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Living a Stout Life

Living a Stout LifeKen and April Pishna run the website Living a Stout Life and have a YouTube show called Stout Conversations. Their mission is to travel the country full-time in their RV, searching for interesting stories to share about the craft beer community and the very interesting individuals who make craft beer. In this episode, Sam had the opportunity to interview Ken and April on location in their RV named Raif at the RV Entrepreneur Summit.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • 2:00 – What does it mean to live a stout life?
  • 6:00 – Stout Conversations
  • 10:00 – Best beer cities in the US
  • 14:30 – Making the most of life and moving into an RV
  • 19:00 – Stories from the RV Entrepreneur Summit
  • 26:00 – Plans for RVing and Living a Stout Life
  • 30:00 – Advice for others

Living a Stout Life

Ken and April say that “living a stout life” means something different for everyone. For them, it means living with intention and looking for fulfillment in life. It’s more than just beer (though beer is an important part of their philosophy!). For Sam, it means being surrounded by community and enjoying life on a daily basis. For you, it could mean something else entirely. That’s what Ken and April love about the idea of living a stout life. It’s the freedom to live the life you want. Even their RV name is an acronym for their philosophy. Raif stands for Real Adventures in Freedom. What does living a stout life mean for you?

Advice from Living a Stout Life

Whether you want to live in an RV, change careers, or start a band, just go out and make it happen. It’s easy to make it work once you make up your mind. You don’t need everything to be perfect. If you aren’t living your dream yet, figure out what is holding you back and just get started!

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  1. My wife and i want to get an RV and start living out of it. We home school our son so he will be able to continue school year around. What we want to do is live on a lot for 1-6 weeks at a time and then move on to the next lot. All over the country. Is this possible to do, and if so where are all the places we can do this at? Is there a website we can look at to get an idea of where these parks are? Would you happen to have or know someone who has a list of all the places we can go? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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