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Kody and Kyler McCormick live to inspire others to reach for their dreams. Their powerful message of hope, merged with their craft of storytelling, has allowed them to share their passion with the world through platforms including the TEDx stage, LinkedIn’s Official Blog, and by working as social media influencers for large brands and travel destinations.

We sent them to visit a few of the most iconic destinations in the country and asked them to document their adventure. Check out their trip and then get some insight into how their Thor Compass motorhome made their trip possible and more memorable.

You have traveled all over the country documenting outdoor adventures. How was traveling in an RV different?

Having everything we needed in one place was a game changer. We’re adventure filmmakers. That means a few things. First, we have a lot of gadgets that constantly need charging and a place to be stored. Having a generator and enough outlets meant charging camera batteries, drone batteries, and powering our computers both overnight and while on the road was possible. Storage slots surrounding the RV meant we didn’t have to cut back on essential gear, and, in turn, sacrifice quality. Secondly, because the nature of what we do is so nonstop, we don’t often have access to a stove, microwave, or sink. Being able to wash up and cook a meal anytime, anywhere was incredible. Finally, having a comfy bed and a shower included helped us keep the show on the road comfortably.

What were some unexpected advantages to traveling in an RV?

Our RV was large enough to house a crew of 4 for a week-long film project. This meant we could divide between having 2 members up front working out locational logistics, and have the 2 in back sit at the table backing up footage, and have an entire production workflow up and running. Typically our crew would be divided between 2 cars on a project which means it is harder for us all to stay on the same page, as well as edit footage on the go, or even sleep in a bed while the vehicle is driving.

What did you enjoy most about the RV?

An RV is sort of the perfect adventure-mobile. Spending a week on the road with our team ended up being one of the most memorable trips we’ve had. There’s something about an RV that brings out a unique opportunity for camaraderie. Whether working on a project or not, an RV is now at the top of our list for a getaway with buddies.

What’s one thing you wish you knew about RVing before embarking on this trip? What were some of the challenges you found?

It’s easy to get your hopes set high on a good ol’ fashioned west coast road trip. When dreaming up locations to visit, it’s easy to want to circle every iconic overlook and national park along the way. My advice would be to select fewer locations to visit. This way, you can spend more time in each spot, and truly enjoy your experience rather than feeling behind schedule getting to the next location. For our trip, things were a bit different as we had specific locations to film at during specific times, but for the everyday vacationer, it’s not a bad idea to slow down a bit.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about jumping into the RV lifestyle?

Less is more. By jumping into the RV lifestyle, there will be the temptation to try to pack every gadget, accessory, flashlight, and new lawn chair you own. By leaving the additional objects behind, not only will you not have to trip over clutter, but you’ll be free to experience the unrepeatable moments that made you pursue the RV lifestyle to begin with.

Final thoughts?

This trip was more than just another project for us. It was a chance for us to push ourselves past our limits to see what we were personally capable of. The Outbound Life is a film company, but also a philosophy. One of our core values is to live beyond limits. There were quite a few uncomfortable moments during this project.

We’ve done quite a bit of indoor climbing, but it was a new experience for us climbing outdoors with such vertical exposure. We had a guide with and were able to safely do some incredible climbs. In particular, our climb in Moab, Utah titled “Ancient Art” was the ultimate mental challenge during this trip. This climb was 4 pitches long (a climbing term for how many times you need to reset your belay station), topping out at 450 feet, and took nearly 5 hours to climb and rapel back down. Standing on the pizza-sized summit was incredibly intense. In moments like this, it’s easy to overthink things and get caught up in fear. The truth is, we all learned to walk when we were 2. We are all physically capable of standing on that summit just like we stand on the the floor every day. As soon as we viewed it in that light, we unlocked our true potential, and stood up there courageously.

If we have any final thoughts from this trip, it is that pushing into your fears is the best investment you can make – in any aspect of life. It’s never easy, but there is no shortcut around your fears on the road to fulfillment. We are all capable of far more than we currently realize. We hope this video will serve as a reminder of that.

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