SftR 030: Astronomy and RV Adventures with GeoAstroRV // 🎧 Podcast 7026


John & Brenda Nejedlo sold their sticks and bricks home and are now full-time RVers based out of Livingston, Texas. Before that, John was a police officer turned science teacher, while Brenda was a private voice and piano teacher.

In a very short time frame, John and Brenda decided to jump right into RV life and have been on the road for about a year. Their plan is to travel the country with their mobile astronomy command center, giving free day and night astronomy presentations while they slowly get to see North America.

Follow their journey as they attempt to see every dark sky astronomy site and geological feature from coast to coast—GeoAstroRV.com.

Some episode highlights:

  • 2:23 – John and Brenda’s RV Beginnings
  • 13:12 – Nomadic Astronomy
  • 22:56 – A day in the life of the Nejedlos
  • 24:30 – Their custom Astronomy RV
  • 29:44 – Learning from their mistakes while RVing
  • 35:39 – Favorite experiences while traveling
  • 41:28 – Epic Nomad experiences
  • 46:52 – What’s next for John and Brenda
  • 50:56 – Words of wisdom

GeoAstroRV’s mobile astronomy command center


Not only do John and Brenda travel around the country with their 2017 Thor Aria motorhome, but they also have a truck and solar trailer to store extra water (for boondocking), tools, and astronomy equipment. This set-up allows them to put on their in-depth astronomy presentations all over the country and have all of the power and water needed for adventures. Daytime presentations include a 10-minute lesson and a telescope viewing. The set-up for nighttime presentations usually starts around 8 pm and sometimes they don’t pack up until 1 am.

John and Brenda love sharing their passion for Astronomy with others on the road, especially in our country’s wonderful National Parks. They say that telescopes can show you just how big the universe really is.

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  1. I’ve learned my passion for RVing is enjoyed by those with the affection for and not if you don’t . Of course an affinity for travel is essential.
    I think the old saying ‘ you love it or you don’t.

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