Why Should You Cover Your RV? 2147

Fall is approaching and that means RV season is starting to wind down. As the cold weather draws near and rain, sleet and snow are practically within sight, covering your RV and protecting your investment should be a priority.

Covering your RV for the season can seem daunting and expensive. But what happens if you leave your RV unprotected?

1. The sun’s damaging UV rays beat down on your RV causing high heat build-up on the surface, which can cause seal damage.

2. Your RV can reach interior temperatures of up to 144° F.

3. If heavy snow builds up on your RV and melts as warmer weather approaches, water will be left on top off the roof and cause a backup.

4. Harmful weather like snow, sleet and rain can leave an unprotected RV vulnerable to leaks.

5. The paint, graphics and trim on your RV will fade, crack, and deteriorate.

6. Dirt and debris wash off the roof of your RV, causing black streaks.

What happens when you protect your RV with an RV cover?

1. An RV cover helps to repel UV rays, ensuring that your RV does not suffer seal damage.

2. Interior temperatures reach up to only 81° F and deflected sunlight means lower interior and exterior temperatures.

3. Your RV will be protected from rain, sleet and snow which helps prevent the risk of leaks.

4. The exterior paint, graphics and trim will be protected from fading and cracking.

5. Dirt and debris will not build up on the roof of your RV, leaving your RV without any black streaks.

6. Fewer washing, waxing and roof treatments are required.

7. Covering your RV protects your investment and preserves your RV’s resale value.

So how do you find the right cover for your RV? The Elements RV covers are available in sizes for almost any RV and in two different fabrics, each stronger than the leading brand. The Elements All Climate (LINK) RV covers are 10% stronger than the leading brand and the Elements Premium All Climate RV covers are twice as strong as other fabrics.

From pop-ups to travel trailers to class A motorhomes, Elements RV covers will protect your RV so when spring rolls around, you’re ready to hit the road!

Shop RV covers: http://www.campingworld.com/elements.

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  1. As you said here, not covering your RV can lead to numerous and costly repairs. I don’t have a cover for mine so it might be a good idea to invest in one. Before I do, I should also get it looked at just to be sure that it’s mechanically safe to use.

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