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When it comes to the RV lifestyle, some dip their toe into RVing with weekend trips, and others dive in headfirst. The latter is exactly what Lindsay and Derek from Lanes Less Traveled did.

After selling their 10 acres of land in Northeast Texas along with 95% of their belongings, they packed up their five kids and hit the road. They now spend their days with intention – the intention to craft family memories, foster and nurture familial relationships, and curate an education for their children where learning is a living, breathing thing.

Somehow amidst the chaos of life, working, traveling, and homeschooling, Lindsay and Derek also renovate their RVs and document the process on their blog.

If a full life while full-timing interests you, then let us introduce you to a family that does it all.

Traveling as a Family of Seven in a Travel Trailer

Lanes Less Traveled Family
Making room for a large family in an RV is easier than you think.

Deciding to transition your family from a house on several acres to a travel trailer isn’t a decision made lightly. Lindsay and Derek wanted to see as much of America as possible and, like many of us, don’t want to look back with regret. So, they took the leap.

The Lanes had a few must-haves on their list:

  1. A bunkroom with a door for the kids.
  2. At least one living room slide.
  3. The towing capacity had to fit that of their vehicle (a Nissan NV 3500).

Once they found what they were looking for in the Keystone Passport 3290BH, it was time to load in the family.

Use this towing guide calculator to help find an RV fit for your vehicle.

Thanks to some savvy bunk bed conversions and a few creative tweaks here and there, each kid had their own bed. One of the many misconceptions about RVing is that you have to sacrifice most of the comforts from home in exchange for a life on the road. It’s simply not true. As Lindsay and Derek can attest, the RV life is rewarding and comfortable in so many ways.

Small spaces can feel overwhelming, but they don’t have to. Remember to get creative and push yourself outside of your comfort zone when it comes to layout and furnishes. Evaluate the necessities against the “wants” and “nice-to-haves,” and make the space work for you and your family.

Following this line of thought allows Lindsay and Derek to focus more on making memories, which is the ultimate goal of any RVing family.

The Most Enjoyable Part of RV Living

Lanes Less Traveled Family Game Night
The bonds created on the road are some of the strongest you can make.

When asked about the highs of RV living, Lindsay and Derek both agree it’s all about the journey. Getting to see the country slowly, at your own pace, is one of the most significant advantages of RVing. Taking the road less traveled or the life path, in this case, makes all the difference.

As they homeschool and roadschool their children, they find it most exciting to see the country through their kids’ eyes. Reading about destinations and the history of certain locations, then visiting them takes learning to all new heights. Those kinds of experiences aren’t found inside the classroom.

“We just wanted to bring learning alive to our kids,” Lindsay says. “We’ve read so much about our country, and we’re like, “Now let’s go visit.’”

Favorite Place to Visit

Lanes Less Traveled Hiking
Hiking as a family is one of the best ways to make memories.

It’s a question every RV enthusiast gets asked: ‘what’s your favorite location that you’ve visited so far?’

Lindsay and Derek will tell you it’s the Glacier National Park. Of course, all national parks are breathtakingly beautiful (and they’ve been to 18 of them), but the hike at Glacier National Park is superb.

“The most rewarding hike we’ve ever done,” Derek says of the Glacier experience. “It’s just the scenery on the way to the hike, throughout the entire hike, is just beautiful.”

As their kids get older, they’re able to take on more challenging hikes and hike for more extended periods, which expands their views and the potential of making memories to last a lifetime.

Exploring the popular destinations and spots off the beaten path is one of the best perks to living life on the road. Why not make the most of it as often as you can? Lindsay and Derek do.

What’s Next for Lindsay and Derek and Their Family?

Lindsay and Derek Lanes Less Traveled
Lindsay and Derek say the RV lifestyle is all about creating memories.

Naturally, RV life includes a long list of destinations and itineraries; however, as Lindsay and Derek have said, it’s more about the journey for them. So, what comes next along this RV family journey?

“Next up is working on renovating this rig,” Lindsay says. “We’re super excited to continue on this journey. We’re going from the little kids stage to more of having older kids stage.”

“Making more memories,” Derek says.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – hitting the pavement and seeing where the road takes you. Follow along with Lindsay and Derek on Instagram as they explore the country, renovate their RV, and raise their children along the way.

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