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In a one-of-its-kind collaboration, Camping World has partnered with iconic American outdoor brand Eddie Bauer to release a new line of RVs with some of the most respected, well-known RV-makers in the industry.

This spring, our team was on set outside of Seattle, Washington to spotlight three models in the backyard of Eddie Bauer’s founding city, with the renowned peaks of Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker appropriately featured in the background. 

Join us for a first look at these all-new Eddie Bauer RVs from Heartland and Dutchmen RV, the first manufacturer partners in an ongoing collaboration now available at Camping World locations nationwide.

The All-New Eddie Bauer RV Models

Eddie Bauer RVs with Mt. Baker in the background
Photo by Camping World

Signature green cabinetry. White pressed countertops and champagne bronze hardware. Sharp exterior graphic designs alluding to mountain ranges. Designer furniture. The frosted glass Eddie Bauer nameplate above the kitchen. These RVs are distinctly Eddie Bauer. 

“Seriously, these units don’t just blend in – they stand out in the best way possible. The light colors that grace their exteriors are like a nod to nature’s palette. You’ve got whites, soft hues, and earthy tones that make you feel right at home amidst the great outdoors,” said Jeanette Jolley, Creative Director on the shoot. 

The crew had three units on set: the Dutchmen 23RB travel trailer, the Heartland 34BHS travel trailer, and the Dutchmen 360LF fifth wheel

Similar in design and reflective of the other four units currently available, each Eddie Bauer RV boasts its own unique floorplan and combination of slide-outs and sleeping setups. But one thing is common across each of these units: a unique aesthetic that blends the classic Eddie Bauer look with blue-ribbon RV design and rugged outdoor performance. 

“I think where these RVs stand out is in the design aesthetics,” said Bradley Keller, Senior Director who was on set. “From the color on the inside to the fixtures to the lighting—these are very much unique from other RVs that I’ve seen on the market while still offering many of the same feature benefits that consumers look for.”

The Eddie Bauer RVs in Detail

Let’s take a closer look at the features and specs of each unit. 

The Eddie Bauer Signature Dutchmen 23RB Travel Trailer

RV Specs

  • Length: 26’10”
  • Dry Weight: 5,674 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4

The most compact of the Dutchmen Eddie Bauer Signature travel trailers, the 23RB is the best model in this series if you’re looking for a couples RV. The front of the coach features the main sleeping area with a king-sized bed, overhead cabinets, and closets on either side of the bed.

The bathroom is situated at the rear of the coach, featuring an RV toilet, a single sink with a vanity above, a walk-in shower with a raised skylight, and a small linen closet. That leaves the kitchen and living area in the center of the floorplan. 

The kitchen boasts an L-shaped countertop with a small pull-out extension and a single-basin, farm-style sink. There’s also a 10 cubic foot refrigerator next to an L-shaped sofa with a removable table. Across from the sofa, you’ll find the RV’s entertainment center above the electric fireplace.

Check pricing and availability on these Dutchmen Eddie Bauer travel trailers.

The Eddie Bauer Signature Dutchmen 310RL Fifth Wheel

RV Specs

  • Length: 35’11”
  • Dry Weight: 9,908 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4

Dutchmen’s 310RL is a slightly smaller fifth wheel that can fit into campgrounds with a 40-foot RV length restriction. The floorplan also places the main sleeping area at the front, as in the larger 360LF fifth wheel. 

You still get that luxuriously large master bathroom, but there’s no secondary sleeping area with a private entry in this fifth wheel. Instead, guests or extra travel companions will need to rest their heads on the tri-fold sofa at the rear of the RV. 

That rear main living area also features a freestanding dinette, a center island with a farm-style sink, a small hutch with overhead cabinets, a 16 cubic foot refrigerator, and theater seating across from the entertainment center and electric fireplace. 

Check pricing and availability on these Dutchmen Eddie Bauer fifth wheels.

The Eddie Bauer Signature Dutchmen 33RL Travel Trailer

RV Specs

  • Length: 36’11”
  • Dry Weight: 8,475 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4

The Eddie Bauer Signature Edition 33RL travel trailer features a king-sized bed in the main sleeping area, along with a bench seat and two floor-to-ceiling closets along the front wall. There’s also a dresser below the TV backer and a washer-dryer prep. 

The single bathroom features an RV toilet, a single sink with a vanity above, and a walk-in shower with a raised skylight. In the kitchen and main living area, you’ll enjoy a booth dinette, a tri-fold sofa with overhead cabinets, a center island with a farm-style sink, a 10 cubic foot refrigerator, and theater seating across from the entertainment center and electric fireplace.

Check pricing and availability on these Dutchmen Eddie Bauer travel trailers.

The Eddie Bauer Signature Dutchmen 360LF Fifth Wheel

RV Specs

  • Length: 40’9”
  • Dry Weight: 11,300 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 7

This is truly a luxury fifth wheel you could live in full-time. The master bathroom has a double vanity and a walk-in shower and the kitchen boasts a center island with a farmhouse-style sink, a 16 cubic foot refrigerator, a booth dinette, a large pantry, and theater seating across from the entertainment center and electric fireplace. 

“I think my favorite unit was [this] rear bunk fifth wheel (the Dutchmen 360LF),” said Keller. “It actually had an upper loft [and] a private bathroom for the kids, as well as a queen-sized bed on the second floor. On the complete other end of the unit was the master bedroom and bath.” 

Those separate sleeping spaces are perfect for families. Mom and Dad get a little privacy when needed, and the kids have comfortable places to sleep and dedicated space for games and activities on rainy days.

Kids in upper loft bunk of Eddie Bauer fifth wheel
Photo by Camping World

“I know myself as a kid growing up would have loved having an RV like [this].”

– Bradley Keller, Senior Director at Camping World

Explore Camping World’s selection of Dutchmen Eddie Bauer fifth wheels.

The Heartland Eddie Bauer 33FK Travel Trailer

RV Specs

  • Length: 37’
  • Dry Weight: 7,940 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5

Heartland’s 33FK Eddie Bauer Signature travel trailer boasts a front kitchen floorplan with more counterspace than most. The L-shaped front kitchen includes a farm-style sink, a real tile backsplash, a 16 cubic foot fridge-freezer, a large pantry, and an air fryer oven. 

This is a couples-friendly travel trailer with abundant living room seating for hosting guests. The living space includes a convertible booth dinette, a fold-out sofa, a smaller loveseat across from the entertainment center (TV and JBL speakers), and an electric fireplace.  

Explore price and availability at Camping World.

The Heartland Eddie Bauer 34BHS Travel Trailer

RV Specs

  • Length: 38’5”
  • Dry Weight: 8,824 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 9

Look no further if you’re seeking a travel trailer for family vacations – there are two separate entry doors for parents and kids. There’s plenty of sleeping space for the kids in the rear bedroom that features double bunks on the camp side and a bunk over the sofa on the off-camp side. 

At the front of the trailer, the main sleeping area features a queen-sized bed with a main wardrobe closet and a secondary closet with a washer-dryer prep. A sliding barn door separates the main sleeping area from the single bathroom and the RV’s living area. 

In that living area and kitchen, this Heartland trailer boasts a small booth dinette, a tri-fold sofa, an L-shaped kitchen with a farm-style sink, a large refrigerator, and an entertainment center.

Discover our inventory of the Heartland Eddie Bauer travel trailers.

The Heartland Eddie Bauer 34BSBH Travel Trailer

RV Specs

  • Length: 36’10”
  • Dry Weight: 8,336 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8

Heartland knocked it out of the park with this family bunkhouse floorplan. The Heartland 34BSBH Eddie Bauer Signature travel trailer features a rear bunkroom with a bunk and entertainment center on the camp side and a single slide-out with a jackknife sofa below another fold-out bunk on the off-camp side. 

The master sleeping area is at the opposite end of the trailer and features a single slide-out on the off-camp side with a 60” x 80” queen bed. It also boasts a large wardrobe closet, a second multi-purpose closet with washer-dryer prep, and a built-in pet kennel under the bed for smaller fur babies.  

Find out more about this Heartland Eddie Bauer travel trailer.

What We Love About The New Eddie Bauer RVs

Family relaxing inside Eddie Bauer travel trailer
Photo by Camping World

When you walk onto the lot at a Camping World dealership, some RVs catch your eye more than others. The same was true for the Camping World team on set, many of whom were laying eyes on the new Eddie Bauer RVs in person for the first time. 

The vision for the shoot was all about letting the customers see these units with the same perspective as the crew, to capture the excitement they felt witnessing “the outdoorsy magic that these Eddie Bauer units encapsulate,” said Jolley. 

“When our customers look at Eddie Bauer RVs, I hope they see what I see – a symphony of adventure, a masterpiece of design, and a passport to the great outdoors.”

– Jeanette Jolley, Creative Director at Camping World

For experienced RVers, the inside of an RV matters the most. This is the draw of RVs: to provide comforts like a king-size bed, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and comfortable living spaces, all with immediate access to the great outdoors. Even the best-looking RV must be designed to make camping fun and easy. 

“When you step inside, you’re greeted by these open floorplans, with space galore,” Jolley said, adding, “but hold onto your hiking boots because my absolute favorite feature? Drumroll, please…kitchen islands. These RVs aren’t just places to crash after a day of adventure, but they’re also culinary havens. Imagine whipping up a gourmet campfire feast on your island – it’s like your campsite turned into a five-star restaurant,” she said. 

Man preps food at kitchen island in Eddie Bauer RV
Photo by Camping World

The team went to work shooting lifestyle stills on the interior of these RVs, showcasing modern features and amenities, all with the remote landscape contrasted in the background, ever-present just outside the window. 

“My favorite part of the interior would have to be how bright everything feels with the whites and the green color scheme. It feels modern and very bright.”

– Daniel Galuppo, Second Camera Operator

Beyond the picturesque setting, the team wanted to capture the unique applications for each unit, the quality and heritage behind the Eddie Bauer name, and what these RVs would look and feel like in campgrounds nationwide. 

“Our goal was to showcase Eddie Bauer RVs in the most authentic way possible to the Eddie Bauer brand,” Keller said. “[Camping World] carries thousands of different RVs at dealerships nationwide, many of which are similar. For us, creating new, unique, custom units on behalf of not only our brand but also the Eddie Bauer brand, it was important to us that we found a way to debut these products in a way that was authentic to their brand and their heritage.” 

Black lab on the master bed of the Eddie Bauer travel trailer
Photo by Camping World

When the Camping World team first spoke with the Eddie Bauer creative team about the shoot, they learned that the brand’s mascot was a black lab.  

“So, while we were putting the shoot together, we had to find a black lab to include in all the imagery and video,” Keller said. 

Not only were these units designed with the intention of being pet-friendly, but the Camping World team wanted to incorporate those classic Eddie Bauer details, right down to an iconic black lab on set, recognized in many lifestyle images that show these units in action. 

“We wanted to capture the use case for these beautiful and modern RVs…to help inspire future owners of the places and the activities they can do, from spending time with their family [around]  the fire to relaxing and doing some yoga right in front of their RV with the beautiful scenic backdrop,” said Galuppo.

Parents and kids relaxing at campsite outside Eddie Bauer RV
Photo by Camping World

The Eddie Bauer Legacy

From designing America’s first patented down jacket to outfitting the first American ascent of Mt. Everest, the Eddie Bauer name has been synonymous with outdoor adventure for over 100 years. 

Rear of travel trailer in the woods with Eddie Bauer logo
Photo by Camping World

“The Eddie Bauer brand [has] a deep and extensive heritage,” said Keller. “The brand was founded in 1920 and embodies the outdoor spirit of hiking, biking, camping, and making the most of your time outdoors. They’ve had clothing products, chairs, tents, coolers—all kinds of different outdoor gear and products over the years. Adding an RV to that lineup allows us to introduce a new product category to their audience of very passionate outdoor enthusiasts.”

“Eddie Bauer instantly brings to mind the harmonious blend of outdoor adventure and environmental leadership,” added Jolley. “The brand represents a mission to preserve natural resources and our cherished outdoor environments, which is very important to me. It is a call to explore.” 

“When I think of Eddie Bauer, I think of my feather down jacket I got years ago, and it’s still going strong,” reminisced Galuppo. “To me, the brand stands for longevity and adventure. I can trust that just like my jacket has held up for years of adventuring, these RVs will create years of great experiences for their owners.”

When the Eddie Bauer brand gets behind a product, style and quality come with it. To honor that heritage, there was one more important connection to make while highlighting the newest collaboration with the Eddie Bauer RVs: “When we were putting the shoot together, it was very important that we give a subtle nod to the original Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition that existed as most of us were growing up,” Keller noted.

Ford Explorer towing Eddie Bauer travel trailer
Photo by Camping World

Although the original Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition isn’t in production today, you’ll notice in many of the shots a new Ford Explorer acting as the tow vehicle for one of the smaller Eddie Bauer travel trailers, paying appropriate tribute to that collaboration.  

Where to Find the New Eddie Bauer RVs

Couple doing yoga outside Eddie Bauer travel trailer
Photo by Camping World

You can now tour these new Eddie Bauer RVs from Dutchmen and Heartland in person at Camping World dealerships nationwide. And watch for these stunning RVs in a campground near you. 

“You wouldn’t believe the excitement brewing in my camping-loving heart. Do you know what I’m talking about? The moment when all that behind-the-scenes magic finally gets its time to shine – lights, camera, action,” Jolley added. “I’ve been in on this little secret for over a year. These Eddie Bauer units are like the most fabulous surprise party, and I’ve been keeping the secret for way too long.” 

Find a Camping World dealership near you with the new Eddie Bauer RVs.

  • Comment (8)
  • Paul says:

    Where can we read all the spec’s you gave to Frank above. I have looked and they do not seem to be printed anywhere.

  • Frank Taylor says:

    I have a question? I am living in Indianapolis . My first winter in my 310 Rl is it set up for winter living at all??

    • Hi Frank!

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I reached out to the manufacturer to get their insights on your question.

      They specified that it is not intended as a 4-season camper, but it is equipped for what they’d call “extended-season camping.” They pointed to features like heated holding tanks and storage compartments, holding tank heating pads, a 30,000-BTU furnace, the 40″ 5,200-BTU electric fireplace, double-layer fiberglass insulation with radiant foil insulation in the roof, and the HyperDeck flooring with a 2″ foam core.

      That said, you’d have to take additional steps to insulate your trailer for a full winter. I’ve never personally spent a winter in Indianapolis, but I did over-winter in an RV near my hometown of Truckee, CA a few years back. Here are a few things I did:

      – Invested in a heated water hose like this one: https://www.campingworld.com/camco-freeze-ban-heated-drinking-water-hose-630040.html
      – Fully enclosed the open air underneath my camper using plywood and 2″ block foam insulation
      – Supplemented my RV’s furnace with RV-safe space heaters
      – Popped for a 120-gallon propane tank and an auto-refill service to ensure I never ran out of propane through the winter

      You may need to take additional steps, but this should get you started. In my personal opinion, heading south is the best option for over-wintering in an RV. I spent that single winter in mine and I’ve headed south each winter ever since!

  • Colin Green says:

    Been looking for these to have as a permanent home (lock up & go) to put on a small section. App 42feet.

  • Cyndy Warnier says:

    Since when does Eddie Bauer become an RV maker? It’s just a name which means nothing about quality. I don’t get it. Instead of a name, let’s do a better job of construction on RV’s so people don’t have so many problems and breakdowns.

    • Hi Cyndy!

      Our apologies if it wasn’t clear in the article, but Eddie Bauer is partnering with RV manufacturers like Dutchmen and Heartland to create these units. From my understanding, their input is mainly on the interior and exterior design and aesthetics, but the choices for construction method, materials, etc. still remains with the manufacturer.

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