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While taking care of your RV’s sewer hose can really help you make your hose last and eliminate headaches associated with draining your gray and black water tanks, there will likely come a time when you need to get a sewer hose replacement.

When that happens, don’t just run out and buy the first thing you see. Avoid cheaper products and focus on brand names people know and trust.

What Should You Get?

Shopping for a new sewer hose for your RV isn’t the most exciting experience. It’s not exactly something that you or anyone else likes to deal with. However, it is necessary, and if you’re going to buy a new hose, then you might as well get something good.

RhinoFLEX makes some top-quality sewer hoses. While any of the brand’s products will do you right the RhinoFLEX Swivel Sewer Hose Kit is the way to go. This kit features a transparent elbow that allows you to see when the solids are through the hose.

Another good option is the Thetford Titan Multi-Length Premium Sewer Hose Kit. This kit comes with an extension and a clear elbow as well. It’ll handle all of the dirty duties with ease so you can get back to enjoying your camping experience.

You Should Also Buy an Extension

Sewer hose extension
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You don’t always know how close to a dump station you can actually get. Usually, you should have no problem with your standard sewer hose. However, it’s never a bad idea to have an extension in case you need to reach a little further. 

Extension hoses are extremely affordable, and you can get an additional mount to house the hose or simply get some PVC pipe and add one above or below your bumper where the main hose is already stored.

If you’re looking for a good extension for your RV, I’d suggest getting the same brand as your current sewer hose. So, if you purchased the RhinoFLEX hose recommended above, then consider this RhinoFLEX Extension Hose with Swivel fittings.

What About Accessories?

hose rinse kit
Image from Camping World

There are all kinds of accessories out there, like clear elbows (which are included with the kits shown above), black tank rinsing hoses, sewer hose rinse caps, hose supports, and a whole lot more.

These accessories aren’t needed, but they’re nice to have. At the very least, I’d say to get a clear elbow for your hose. It makes things a lot easier. Having a sewer hose rinse cap and a way to flush out your black tank are also recommended.

If you need a sewer hose or any accessories for your rig, check out our full inventory of sewer hoses at Camping World.

Getting a sewer hose replacement

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