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Traveling around the country in an RV is the American Dream for many. The opportunity to see the beauty of our great nation, check off bucket list items, and expand your horizons are just a few benefits of RV travel.

But, have you ever considered volunteering along your adventures? Giving back while you explore can offer a whole new level of excitement on your journey!

Here are some resources for finding volunteer work while you travel in an RV:


Many campgrounds and RV parks seek out camp hosts. Each position varies in the duties involved, how long the commitment is, how many hours are required, and other factors. But, one of the benefits is that you’ll receive a free RV spot in exchange for your volunteer time.

Most state parks throughout the country have a volunteer program of some sort. Not only do they typically need camp hosts, they also need volunteers for their various programs, visitor centers, and other positions. These volunteer positions are typically posted somewhere on their website.

Volunteer in the National Parks

Each national park is different, but nearly all of them will have some sort of way you can lend a hand. Some parks have a partner organization that leads volunteer projects and efforts. Friends of Acadia, for example, is a non-profit that is dedicated to preserving and protecting Acadia National Park and offers drop-in volunteer days every week.

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Even if it’s not posted on a National Park’s website, you can call ahead or speak with a ranger about the ways you can offer a hand. This is a fun volunteer activity because you can enjoy the beauty of the park, while learning more about it and giving your time to help protect it. You also typically don’t have to have a time commitment and can simply help out for a few hours or a couple days!


Volunteer.gov is America’s Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal. You can search for volunteer opportunities all over the U.S. and filter your results for RV accommodations, interests, and location. Volunteer opportunities vary from office and clerical work, to tour guides, to pest/disease control, and historical preservation. You’re sure to find a position that is a good fit for you!

Other Organizations

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There are so many great organizations to get connected to all across the country. Some even cater to RVers!

Habitat for Humanity has a program called RV Care-A-Vanners. Through the program, RV parking is arranged in exchange for your help with house construction and/or renovations and disaster relief.

DOVE is another great organization and is affiliated with the American Red Cross. Much of the information on their website is specifically for training RVers to assist with various Red Cross projects. Their website states that “members of DOVE are fully trained and qualified Red Cross Disaster Workforce Volunteers and they participate in disaster services in some capacity, such as performing administrative tasks at a local chapter, serving on their Disaster Action Team (DAT), teaching disaster classes, or going on deployment to disasters, local or national.”

There are also many churches that have various volunteer and missions programs for RVers. N.O.M.A.D.S, S.O.W.E.R.S, and R.V.I.C.S are a few popular ministries. Consider researching and contacting non-profit organizations in the area you plan to RV to and see if there’s any way you can get involved and help out during your stay.

Volunteering and giving back as a tourist is a great way to make your travels more meaningful and memorable. Plus, having an RV can make it much more convenient! Even if you don’t arrange a specific opportunity during your RV road trips, there are still lots of ways you can leave your mark in each place you visit.

There’s always trash that needs picking up, people to help, and good deeds to be done. Hopefully this post has inspired you to think about the ways you can do more than just explore! After all, this land is our land, and it’s all our responsibility to take care of it and each other. We’d love to hear other volunteer opportunities that are great for RVers in the comments below!

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