SftR 031: Finding Community on the Road with JP Smith from Xscapers 2824

Finding community on the road with Xscapers

JP has been on the move full-time for almost 20 years, working as a tour guide around the world and specializing in the national parks of America.

His travels have taken him to more than 75 countries and all 7 continents. An adventurer at heart, he’s walked across Spain, sailed the Virgin Islands, and ridden a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina.

About 5 years ago JP started living in a motorhome between trips as a tour guide. He now lives full-time in his motorhome, traveling the country and organizing convergences for Xscapers.

Some episode highlights:

  • 2:40 – What is Xscapers?
  • 5:40 – JP’s RV Story
  • 11:21 – World traveling experiences
  • 14:50 – Xscapers and the RV Community
  • 19:30 – The Annual Bash in AZ
  • 24:34 – JP’s RV
  • 30:33 – Convergence experiences and benefits
  • 34:03 – Traveling and craft beer

What is Xscapers?

Xscapers is a community within Escapees RV Club created for working-aged RVers.

What is an Xscapers Convergence?

Convergences cater to working-age RVers and provide education, social activities, and outdoor adventures. The purpose is to gather a community of like-minded people and form/deepen friendships on the road. Convergences are hosted year-round and usually involve boondocking, making it affordable for everyone to attend. Learn more about attending an Xscapers convergence here!

Finding community on the road with Xscapers

When JP was still part-time RVing, he attended his first Xscapers convergence. He loved the community aspect of the event and making new friendships with like-minded people. He decided to go full-time in the RV and offered to help plan more convergences. They brought him on the team and he has been planning events ever since, including experiences like floating the river, renting out a movie theater, and boondocking on the beach in Mexico!

JP says that after you attend an Xscapers convergence, it’s hard not to run into people you know on the road. Full-time RVing can be really lonely and the Xscapers community does a fantastic job of bringing people together. He says that about 75% of the convergence attendees even make plans to travel with their new friends after the event.

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