SftR 027: From Military Life to RV Life with Chickery’s Travels // 🎧 Podcast 7584

From military life to RV life with Chickery's Travels

Sean and Julie Chickery are perpetual travelers who are currently exploring the country in their Fifth Wheel. After serving 20 years in the US Air Force, they knew they wanted to keep moving and experience even more of this beautiful nation. Enjoying slow travel, they spend 1-2 months per location—fully experiencing the local area.

Together they manage Chickery’s Travels, an educational and inspirational website and YouTube channel documenting their travels and lessons learned. They have authored a book, Full-Time RV Finance, that covers all monetary aspects of RV travel, to include the big purchase, making money on the road, and saving money on travel.

Tune into this episode to hear how Sean and Julie transitioned from military life to RV life!

Some episode highlights:

  • 1:40 – The Chickery’s Home base
  • 4:06 – What lead them to the RV Life
  • 10:00 – RVing and becoming remote business owners
  • 17:10 – Trials and tribulations while traveling
  • 21:42 – City camping
  • 25:47 – Julie and Sean’s favorite stories from the road
  • 27:33 – The RV Community
  • 32:10 – Plans for the future

Slow travel and slow growth

Sean and Julie enjoy traveling slow. They say it helps them save money, avoid travel fatigue, and make more memories along the way. They get to fully enjoy each place they visit, including many museums and other activities, while still having plenty of time for work and managing the blog.

Just like traveling slow, Sean and Julie have given themselves plenty of time to grow slowly and learn how to run a business and work from the road. They went from the top of their careers in the Air Force to newbie RVers and business owners. With slow growth and networking in the RV community, they have been able to thrive in the RV life and avoid burnout in RVing or business.

Learn more about slow travel, saving money on the road, and RV life at Chickery’s Travels!

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  1. I love Chickery’s Travels! They are so nice and helpful! Great interview. I learned a lot about Florida history. lol!

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