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You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so you might as well enjoy it. While there are all sorts of beds designed for regular homes, you’ll find RV beds can be very comfortable, too. If you have a bed in your RV that’s not wildly comfortable, then you should consider upgrading. Interested in reimagining what your RV’s bedroom could look and feel like? Camping World Design Centers exist to help RVers plan and complete interior design projects, including making your RV’s bed the most comfortable bed ever.

New Mattress

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How old is the mattress in your RV? You don’t know? How old is your RV? If your RV is more than eight years old, there’s a good chance your mattress is, too. If you know for sure it is not, then do your best to find out how old it is. The rule of thumb for mattresses is that you should get a new one every seven to 10 years. If you’re mattress is older than that, it’s time to upgrade.

Even if your mattress isn’t that old, you can still upgrade to a new one. Having the right mattress in your RV can make a world of difference. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to mattresses, and you need to find one that works for you. Don’t settle for what’s already in your RV.

Mattress Topper

Like your mattress but don’t love it? You can add a topper to it so that it feels a little bit more comfortable. A topper is a simple addition to your RV’s bed and a lot cheaper than getting a whole new mattress.

I love having a topper on a bed. It can literally transform a reasonably comfortable bed into a seriously comfortable place to lay your head at night. I highly recommend them, and Camping World offers plenty to choose from.

High Thread Count Sheets

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The sheets you sleep on are an important part of staying comfortable too. Low thread count sheets will be less comfortable, and some feel downright scratchy. A set or two of higher-quality sheets will not only be more comfortable but likely last longer, and that means that you’ll be able to enjoy your comfy sheets for years to come.

You should also think about the actual material of the sheets. I have a set of soft flannel sheets for the colder months. They do wonders to make the bed more comfortable. Sometimes I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning to make coffee and start my day!

Thick Comforter

This one is really only important if you plan on camping when it’s not hot out. During the hot months, a thick comforter isn’t going to do you any good, but in the fall and winter it can make all the difference.

There’s nothing better than settling into your bed with a thick comforter and a cup of hot cocoa on a brisk fall or winter night. Camping World has all sorts of comforters on sale, and you can find the right one for your rig. The comforter can also add a favorable visual element to your bedroom if you pick the right pattern or design.

Pillows and More Pillows

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Many beds in RVs are positioned up against a wall. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled over in the night and bonked my head on the wall. What’s a good way to keep that from happening? Extra pillows.

Even if your bed is situated in the middle of the room, some extra pillows can do wonders to make you more comfortable. I often watch TV or write in bed, and some extra pillows to prop me up help make me feel comfortable. Don’t go overboard with the pillows, but find the right number for you. Everyone is different.

Find any of these bedding items and so much more at Camping World’s website and stop by Camping World’s Design Center for more ways to make your camper feel like home.

How to make your RV's bed the most comfortable bed ever

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