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Finding the perfect gift for RV owners can be a real struggle. The last thing an RVer wants is more stuff to fit into their camper. But not all gifts have to be clunky and cumbersome. Great gifts serve a unique RV purpose and make the camping adventure better.

Who you are giving gifts to this year? Ask them what they love most about RVing and learn more about how they like to travel. Use this information to guide your giving.

In need of some help brainstorming gifts for RV owners? Discover Camping World’s Holiday Gift Guide for inspiration.

Gifts for the Camp Foodie

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There’s just something about cooking outside that’s thrilling. For those that love firing up the grill and covering the picnic table with a spread of good eats, consider cooking gifts for RV campers.

  • A wood pellet grill provides the ultimate in grilling flexibility – grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, char-grill, braise, or barbecue your favorite dishes.
  • A Cast Iron Pie Iron is a fun tool for cooking tasty hand pies over the coals.
  • Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven is a real crowd-pleaser and the best way to make everyone’s favorite meal—pizza.
  • Give the chef a practical gift to make life easier – a workspace with the Folding Aluminum Grill Table.
  • RV ovens aren’t like the ones at home. The Omnia Stove Top Oven makes oven baking in your RV kitchen energy efficient and simple.
  • Don’t let a delicious meal go to the flies. A Mesh Food Cover is a great gift idea for outdoor eating.
  • This Telescoping Camp Fork is a perfect stocking stuffer and essential for marshmallow toasting.

Browse everything you need for a camp kitchen.

Gifts for the Wanderlust Nomad

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We all have that friend that just can’t seem to sit still. They’re planning road trips, and their address always changes. For our peregrine pals, consider unique gifts that fuel their intrepid lifestyle.

Gifts for the Party Animals and Tailgaters

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Whether camping at a NASCAR event or tailgating for the local football game, RV’s are the ultimate accessory. For your friends who are always the life of the party, think about great gifts that will step up their entertainment game.

Shop our selection of tailgating essentials.

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Minimalists

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Minimalists are the hardest friends to shop for. After all, they don’t want more “things” but rather more “experiences.” Think of intangible gifts that would suit their lifestyle. If you can’t help but purchase something to wrap, think of items that foster rich experiences, like games, memberships, or multi-purpose gear.

Gifts for your Off-Grid Friends

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It’s not easy to unplug. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that make boondocking easier. Any camper would be happy to have an item that could speed up or simplify their off-grid RV tasks.

Gifts for the Interior (and Exterior) Decorator

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Getting lost in RV renovation images online is not hard to do. There are so many incredible RV interiors out there. Decorating and customizing your RV is personal to every owner, but some RV decoration never goes out of style.

Think of your decorator’s sense of style at home, and shop for RV finds that will put the “home” in their rolling home. Visit a Camping World Design Center for inspiration.

Gifts for the Wino and Brew Lover

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RV travel is all about kicking back and relaxing. For many people, this means having the perfect beverage close at hand when the sun sets and the campfire crackles. Winos and beer drinkers won’t turn away these unique gifts.

No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a unique gift idea out there for every RV owner.

Tell us the best RV gift you’ve received in the comments below!

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