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CrossRoads RV offers a wide selection of towable RVs including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and destination trailers. They are most well known for their entry-level travel trailer and fifth wheel products. However, their Redwood fifth wheels and Hampton destination trailers appeal to RVers seeking additional luxury and comfort. 

Since 1996, CrossRoads has become a household name in the RV industry. They appeal to customers with quality RVs at a friendly price point. Their products are also fairly available across a wide range of US markets, making it easy for many to visit their local Camping World dealership and tour a CrossRoads camper in person. 

For those looking for an affordable, quality towable, CrossRoads is certainly worth consideration – especially given the wide selection of floorplans across their brands. Here, we offer an overview of their RVs and features to help you choose which may be your perfect camper. 

Introduction to CrossRoads RV 

Couple sitting at a campfire in front of a Crossroads Sunset Trail RV
Image by Camping World

CrossRoads operates five manufacturing locations in Topeka, Indiana, and boasts a lean production model focused on high-quality construction. Each is dedicated to producing one of its eight RV brands. Factory tours are provided to the public. As of 2024, CrossRoads offers 120 total floorplans with Sunset Trail and Zinger, two of its most popular travel trailer brands, comprising more than a third of that selection. 

In addition to their Sunset Trail and Zinger travel trailers, CrossRoads manufactures Volante travel trailers and fifth wheels, Cruiser Aire fifth wheels and travel trailers, Cameo fifth wheels, Cruiser fifth wheels, Redwood fifth wheels, and Hampton destination trailers. 

Zinger and Volante also include toy hauler options for their travel trailers and fifth wheels. 

2024 Model Updates and Recent Developments

CrossRoads actively updates its RV roster across all brands year after year. This is typically a healthy sign that the manufacturer is actively addressing market trends and customer interest. Here are a few recent introductions to the CrossRoads RV selection.

  • hree new floorplans to the 2024 Sunset Trail lineup: SS258RD, SS256RK, SS20SS, with the 258RD being the smallest. 
  • An impressive ten new floorplans to the 2024 Zinger lineup.
  • Six new Volante travel trailer floorplans and a single new fifth wheel floorplan.
  • 16 new 2024 fifth wheel floorplans across its Volante, Cameo, Redwood, and Cruiser brands. 
  • In 2023, CrossRoads travel trailer lines Zinger and Volante received RVDA’s Quality Circle Award, based on an annual Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey which measures satisfaction with the brands’ quality, parts, warranty, and sales support. CrossRoads was rated at least above 4.25 out of 5.

What To Like About CrossRoads RV

While evaluating each make and model individually is the best way to determine which RV is right for you, there are some consistent qualities to appreciate across CrossRoads’ brands. 

Floorplan Variety 

Just across their Sunset Trail and Zinger travel trailer brands, CrossRoads has over fifty-two floorplans! From lightweight single-axle campers for couples to larger slide-out-equipped travel trailers for families, there are multiple choices for different segments, including bunkhouses, rear kitchens, front kitchens, and more. 

The prevalence of floorplans extends to their fifth wheels and destination trailers, too. Brands like Cameo provide some less common floorplan features, like dual opposing slide-out bedrooms or its two-bedroom floorplan. If you are looking for a proper selection of destination trailers, check out the Hampton brand, which includes loft models and more. 

Tall Ceilings 

CrossRoads travel trailers are constructed with taller-than-average ceilings. On the Sunset Trail campers, the barreled ceilings improve clearance, especially at the center of the RV. But even on the shorter end of their lineup, the Zinger Lite units still offer a 6’6” interior height. The regular Zinger units boast ceiling heights of 7’, which is impressive given their flat design. CrossRoads’ destination trailers have already made an appearance on our list, and their loft models make creative use of expanded ceiling height. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Many travel trailers and fifth wheels are equipped with outdoor kitchens, which provide a fun, convenient alternative to your indoor kitchen and additional cooking space when cooking for larger groups.. Look for the large slam-latch doors that provide a hard awning when opened. CrossRoads’ outdoor kitchens typically include LP connect, plumbing, and refrigerators – the trifecta of outside cooking convenience. 

Extreme Weather Package

Even if you don’t plan on winter camping, the construction qualities of CrossRoads RVs make it easier to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature when camping in late fall or early spring. Many of CrossRoads’ travel trailers and fifth wheels offer an Extreme Weather Package, which boasts added insulation, heated tanks, an enclosed underbelly, a 30,000 BTU furnace, heated passthrough storage, and a reflective heat barrier on the roof, front cap, and basement. 

In addition, CrossRoads says RVs equipped with the Extreme Weather Package have their A/C systems tested in 100-degree temperatures and their furnaces tested in 10-degree temperatures. 

Now check out the complete product overview of CrossRoads RV. 

Zinger Campers

Crossroads Zinger camper in front of a white backdrop
Image by Camping World
  • Weight: 4,310-7,794 pounds
  • Length: 22’2”-37’6”
  • Sleeps: 2-8

CrossRoads’ Zinger travel trailers are one of their most popular brands. These stick-and-tin campers provide families and couples with a wide range of affordable towable options. Choose from single or double axles, lightweight or full-size, slide-outs, bunkhouse floorplans, and more. With 31 total floorplans, an RVer would be hard-pressed not to find one that meets their basic needs. The eight Zinger Lite models are all under 6,000 pounds, making them great for those with lightweight towing capability. 

Sunset Trail Campers

Sunset Trail travel trailer against a white backdrop.
Image by Camping World
  • Weight: 4,310-7,794 pounds
  • Length: 22’2-37’6”
  • Sleeps: 2-8

If Zinger travel trailers are CrossRoads’ go-to stick-and-tin option, Sunset Trail campers provide a similar, wide-ranging product offering in laminate construction. With 21 floorplans to choose from, this RV brand offers a similarly robust selection as Zinger. From single-axle couple’s trailers to their nearly 38-foot slide-out equipped camper, Sunset Trail accommodates a wide range of campers. 

Fireplaces, hardwood cabinet doors, solid-surface countertops, quality appliances, stainless steel sinks, and skylit showers are a few of the standard features you’ll find across their floorplans. Sunset Trail campers are built with five-sided aluminum construction and come with the Extreme Weather Package. Don’t forget the barrelled ceilings that provide Sunset Trail owners with more headroom and additional overhead storage. 


Volante fifth wheel by Crossroads RV against a white backdrop
Image by Camping World

Travel Trailers

  • Weight: 5,056-7,658 pounds
  • Length: 26’11”-38’0” 
  • Sleeps: 3-6 

Fifth Wheels

  • Weight: 6,977-11,576 pounds
  • Length: 27’10”-41’8” 
  • Sleeps: 4-10

Volante includes 20 floorplans – 10 travel trailers and 10 fifth wheels. The Volante brand positions itself as a mid-tier RV, boasting upgraded comforts and additional features compared to CrossRoads’ entry-level units. For fifth wheels, Volante is the most affordable of the CrossRoads brands. 

We like the residential features and appliances, the assortment of floorplans, and the level of quality across such a wide selection. Along with Zinger, Volante travel trailers received the notable RVDA Quality Circle Award, a testament to the consistent quality to expect if shopping the Volante lineup. 

Cruiser Aire 

Cruiser Aire fifth wheel against a white backdrop
Image by CrossRoads

Travel Trailers

  • Weight: 5,048-7,622 pounds
  • Length: 26’11”-37’0”
  • Sleeps: 6-10

Fifth Wheels

  • Weight: 6,948-11,432 pounds
  • Length: 28’1”-41’8”
  • Sleeps: 6-10

The Cruiser Aire brand includes nine floorplans each for their travel trailer and fifth wheel lineups. Choose from unique floorplans in each towable category, but check out the loft fifth wheel CR36BL and the bunkhouse CR28BBH travel trailer if you are shopping for a family. On their travel trailers, check out the outdoor kitchen prevalent on many units. On their fifth wheels, enjoy six-sided aluminum construction with a fully walkable roof and a comfortable interior featuring residential appliances. 

Cameo Fifth Wheels

Cameo fifth wheel against a white backdrop
Image by CrossRoads
  • Weight: 10,744-13,976 pounds
  • Length: 33’11”-44’0”
  • Sleeps: 2-8

With 11 total floorplans, Cameo offers CrossRoads’ most comprehensive fifth wheel selection. Often referred to as Carriage Cameo, this RV’s history goes back to 1968, with the now-defunct Carriage Inc. RV manufacturer, which was acquired by CrossRoads in 2011. 

Today, Cameo provides intriguing floorplans that situate the kitchen in the rear, centralize the living space, offer two separate bedroom suites, or expand the primary bedroom and bathroom with slide-outs. With so many options, the Cameo fifth wheels are perfect for accommodating larger families. Plus, they have the largest I-beam chassis in the industry and are true four-season campers, great in any climate. 

Cruiser Fifth Wheels

CrossRoads Cruiser RV against a white backdrop
Image by CrossRoads
  • Weight: 10,898-12,618pounds
  • Length: 35’11”-42’5”
  • Sleeps: 4-6

With five total floorplans, CrossRoads’ Cruiser brand offers a luxurious selection of ¾-ton towables. Feature-rich with king beds, 50” TVs, motion sensor lights, aluminum wheels, luxury furniture, residential appliances, and more, these campers provide a high-profile experience while remaining relatively affordable. 

This is an important segment for CrossRoads, given their prevalence of entry-level units. With Cruiser, you have an intermediate step before the Redwood luxury fifth wheels. While only five floorplans are available, each is especially unique, ranging from a slide-out equipped rear kitchen to the bunkhouse of the CR 3851BL

Redwood Fifth Wheels

Redwoods CrossRoads RV against a white backdrop
Image by CrossRoads RV
  • Weight: 13,583-16,212 pounds
  • Length: 36’8”-44’10”
  • Sleeps: 4-6

The Redwood brand features CrossRoads’ luxury fifth wheels. Full-timers and RVers looking for the ultimate comfortable camping experience should check out these six floorplans, including the award-winning RW4001LK

Redwood fifth wheels come with a 3-year structural warranty and boast a Falcon Integrated Technology (FIT 2.0) foundation, which is an upgraded chassis system. On the inside, you’ll find residential appliances and layouts, double-basin bathrooms with expansive showers, solid hardwood cabinets, and many other features you’d expect from a high-profile luxury fifth wheel. 

Hampton Destination Trailers

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  • Weight: 10,978-12,016 pounds
  • Length: 40’7”-42’11”
  • Sleeps: 6-10

The Hampton brand includes nine floorplans for those looking for a destination trailer for full time RV living or extended seasonal camping. These include residential appliances and plenty of sleeping arrangements for guests. 

Most models include three slide-outs that dramatically expand the interior square footage. While eight-foot ceilings are more of a quality of the RV type than the brand, the CrossRoads Hampton destination trailers make great use of the additional interior height, with multiple units including loft access that’s perfect for kids and guests. 

Who Makes CrossRoads RV? 

Located in Topeka, Indiana, CrossRoads RV manages five production facilities and over 600 employees. Their lean organizational structure prioritizes construction quality and customer satisfaction. Like many manufacturers of their size, the multiple RV brands and five distinct plants allow for natural competition among their teams. 

CrossRoads prides itself on a quality build – a claim that requires accountability year after year. One way to evaluate a manufacturer’s overall performance is by tracking the number of recalls their campers earn over different model years. While CrossRoads had a recall in 2024 for a roller shade installed in the incorrect position, the past several years have been relatively clean for CrossRoads, indicating a healthy manufacturing process. To give CrossRoads another tip of the cap, they provide a complete history of every recall issued, which is refreshingly transparent.

Who Owns CrossRoads RV?

In 2017, CrossRoads RV was acquired by Keystone RV, a division of Thor Industries. CrossRoads maintains many of the brands it produced prior to the acquisition and its autonomy as an independent manufacturer, including operating its own facilities and employees.  

Is CrossRoads RV A Good Brand? 

A couple sitting in front of a fire with a CrossRoads Sunset Trail in the background
Image by Camping World

Considering CrossRoads’ complete product offering, including a range of types across multiple segments, as well as their recognition in the industry and continued popularity among RV buyers, it’s safe to say that CrossRoads is a worthwhile consideration for anyone shopping for a new RV, especially those looking for entry-to-mid-level travel trailers and fifth wheels. 

As one might expect, CrossRoads has received criticism from some RV customers, whether for build quality problems, warranty issues, or others. Not to absolve these nor minimize the importance of accounting for personal RV reviews and feedback on quality when considering a CrossRoads RV, but the reduced number of recalls issued over the past few years is a good sign that this manufacturer takes quality seriously, as is the vote of confidence with RVDA’s Quality Circle Awards, which CrossRoads has earned multiple years.

Learn more about its full lineup of towables at CrossRoads RV, or check out the following resources to learn about other leading manufacturers in the RV industry:

Do you own or have you owned a CrossRoads RV? What recommendations or advice do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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