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While towable RVs are great, sometimes a motorhome is the better option. Sure, you could go with a Class B or Class C motorhome, but a Class A will be the right choice in many situations. Class A’s provide quite a lot in terms of features and amenities.

I know that when most people think Class A motorhomes, they think massive RVs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many good Class A models that are a bit on the shorter side. Here are some Class A RVs that measure at or under 28 feet in length.

2019 Thor Axis 25.6

Thor Motor Coach Axis 25.6

The Thor Axis 25.6 offers a single large slide-out that opens up the floorplan. In the slide-out sits a  Dream dinette, a flip-up queen bed, and a sofa. There’s also a closet and a TV. On the camp side of the RV, is the kitchen and bathroom. There’s also another TV on the wall. The floorplan also includes a drop-down bunk at the front of the unit and a closet at the rear.

The model comes built on a Ford E-450 chassis with a 6.8L Triton V10 that makes 305 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. It can sleep up to five people and measures only 26 and a half feet in length. This makes it easily maneuverable on the road and it should mean that the model gets better gas mileage than some of the other, larger Class A models out there.

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2019 Jayco Alante 26X

Jayco Alante 26X

If the Thor model above doesn’t do it for you, then check out the Jayco Alante 26X. This unit features two slide outs, one on either side of the RV. One slide out is for the queen bed. The other is for the dinette and a sofa. On the camp side of the RV is the kitchen. There’s also a wardrobe next to the kitchen. The bathroom in this unit is on the driver’s side of the RV. Like with most Class A RVs, there’s a drop-down bunk at the front over the driver’s cabin.

The Jayco Alante 26X is a little longer than the Thor model. It measures nearly 27 and a half feet. This offers a bit more space without making the coach much bigger overall. The model is built on the Ford F53 chassis, which features the 6.8L Triton V-10 that makes 320 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. This unit sleeps up to six people.

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2019 Winnebago Intent 26M

Winnebago Intent 26M

Last but certainly not least, we have the Winnebago Intent 26M. This unit has two slide outs, but unlike the Jayco above, both of the slide outs are on the same side as the driver. The one towards the front of the unit features the dinette, refrigerator, and pantry. The slide at the rear of the unit features a queen bed. There’s a shower on that side of the RV, too. On the opposite side is most of the kitchen and the toilet and bathroom sink. There’s also storage areas and a TV. At the front of the unit is a drop-down bed, as you’d expect.

The Intent 26M is built on the Ford F53 chassis like the Jayco model shown above. It features the same Triton V10 engine tuned to 320 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. The model sleeps up to five people and measures under 27 feet in length, keeping the model short for maneuverability.

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Have any models (new or used motorhomes) you think should be included on this list? Leave a comment below!

Excellent Gas Class A motorhomes under 28 feet long

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  1. Thank you for this review on various motorhomes under 28 feet long. Depending on the stage of life, financial status, etc., some people look for specific measurements when purchasing an RV. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like to have the bells and whistles but also would rather shorter unit…..would a 26′ class A have the drivability and accessibility of those concerns mentioned in the above article? Thanks for any help

    1. I have a 2018 Jayco Alante as shown above. It has the JRide but seemed to sway allot. When a semi truck would approach from behind and pass me, the motorhome would sway towards the shoulder of the road then back to the center. So I added a Roadmaster rear sway bar for $1,200. It might need a front sway or steering bar.

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