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Road Trip

RVing and road trips are a classic American pastime. RV’s symbolize freedom, adventure, and dreams of someday hitting the open road.

An extended RV trip is usually what people think of as a “retirement plan,” but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to plan the ultimate RV road trip. Some of the benefits might surprise you!

You Learn to Relax and Go with the Flow

As you can imagine, or may have already experienced, a lot of things can go awry on an RV trip. Flat tires, getting lost, and bad weather are just a few examples. It can bring whole new meaning to the word “adventure!”

That said, you can almost always figure things out quickly, find help in the most unexpected ways, and end up laughing about it later. Sometimes it’s these stories that you’ll wind up telling the most. The struggles that can come along with RVing teach you to take it easy, brush things off, and enjoy the ride. Now that’s a lesson we could all use!

exploring the united states

You’ll Experience the Country in a Different Way

Sure, you don’t have to RV in order to explore the U.S.—but you just won’t get the same experiences traveling by air. You’ll find so much beauty on the backroads and in the lesser-traveled areas. You can pull over at any point to discover parts of our country’s history and find some “hidden gems” along the way. It’s amazing how many interesting museums, monuments, and scenic areas you’ll find when you’re not even looking!

friends around a campfire

You can Meet People and Build Lasting Relationships

Campgrounds and RV parks are some of the most welcoming and friendly atmospheres you’ll find. You just can’t say the same about hotels and resorts.

Your neighbors at the campgrounds are likely to ask you where you’re from, lend you a helping hand, and invite you over to their campsite for a drink. You never know what lasting relationships you might build on the road. It makes the US feel just a little bit smaller.

camping as a family

You Grow as a Person and a Family

RVing for an extended amount of time allows you to really unplug and escape from your daily routines. Disconnecting helps you reconnect with yourself, your spouse, and your family. You’ll learn new skills, learn to work as a team to navigate the roads and challenges, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Having a little less space and a lot of fun brings you back to the basics and closer together. In some ways, it can remind you what’s most important in life.

You’ll Connect to Nature

Traveling in an RV allows you to park in remote places and be one with nature. You can easily find peace and quiet, beautiful views, and open space to explore. Being away from the crowds and breathing in fresh air can be the best medicine for the soul. You may not have WiFi, but nature will put on its own show for you—watch the sun set and rise, animals in their natural habitat, and have a ever-changing view of breathtaking landscapes right outside your window!

If all these benefits don’t inspire you to start planning an RV trip across America, I don’t know what will! America is calling!

Lindsay McKenzie travels full-time in her Winnebago Navion with her husband Dan and their 2 dogs. Originally from Colorado, they have been seeking adventure together for 10 years now and have done a lot of international traveling, including living in Costa Rica. They took the leap into full time RVing after experiencing life-altering news. They viewed the news as a life “detour” and started a travel and inspirational blog called Follow Your Detour. Lindsay has grown more passionate about pursuing her dreams and a leading a fulfilling life, while inspiring others to do the same. She loves that RVing allows her to be in nature and do more of what she loves. You can usually find her on the river fly fishing, hiking to sunset spots, or at a local brewery. (All photos by Lindsay McKenzie, except where noted.)

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