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Getting a little dirty is part of what makes camping so fun. But mud, muck, sand, and sticky fingers are best kept outside of your cozy RV.

A few simple cleaning tools and tidy hacks will help keep your RV an oasis, no matter the season. Next time you go camping, notice where your RV sees the most wear. Maybe your entryway accumulates dirty shoes, or your bathroom counters are always cluttered. Noticing where the mess originates is the first step to sprucing up your RV.

Having a clean living space just feels better, but if you are careful to maintain your RV, you’ll preserve it’s resale value when you sell or trade in your RV.

There’s no reason you can’t keep your RV gleaming like it did the day you drove it off the lot. The secret? Developing a routine that keeps your RV clean.

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Inside Your RV

RVing is a noticeable upgrade from tent camping. It’s more comfortable and more cleanly. After a sweaty day out on the trails, it’s nice to shower off and sink into a nice clean bed. A few simple hacks will keep the great outdoors out of your RV.

Tackling Dirt & Dust

No matter how hard you try, dirt and dust will always find its way inside your RV. A small vacuum makes quick work of hard to reach corners. Some vacuums come equipped with interchangeable nozzles, which accommodate multi-surface cleaning.

A hand-vac with interchangeable nozzles is a great cleaning tool for RV’s.

Wipe Down Surfaces Often

Wipe away dirt, germs, and fingerprints quickly with at-the-ready wipes. An alcohol-based anti-bacterial solution kills germs on high touch surfaces, leaving them shiny and safe for little hands. A jumbo bucket of wipes can live in the RV and last a whole season. Eco-friendly Venture Wipes are pre-packaged to take on the go. Slip them in various cupboards, drawers, or totes so you’re never without one when you need it.

Venture Wipes
Venture Wipes

Banish Smells

Keep your RV smelling fresh and clean with scented sewer chemicals that tackle smells. With the whole family in and out of the bathroom, smells can quickly get out of hand. Tank digesters are essential for proper black tank function, but they also help combat odor.

For other miscellaneous smells, like wet pets or sweaty clothes, a deodorizer eliminates scents in common areas like the bathroom and living room.

Scent Slammer Deodorizer
This compact and affordable deodorizer produces up to 20mg of odor-killing ozone every hour for up to 8 hours.

Outside Your RV

Wash Your RV

To keep your RV looking new, always wash the exterior of your rig after camping at salty seaside destinations, muddy terrain, or dusty desert locales. Sometimes you can give your rig a wash at the campsite. Make this a fun family activity where everyone lends a hand. A collapsible bucket and washing equipment don’t take up too much room in your RV’s exterior storage.

For hard to reach areas and particularly stubborn exterior grime (like bugs and flies), an electric pressure washer does the trick. To maintain that glossy shine, be sure you’re using a special cleaner wax and protectant on your fiberglass RV.

Collapsible Bucket
Image by Camping World

Keep Dirty Feet (and Paws) Out

An all-seasons outdoor mat traps over a pound of dirt per week. Stiff, durable bristles scrape away stubborn mud, snow, and gravel caked in hiking boots. Enforce a strict “shoes-off-at-the-door,” policy to keep your entryway tidy.

For furry family members who don’t know to wipe their feet, pet wipes kept within easy reach make it so dirty paws don’t make it past the door.

Sometimes wipes aren’t enough. Bring along a spare hose and a Y-connect. A dual connection to your site’s city hookup keeps the water running to your RV, while creating a useful exterior wash station. You’ll find this extra hose will come in handy for spraying down grill grates, muddy paws, and sugary s’more fingers too.

Muddy kid and pet
Wash off mud and dirt outside with a Y-connector and an extra hose. Image: Shutterstock

Did we miss anything? What are your hacks for keeping your RV clean during camping season? Tell us in the comments below.

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