then, you have a mega pass-through storage compartment outside for anything you can’t fit inside. 

Thoughtful Kitchen Design

26CJ kitchen

For starters, you get a built-in air fryer to craft the kinds of camp meals you’ve been dreaming about. But there are many other thoughtful elements of the kitchen in the Campsite Reserve. You’ll find hooks for hanging coffee cups or other items neatly tucked inside the valance above the window, for example.

The deep, farmhouse-style sink is just the kind I wish I had in my travel trailer (still stuck with the older, two-basin style). On the counter to the top of the sink, they installed an inverted glass rinser, which I’d only seen at my local watering hole before stepping inside this travel trailer. Each model also has plenty of pantry storage for dried goods and an excellent-sized refrigerator for perishables.

Camp King Bed

Camp King Bed

By doing away with the traditional his/hers wardrobe closets that you find in many primary RV sleeping areas, Forest River fits a larger bed. That’s especially nice if you have a furry companion who likes to climb into bed with you on your camping trips. 

But I love what they did with the closets as an alternative. They didn’t sacrifice size by stacking them and still provided plenty of overhead cabinet storage above the bed. There’s a nightstand to the camp side of the bed and two reading lights above. 

Modern Electronics

Couple watching TV in Campsite Reserve
Photo by Camping World

The Campsite Reserve models have a tankless water heater and a 100-watt solar package as standard features. The other modern electronics include Bluetooth radio, an electric fireplace (on some models), USB-C ports, extra speakers, and a backup camera.

Where Can You Find the Campsite Reserve RVs?

Couple unloading Forest River Campsite Reserve travel trailer
Camping World

The Campsite Reserve RVs are currently making their way to a dealership lot near you. You can search our nationwide database of Campsite Reserve campers and stay informed when new models hit your local lots with this button: 

Personally, I believe there’s no substitute for seeing RVs in person and speaking to a sales representative about your RV preferences. If you want to tour one of these Campsite Reserve RVs in person, start by finding the Camping World dealership closest to you. 

Forest River proudly manufactures one of the industry’s largest selections of towable and motorized RVs. Here are a few RV collections with featured Forest River models you might be interested in: 

Which Campsite Reserve floorplan sparks your interest? Let us know in the comments below.  

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