SftR 015: Downsizing and Working as a Doctor on the Road with Moving Forward Adventures // 🎧 Podcast 4412

moving forward adventures

Downsizing and working as a doctor on the road

What started as an experiment in downsizing became a lifetime of adventure. Kenny and Sabrina Phillips are full-time RVers, keeping up with their thriving YouTube channel, Sabrina’s road-based work-life as a locum tenens doctor, and Kenny’s writing with Winnebago on the road.

They sat with us to talk about the luck of their Winnebago, developing a deeper relationship on the road, and how downsizing starts with throwing away your socks.

You can keep up with Kenny and Sabrina via their YouTube channel or their Instagram.

Episode highlights

  • 3:05 – Locum tenens and the start of an RV adventure.
  • 11:11 – Their 28’ Winnebago.
  • 14:07 – Getting rid of more stuff.
  • 18:30 – “I don’t even know what to talk to you about.”
  • 22:17 – Going fast now, but slowing down in year two.
  • 26:22 – The success of Moving Forward Adventures.
  • 30:28 – Throw away your socks.
  • 33:25 – “The Poop-cano.”
  • 38:48 – Things will go wrong, but you’ll sort it out.

Advice from Moving Forward Adventures

  • RV life will teach you to be patient. Try not to get upset over the little things that go wrong with RV life. Don’t get discouraged. Things are always going to go wrong, but the positives are much greater than the negatives!
  • Meet up with other travelers you find online through the RV community. You’ll make so many friends!
  • Research everything you can and give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. This goes for downsizing, buying the RV, getting on the road, creating remote income, etc.
  • Watch a lot of YouTube videos. You can learn A LOT about RV life and RV maintenance before you hit the road and even after you start traveling.
  • Take advice from others, but always do what is right for you and your family.
  • RVing gives you the time to have more meaningful conversations.

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  1. Kenny and Sabrina have a great YouTube channel and always keep it real. A great interview with them.

    1. Thanks Lou, We are glad to hear you liked the interview, we had a lot of fun answering Sam’s questions even though we were nervous throughout the whole thing. We also appreciate the kind words about us and our channel. Take care Lou and safe travels!

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