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Camping World has already peeled out of 2020 and sped into 2021, embarking on an epic national road trip—The Ultimate RV Show Tour.

This year Camping World’s Ultimate RV show has a new virtual spin, updated with all new digital and remote features like live-streamed events, virtual walk-throughs, and live interviews with real RVers, like Dan and Lindsay of “Follow Your Detour.

Make a cup of tea and get comfortable, as Camping World sits down to talk with Dan & Lindsay about their RV experience. The pair embarked on the RV lifestyle without having ever stayed in an RV before, and today encourage first-timers to just try it and “learn as you go.”

Breeze through some of the highlights of the interview below. The pair cover topics like traveling with pets, setting a travel pace, and embracing the RV community.

What are some of your favorite cross-country traveling tips? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Who is Follow Your Detour?

Dan and Lindsay blog about their RV lifestyle at Their RV journey started out when they began full-timing, roughly 2-3 years ago, explains Dan. Based in Colorado, the two are currently transitioning to a part-time travel lifestyle. With over 55,000 miles under their belt, Dan and Lindsay are no strangers to the road.

FollowYourDetour, Dan and Lindsay
Dan and Lindsay of Follow Your Detour

Cross-Country Travel Tips from Follow Your Detour

“You’ve just got to go with the flow and be flexible,” says Dan. RVing allows for flexibility, so it’s important to embrace bumps in the road. Rarely do well-planned itineraries go exactly to spec, so lean into the spontaneity of the journey. Even if you get lost or breakdown, keep your eyes open for those simple moments that bring joy, like exploring a quirky town you might have otherwise passed by.

When it comes to RVing for the first time, Lindsay says, “It kind of takes some trial and error.” There is a lot you can do to prepare for the RV lifestyle ahead of time, but really learning what works for you comes from jumping in and trying it out for yourself. Lindsay recommends envisioning your ideal camping setup. Is it at a luxury RV park, or remote boondocking on public lands. Use this exercise to point you in the direction of an RV that will suit your needs.

Follow Your Detour

When it comes to cross-country travel, Dan and Lindsay suggest, “find a pace that works for you.” It can be tempting to move quickly in order to catch all the sights and attractions you’ve always wanted to see, a mistake Follow Your Detour made at the start of their journey. Instead, slow down and be choosy with where you stop and what you see to avoid fatigue and burnout.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” said Dan. The road community is a welcoming one, and Dan has more than once benefited from what he calls a “road angel,” or a friendly face happy to help a fellow RVer in need.

RV Talk with Follow Your Detour

Motorhome or trailer? It’s a long-debated discussion and there is no right answer. For Dan and Lindsay, their travels have proven that motorhome travel is more comfortable, particularly for extended cross country travel. Frequently breaking down, setting up, and hitching up can become tiring. Motorhomes, on the other hand, are much easier to pack up and move out.

“Class C’s feel like a bigger truck,” says Lindsay, of motorhome drivability. It may take a little extra caution when maneuvering corners, but first-timers shouldn’t feel intimidated to get behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Dan says, “It’s all about the wheelbase.” Bigger wheels, like on Class A motorhomes, provide a smoother ride.

Winter Camping-follow-your-detour

Follow Your Detour’s Favorite Destinations

Dan and Lindsay reminisce fondly about boondocking in Badlands National Park, where it felt like the park was their personal front yard.

The two also enjoy exploring their home base state of Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains and Alpine lakes make excellent weekend trips.

Looking ahead to 2021, the couple can’t wait to experience the Pacific Northwest with their newest addition to their family. Utah is also on the horizon. Fly fishing and Park City are calling Dan’s name.

Mesa Arch Views
Photo: Follow Your Detour

Tips for Traveling With Pets

Dan and Lindsay travel with their fur family, Pepper, and Kyla. For Lindsay, RVing was a natural choice to include their pets as it allowed them to bring the dogs and not find sitters.

In fact, Lindsay remembers taking Kyla and Pepper to Camping World as they searched for the perfect RV. Camping World is pet-friendly, and encourages you to find the right rig for the whole family.

Traveling with pets “adds to the adventure,” said Dan and Lindsay. Though some state and national park trails aren’t dog-friendly, having an RV to keep the dogs happy and comfortable while you are off exploring.

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  1. Hi Dan and Lindsay, do you have (had) a navion like what is in the picture? We just bought a 24d with murphy bed and am wondering what thickness of matress or matress toppers with bedding, can be put there and still have the murphy bed work? Any of your experience is appreciated. Winnebago said anything over the 4 inch matress isn’t tested.

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