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Fall is almost upon us and that means many people are probably starting to think about what they’re going to do with their RV during the colder months. But wait! Before you go all-in on winterizing your RV, you should realize that there are many more weeks of fantastic weather ahead of us, and honestly, some of the best camping can be had in the fall months.

Don’t let the fact that it’s now cooling off get you all worried, you’ll be able to see and do many more things in your RV before you either need to head down south with the snowbirds or head to the storage facility. Here’s why you should consider camping all fall.

The Temperature Isn’t So High

During the spring and summer months temperatures, especially in certain areas of the country, can climb sky-high. This can make hiking, biking, cooking, playing games, sleeping and camping in general not much fun. In the fall months, the temperature begins to drop but it usually doesn’t get too cold. This makes for some fantastic camping weather.

You might not even need to turn on the AC or heater in your RV. Simply open the windows and enjoy the breeze. Hiking, playing games, and many other activities are better for the same reason. When you’re not battling the heat you can hike longer and enjoy the outdoors even more.

The Leaves Change Colors

Fall forest with colorful autumn leaves and highway 60 reflecting in Lake of Two Rivers. Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. (Fall forest with colorful autumn leaves and highway 60 reflecting in Lake of Two Rivers. Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada., ASC
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One of the things I love about camping in the fall is just how beautiful the scenery is. When the leave begin to turn from green to various reds, yellows, and oranges you’re in for a real treat.

This is especially true if you’re in the right area of the country. I’ve found that Maine and New Hampshire are absolutely breathtaking during this time of year. I would expect the same for any of the northeastern states. The same can be said through most of the country’s mountain ranges. There’s simply nothing like driving the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall.

Affordable Campgrounds

The summer months are peak season for many campgrounds. This is when families have the most time to spend together and campgrounds can become quite crowded. They’re also the most expensive during the summer.

Fall months are the off-season for many campgrounds, and this means you’ll be able to get a good campsite for a little less money in many areas of the country. Of course, it depends on the campground and where its located. With that in mind, it’s safe to say fall camping can actually save you money. This makes it even more enticing.

Fewer Bugs to Worry About

Hard, difficult, tiring and exhausting expedition of four friends in wild forest in trail. Guy is struggling of a neck pain, massaging it (Hard, difficult, tiring and exhausting expedition of four friends in wild forest in trail. Guy is struggling of
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Mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and other bugs can be a real nuisance in the spring and summer months, but they’re not so bad in the fall. This has to do with the way the temperature drops and how those insects and other critters prepare for the winter months.

If the mosquitos are really bad in the summer I have a hard time getting out. I end up waiting until fall to do most of my camping. During these few special weeks and months before it gets too cold are the best times to avoid being swarmed. This is great at the campground, but it’s also wonderful for hiking, biking, and pretty much any other outdoor activity.

The Food Gets Better

This one is more personal preference, but I love a good bowl of hot chili during an almost chilly fall night. I’m not apt to make chili during the hot summer months. The same can be said of hot cider, creamy mac and cheese, pumpkin spice, and pies—meat and otherwise. There’s just something about all of these dishes that scream fall to me. Fall recipes are good.

I’ll miss the iced drinks and light salads I make during the summer months, but the hearty soups and heavier meals of fall are some of my favorites in the world. Of course, you might have different traditions, but don’t overlook some hot cider and a good bowl of chili around a campfire this autumn.

What do you love about fall camping? Leave a comment below!

Why fall is the best time to RV

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