SftR 068: Everything You Need to Know About Boondocking with Camp Addict 4953

Everything You Need to Know about boondocking

Everything You Need to Know About Boondocking with Camp Addict

On this Stories from the Road episode, Sam talks to Marshall Wendler and Kelly Beasley, the co-founders of Camp Addict. As exclusive boondockers, they’ve both learned a thing or two about dry camping in an RV without hookups. In this interview, they share all of their tips and resources so you can learn everything you need to know about boondocking. Hear about how to find places to boondock, how to update your rig for solar, common boondocking questions and misconceptions, boondocking with friends, and must-have RVing products!

Some highlights from this episode

  • 1:30 – Finding the best boondocking spots
  • 3:30 – Solar updates for boondocking
  • 12:00 – Common boondocking and RVing questions
  • 18:00 – Misconceptions around boondocking
  • 22:00 – Xscapers Convergences
  • 27:00 – Must-have boondocking products

Marshall and Kelly’s advice for boondocking

  • Have a plan for where you are going to park for the night, and a backup plan in case that area is full.
  • If you’re considering installing rooftop solar panels, do it now. Don’t wait until later. It’s so worth it and will make your boondocking set up even easier.
  • Boondocking is not as hard as most people think it is. It’s not unsafe and doesn’t make you more likely to get attacked by bears. It’s a great way to get closer to nature and save a lot of money.
  • Read the reviews online for boondocking campsites to find places to park.
  • Start practicing at campgrounds and pretend you don’t have hookups. Then, you’ll be more prepared to go off the grid.
  • Befriend someone who is an avid boondocker and camp with them on your first boondocking trip.
  • Go to an event, like an Xscapers convergence, where you’ll get experience boondocking with other people who can help you.

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