7 Huge Advantages to Road Tripping in a Motorhome 6231

All of us who love traveling in motorhomes have also experienced road trips in a regular vehicle. While the journey is part of the adventure, in a car you’ll have to stop more frequently for a variety of reasons. In a motorhome, there are several advantages preventing the need for frequent stops. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Snacks Snacks Snacks

snacks on the road

How many snacks can you fit into your car? Can you fit three cases of easily accessible pretzels in a billion different shapes and flavors? And no, no one is going to volunteer to crawl into the trunk for you while you’re driving. In a car, can you have a cold chocolate bar that snaps off sweet deliciousness in your mouth anytime you want? Nope. And cold is always right at your fingertips.

A Fridge That’s Right There

rv refrigerator

Cold drinks with ice? Yes! An icy drink in your hand while you’re moving on down the road is the best. You can announce you want an ice cream bar and—voila—you have an ice cream bar (provided you packed them before you left). Cold fruit? Have a cold grape. It’ll feel like a crispy crunch of heaven in your mouth. Have you ever had one in your car from a cooler where all the ice has melted and the grapes have absorbed the water? Don’t.


naps in an rv

Naps are for everyone (aside from the driver, naturally). The ability to take an honest-to-goodness full-on nap is a huge advantage to motorhome travel. Even buckled in on the couch you can stretch out, so you’re good. It’s a joy! You’ll wake up refreshed, not sore with a crick in your neck or with cramped feet or a sore back or…we could go on and on and….

But be nice, people, and share. Switch and let the driver get a little shut-eye. Heck, if you’re the driver, pull over and take a nap whenever you want (and safely can).


video games on the road

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Man, who doesn’t love that question when taking car road trips with kids (can you sense the sarcasm here?). Your kids or grandkids can play whatever video games they want for hours on screens way larger than their cellphones. Yep, they’ll miss some views of the journey, but it’s a whole lot better than hearing, “are we there yet?”


rv dog

Love your pets? Of course you do. Have you ever taken them on a cross-country road trip in a regular car? The ride isn’t exactly smooth for them. A motorhome absorbs bumps way better than a car. That should prevent a Labrador from suddenly deciding to throw up in your lap (completely based upon a personal, not so pretty, experience). In a motorhome, along with your furry friend, you can bring its dog bed (or cat bed, but no cat I know of sleeps in a bed unless it’s trying to push a human off of it).

Sleeping in Your Own Bed

It’s midnight. You’re still driving. You need a room. You pull into a motel parking lot where the blue neon is flashing “CANCY” because the rest of the letters are burnt out.

But you don’t have to worry about this. Why? You have a motorhome! You have a bed and you know the condition of the bedspread, comforter sheets and pillows! You can pull over at a roadside rest stop or a Wally World parking lot and sleep you want (observing local rules and regulations, naturally).

Accessible Bathroom

rv bathroom

Guilty of leaving the best reason for last, but really, how convenient is this? Kids and immature adults (hand raised right here) love the idea of going to the bathroom while motoring down the road.

And who cleans your motorhome’s bathroom? You do. So you know it’s clean. Roadside and gas station restrooms may possibly be a tad germ-infested. And, unless you have a cruel sense of humor, most of the time the key to your motorhome restroom doesn’t have a tire rim attached to it.

We’re sure we’ve missed some other key reasons. What unique advantages can you think of for hitting the road in a motorhome?

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