Adrenaline Seeker: An Interview with Russell Winfield 3281

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. Would you say you have a home base or home-is-where-the-powder-is?

My name is Russell Winfield and Seattle Washington is my home base. My whole life I have traveled for sports. It began when I was six years old playing triple-A youth hockey. All winter we would travel every weekend in a conversion van around the east coast and Midwest. During the summer my parents had a fifth wheel and we would camp out of that. So it felt natural to me to travel as a snowboarder chasing the snow.

snowboarder russell winfield
Former pro-snowboarder, Russell Winfield says snowboarding is all about community.

Q. A few lightning questions:

Favorite snack, meal, or beverage to have on hand in the RV?

Well if I’m not going to drive, I like a mountain time beer. If not water or coffee. [Also] Trail mix and Doritos.

Russell Winfield and Crew Enjoying Coffee
Russell Winfield and Crew Enjoying Coffee

Three pieces of gear (or any random items, really) you always bring with you on trips.

Headphones, guitar, [and] Leif “my lil’ bro”

Q. How do you normally go about planning trips? Is it all about being spontaneous and ready to follow the weather? Or getting the right crew together and letting the rest unfold?

It’s all about the crew.

russell winfield and crew getting ready to snowboard
Russell Winfield and crew getting ready to snowboard

Q. What defines a successful trip to you?

A successful trip is [if] when you are done, you can’t wait to go on another trip with that crew.

russell winfield and crew
Russell Winfield and his crew hitting the slopes.

Q. Do you have any unforgettable memories you made traveling in an RV or van—the kind of story you might tell around the campfire for years to come?

I think there are a lot of those memories, but the best part about making them is when you see somebody from that trip—it works as a lifelong bond.

Q. Would you be able to get as close to the sport of snowboarding without an RV? How would it be different?

Well being in an RV you get to post up in the parking lot. There is always a tribe of nomads/locals in the lot who you can make friends with.

Russell Winfield Parking Lot Campfire

Q. For you, what are some cool features of an adventure sport rig? (outdoor kitchen, roof rack, solar panels, off-road tires)

4×4 would be really cool because then you wouldn’t have to use [snow] chains. Storage is always good, so a roof rack. And, I like saving the earth so solar would be a great thing as well.

Q. What’s your favorite quote, lyric, or mantra that keeps you sane or gives you inspiration on your travels (This one’s mine: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”- Earnest Hemingway)


Russell Winfield says “Send it!”
Kelsey’s first career as a performing artist had her traveling the world. Eager to keep traveling, she hit the road to see the USA in a 69’ Airstream Overlander. Today you can find her writing about travel, design, and good food. When she’s not planning her next trip, she’s sipping on local beer and petting other people’s dogs.

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