SftR 018: Living in an RV as a Touring Percussionist with Scott Pellegrom // 🎧 Podcast 4401

Living in an RV as a Touring Percussionist - Scott Pellegrom

Scott Pellegrom has become one of the leading innovators for the next generation of drumming. Since performing live at the age of five, he has transformed from a natural born rhythmist to an international performer and clinician.

While he’s been a camping and RV enthusiast for a long time, he’s recently moved into a Class B RV, named Tenacious B—allowing him to travel to tour dates and actually give drum lessons in the RV. On the road, he works for a recording company, teaches lessons, and runs his own music groups. Living in an RV gives Scott the ultimate flexibility, which fits his touring lifestyle.

Follow Scott’s journey on Instagram and tune in to the interview to hear more about living on the road and touring as a musician!

Some topics we discussed:

  • 3:30 Scott’s RV story
  • 10:00 Social media’s impact on travel and music
  • 11:20 Class B RV renovations
  • 18:10 Northern MI hidden gems
  • 23:50 Brew tours
  • 31:10 Third Coast Recording Company
  • 33:20 Life as a nomadic musician

Why RV life is perfect for musicians

Scott had previously owned a conversion van and loved it for this touring lifestyle, so he knew that a Class B RV would be a great option. Living in an RV as a musician gives you the opportunity to move your home with your touring schedule. Instead of staying in hotels, you can enjoy the comforts of your own home and even transport other band members if needed.

You can even renovate it to be your mobile recording studio. Scott renovated his Class B to make room for his drum set, so he could practice and give lessons on the go. Overall, it saves money, gives you flexibility, and improves your quality of life as a musician on the road.

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