The Freedom Theory: Ep. 1—Meet Josh and Kali 4591

Josh and Kali thought after they were married, they’d just do what other, “normal” couples do. They would buy a house, start a family, and keep going until they retired.

But a few health scares—plus the cost of housing and land—made them reconsider these plans. And during a year-end vacation, they came to the conclusion that being in debt for the majority of their lives just didn’t sound like a life they wanted to live.

Josh proposed the idea of living in an RV full-time almost as a joke, but Kali bought into it. After days of research and months of preparation, they hit the road. And now, they travel across the country full-time. Now, they’re known as The Freedom Theory.

They told themselves they could always go back, but after seeing just how precious life is, they don’t plan to stop RVing anytime soon. Watch the video to hear more of their story.

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