Staying Fit and Healthy While RVing: An Interview with The Fit RV 2523

Just because you’re far from the nearest gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and healthy.

Steph and James of The Fit RV have proved that. The couple has built a name for themselves as the couple who makes staying fit and healthy on the road look fun. Join the Camping World team as we sit down with the RVers and discuss what it takes to stay healthy, fit, and happy on the road.


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Staying Fit With Limited Space In a Class B Motorhome

As you may know, Steph and James travel in a small Class B motorhome. This means there simply isn’t much space inside the camper, but that doesn’t stop them from finding plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy on the road.

James noted that he and Steph start a trip not by asking where they want to go, but by asking what do they want to do. It’s a small shift in focus that can really help you stay active on your RV trip.

James and Steph focus on cycling—one of their passions—but they said that no matter what you like to do you should focus on the activities you love. Making the activity the purpose of the trip helps keep you active while you’re visiting new destinations.

James also said that they don’t try to exercise in the Class B motorhome. He said they exercise outside. Doing things like bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, jumping rope, and yoga are all things they point to that you can do to stay fit on the road.

“You don’t need any equipment,” said Steph. “Exercise is as simple as putting on some shoes and just going and taking a power walk around the campground.”

Steph is a personal trainer, so she knows what she’s talking about. Fitness is actually how here and James got into RVing.

Fitness as a Gateway to Adventure

James said that their first foray into RVing came about because of cycling. He and Steph wanted a private bathroom they could take with them and that morphed into The Fit RV and all of the adventures they do today.

The couple routinely brings their toys along. They have bicycles often but discuss the possibility of kayaks, snow skis, and more. The point of the Class B motorhome is that it’s literally the vehicle to adventure, and you can attach racks or trailers for whatever gear or toys you want to bring along.

Steph said that she sees the camper van or the Class B RV as the catalyst for the types of adventures you want to have.

Keeping Nutrition and Overall Health in Mind

Steph said that she and James do a lot of meal planning to keep their healthy diet in mind. They do their best—especially this year—to keep from needing to go to the store while on the road. However, Steph did say she loves to visit farmer’s markets and other local shops to experience the local produce and cuisine.

She also said that having a plan is very important for other aspects of the trip, too. “If you write it down, you’re getting it out of your brain and you’re more likely to stick to it. If it’s just for one week, it’s easy to stick to it, too.”

Basically, don’t fall into the vacation mindset of you don’t have to exercise or be active and you can eat nothing but junk food. Have goals and write them down. You can enjoy yourself, but don’t neglect your overall health on the road.

“You don’t have to be so strict with yourself,” she said. “You have to live life, too. So you want to eat mostly healthy and mostly plants. But I think the trick is to keep your portions under control. That’s the key.”

Steph said there’s no one size fits all, so she’s not going to advocate for any specific diet.

Keeping Your RV Fit, Too

James tends to focus on not only keeping himself in good condition but keeping the RV and the gear you bring along in good condition, too. He discussed the need for choosing the right gear and keeping things properly maintained and organized.


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His advice doesn’t end there, James also does a lot of tips and tricks for maintaining your RV and keeping your RV fit and ready for your future adventures. The YouTube channel is a great place to go to see this style of content, and the two of them make a fantastic team. Steph handles your body, and James has become a great resource for keeping your RV in good condition and always ready to go.

Overall, The Fit RV is about having a fit lifestyle, and we highly encourage you to check out the blog and all of the content put out by The Fit RV.

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