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When you’re on the road, you need something to listen to. While music is perfect for a long road trip, eventually, you may want something else. That’s where a good podcast comes in. There are thousands of podcasts out there, but if you’re RVing, an RV podcast is always an excellent show to listen to.

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Here are 10 of the best RV podcasts that will educate and entertain you on your next road trip.

1. The RV Miles Podcast

The RV Miles Podcast is a show designed for RV enthusiasts. It’s run by Jason and Abby Epperson, who are full-timers traveling around the U.S. The couple lives in a converted school bus with their three sons. The podcast consists of tips and tricks, gear recommendations, RV news, and tons of other RV-related topics. It’s education, fun, and perfect for your life on the road.

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2. The RV Family Travel Atlas (RVFTA)

Oddly enough, The RV Family Travel Atlas is also run by a couple who RVs with their three kids. However, Stephanie and Jeremy aren’t full-timing. They’re avid part-timers who are very knowledgeable about a wide variety of RV topics. While any RVer will benefit from the episodes, much of RVFTA’s content focuses on RVing part-time. It’s a great resource for any weekend warrior.

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3. The RV Entrepreneur

Focused on one of the most important aspects of full-timing, Heath and Alyssa Padgett’s podcast called The RV Entrepreneur is all about helping nomadic entrepreneurs live their best professional and personal lives. This podcast is a must for anyone living and working on the road. It’s also an informative show for any entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit, one who RVs or not.

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4. Roadtreking: The RV Podcast

This RV podcast is all about small living and traveling around in a Class B RV. Award-winning journalist Mike Wendland runs the show with his wife Jennifer, and they discuss a variety of topics as they travel around in their Roadtrek Class B motorhome. The couple also runs a website with all sorts of helpful tips and tricks for RVers.

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5. Girl Camper Podcast

Looking for an RV podcast with a female touch? Check out the Girl Camper Podcast created by Janine Petit. Janine is an advocate for girl and women campers everywhere and focuses on giving advice to other females in a male-dominated industry. With that said, her episodes can be a valuable resource for people of all genders. She covers everything from hitches to basic camping tips.

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6. Living the RV Dream with Traveling Robert

This podcast is run by Robert Morales and his wife Ileana. They travel the U.S. and bring you with them on their journey through their podcast, YouTube channel, and website. The topics change as the couple moves around, but they’re always entertaining and informative. Robert has been doing interviews as of late with other avid RVers, which makes for some fantastic content to listen to.

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7. Happy Camper Radio

Skip Huber is an outdoorsman and camper who has spent years enjoying the great outdoors. His Happy Camper Radio is an excellent resource for a variety of RV-related topics and can be a wonderful source of entertainment and valuable information. Skip’s focus isn’t only on RVs he tries to get all manner of people out enjoying camping, whether they’re in an RV or a tent. He covers, tips and tricks, gear, and so much more. Speaking of Happy Camper, explore the new Happier Camper RV as well.

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8. Roadschool Moms

If you’re RVing with kids and you need to know how to make sure they’re getting the education they need as the days go, this is the best podcast out there. Kimberly Travaglino and Mary Beth Goff, get together for hour-long episodes to talk about everything there is to discuss when it comes to roadschooling, or homeschooling from the road. These episodes are for the parents of roadshcoolers, not educational posts for the kids, so keep that in mind.

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9. Vintage Airstream Podcast

If you’re looking for an RV show that has been running a long time, consider the Vintage Airstream Podcast. This show started in 2005. Today, it’s still going strong with over 300 episodes you can listen to. While the podcast is obviously about vintage Airstream campers and other Airstream camper topics, there’s a lot of good information here that any RVer would easily find useful.

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10. Stories from the Road

You know we couldn’t leave our own podcast off this list. In Stories from the Road, our host Sam Nuerminger chats with all sorts of avid RVers to learn more about their lives and hear about their most memorable stories, both good and bad, while they’ve traveled. It’s inspirational to hear so many stories from so many unique voices all across the country.

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  1. Thank you Wade for including the Girl Camper Podcast on your list! I’m privileged to be in such good company in an industry that I love. Happy trails, Janine aka Girl Camper

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