How to Change the Oil and Air Filter on Honda EU1000i and EU2000i Generators 8507

Just like an automobile engine, you must keep your generator clean and free of dirt & debris to keep it running properly. The oil must be regularly changed and the air filter replaced. We have compiled a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the oil and servicing the air filter.

Cleaning the Generator

  • To clean your generator, simply wipe it down with a moist cloth. For best results, clean your generator when it is completely cool.
  • Never pour water on or into your generator for any reason.

Changing the Oil

  •  It is best to drain used engine oil when the oil is warm, not hot.
  •  Make sure the fuel tank vent and the engine switch are off. Then remove the maintenance cover and dipstick.
  •   Place the drain pan next to the generator, and tilt the generator toward the drain pan.
  •  Allow the used oil to fully drain.
  •  Add 10w30 oil to bring the oil level to the upper limit of the oil filler neck.
  •  When the oil begins to run out, the oil level is correct.
  •   Reinstall the dipstick, wipe up any spilled oil and reinstall the maintenance cover.

**Always dispose of motor oil in an environmentally responsible manner.

Servicing the Air Filter

  • To access the air filter, remove the maintenance cover and the air cleaner cover.
  • The EU100i has a single air filter and the EU2000i and two filters.
  • Remove the filters and wash them in warm water with household detergents.
  • After the filters are clean and dry, pour some fresh oil into a resealable plastic bag.
  • Put the filters inside and seal the bag.
  • Squeeze the filters in the bag so the oil penetrates the filter evenly.
  • Remove the filters from the bag and lay it on a clean rag.
  • Fold the rag over the filters, and press out any excess oil
  • If too much oil is left in the filter, the engine will smoke during startup.
  • Before reinstalling the filters, wipe up any dirt from the air filter housing with a clean, moist rag.
  • Be careful not to get any dirt in the carburetor inlet.
  • Reinstall the filters and the cover.
  • Make sure the rubber seal on the air filter cover is set in the groove.
  • Finally, reinstall the maintenance cover.
  • Allow the engine to cool before removing the spark plug.
  • To access the spark plug, remove the spark cover and disconnect the spark plug wire.
  • Remove the spark plug with a spark plug wrench.
  • Replace the spark plug if it is fouled, the electrodes are worn or if the insulator is cracked or chipped.
  • Make sure the spark plug gap is between 0.6 and 0.7 mm.
  • Install the spark plug by hand to avoid cross threading.
  • If you are reinstalling the old spark plug, tighten it 1/8th turn after the spark plug seats.
  • If you are installing a new spark plug, tighten it ¼ turn after the spark plug seats.

**Do not over tighten the spark plug.

  • Reconnect the spark plug wire, and reinstall the spark plug cover.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual for additional details on the processes shown in this video. For additional resources, visit

Honda always recommends using Honda genuine parts when performing any maintenance on your generator. All maintenance items should be performed at regular intervals according to the Owner’s Manual.

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