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There are many items and pieces of gear you’ll need to go camping. One of the most important is a good flashlight. There are thousands of flashlights out there, and they’re not all treated the same. Many of the flashlights quite simply aren’t very good.

When looking for the best camping flashlight, you need to get one that is designed to perform well in various environments. You need something that can withstand the rigors of tent or RV camping. With all this in mind, here’s what you should look for in a camping flashlight.

Flashlight Brightness

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Probably the most important thing to think about in a camping flashlight is brightness. A dim flashlight sucks when there are no other lights. The brighter your light the better you’ll be able to see in the dark.

I’d suggest going with something that has LEDs. Not only is an LED flashlight bright, but you won’t have to worry about a bulb burning out. These things last a long time and they don’t use much power, a point I’ll discuss more later on in this article.

Flashlight Durability and Waterproofing

Durability is another important quality. You can get by with a simple plastic flashlight, but if you really want to get something that’s going to last a long time, look for something made out of metal. Stainless steel or aluminum is best. This type of material will hold up to the rigors of camping well. It can be dropped, stepped on, or even run over by a car in many cases and still work.

Metal flashlights are typically a little more expensive, but not always. You can usually find a metal flashlight with LED lights for very little money.

Battery Life or Run Time

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How long a flashlight can stay on before it needs to be recharged or new batteries put in is important. If you get an LED flashlight, which I highly recommend, you’ll have tons of battery life. Hours and hours of it in most cases.

No matter what the run time for your flashlight is, you should also have some spare batteries just in case. Also, think about buying rechargeable batteries so that you don’t have to keep buying them. This will make life a heck of a lot easier.

Flashlight Size

The proper size of a flashlight is up to the camper. Many people like small flashlights because they’re easy to carry and use. Others prefer a larger flashlight that’s easy to find in the dark. Either is fine. Think about how you camp and get the right size flashlight for you.

For example: if you backpack a lot or will be packing light and moving a lot, a smaller flashlight is generally the way to go.

Different Flashlight Modes or Settings

I like a flashlight that can be dimmed if needed. While brightness is important, so is being able to turn down the brightness to suit your needs. Many flashlights have a dimmer capability. Look for that.

Also, consider a flashlight that can display light in different ways. While you might want a traditional flashlight beam when you’re out walking inside a tent or camper, it’s often better to have the flashlight throw light in multiple directions kind of like a lantern. Some flashlights have this capability. Look for that, too.

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The best camping flashlights

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