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Kelsey’s first career as a performing artist had her traveling the world. Eager to keep traveling, she hit the road to see the USA in a 69’ Airstream Overlander. Today you can find her writing about travel, design, and good food. When she’s not planning her next trip, she’s sipping on local beer and petting other people’s dogs.

There’s no such thing as a “typical RVer.” RVers are all around us. They are our neighbors, friends, and family. Join us as we get to know The Hambricks, a sun-loving family who use an RV for family travels on weekend getaways. We had a chance to chat with them about their experience.

Hello! Thanks for joining us and sharing your story. Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We’re the Hambrick’s and our motto is if kids live there, kids can visit, and you’ll often find us exploring destinations most don’t consider kid-friendly. Our daughters, Jordyn (6) and Kennedy, 5 have been traveling since birth and we love sharing our tips on how to make family travel affordable and easy.

Describe your travel style in one sentence. Here’s mine: Solo lady rambling on the slow and scenic route in pursuit of food, wine, antiques, and other people’s dogs to pet.

Family with kids who makes them try the craziest things, but they end up having a good time!

The Hambricks
The Hambricks enjoy outside time dancing at their RV’s patio space. (Image by Tyler Cave)

As a family, how have you traditionally traveled on trips in the past? By plane, car, train, cruise?

I think we’ve traveled in every way possible, car, plane, train, cruise, RV, bus, and helicopter.

Some lightning questions!

  • Beaches, mountains, or desert? Mountains
  • The top three things to bring in the car that makes family road trips run smoothly. Snacks, snacks and did I mention snacks!
  • The one song everyone sings/dances to when it comes on. “The Middle”

Travel is a great way to learn about places, people, cultures, and history. How does RV travel present opportunities to learn as a family as you travel?

Life on the road in an RV allows us to see parts of the country we miss in a plane. Driving through smaller cities/towns where we get to just pull over when we see something interesting and discover things we otherwise wouldn’t. In small towns, life is slower and restaurants usually aren’t as packed and this has allowed us to really get to know the owner of these establishments and learn their stories.

The Hambricks at Sunset
Kennedy and Dad watch the sunset. (Image by Tyler Cave)

What was your first RV experience like as a family? Intimidating, thrilling, exciting, silly, fun, surprising?

Our first RV experience was both exciting and surprising. When we first picked up the RV and did a tour the girls wouldn’t stop squealing, they saw the bunk and just wanted to hang out in their little hideaway. They also loved the RV parks and our nightly bonfires. We were surprised to see so many young families at the RV parks as we’ve traditionally thought of RVing as something retired people did.

The Hambricks RV camping in the Keys. Photo by Tyler Cave.
The Hambricks RV camping in the Keys. (Image by Tyler Cave)

What would you say are the greatest perks of RV travel?

Not having to pack and unpack at every destination you visit like you do when staying in hotels! We also love having the outdoors at our fingertips, enjoying the fresh air every night with the girls always having space to play outside, another thing you don’t get at hotels.

The Hambricks Having lunch
The Hambricks have lunch at the campsite, no restaurants necessary. (Image by Tyler Cave)

What would you say the biggest challenges are to RV travel?

During busy seasons it can be hard to find reservations at RV parks if your trip is last minute.

What, in your opinion, makes an awesome family trip/vacation?

A mix of both adventure and relaxation, where we try at least one new thing.

family sitting outside their RV next to a campfire.
Late nights around the campfire with the family are a must! (Image from Tyler Cave)

As weekend warriors, what advice do you have for families curious about RVing as a part-time hobby?

Just do it! There are plenty of sites available to easily rent RVs and the RV community is so welcoming even if you don’t know how to do everything (which you won’t at first) those in the RV parks near you will be happy to help guide you through hooking up and all of the technical things.

Favorite quote, verse, lyric, or mantra that keeps you sane on your travels? Here’s mine: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”- Earnest Hemingway

Life is short, just say yes!

The Hambricks at the Beach
The Hambricks at the Beach. (Image by Tyler Cave)

Thanks for your time, wisdom, and stories Monet and family. See you on the road!

  • Comment (12)
  • Mike says:

    I get where you’re coming from Dave. However, please understand that just because your safety isn’t in jeopardy, please don’t assume that my (people of color) safety isn’t. I’m certain of what I’m (we’re) faced with in society which includes “camping”. I sincerely appreciate your perspective.

  • Arlene k Rodriguez says:

    Wow, reading these wonderful experiences, a flood of almost 56 yrs. of “camping”. Thanks for igniting the memories. Hubby & I took our 6 month old son on our 1st “camping” trip to a PA state campground, & stayed in the lodge. That was a first camping experience for all 3 of us (aside from Girl Scouts for me & boot camp for hubby). It was the beginning of a fantastic world of constantly learning, friends, & experiences. My advice… ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA HANDY, KEEP A JOURNAL OF NOTES/MEMORIES. Encourage all family members to journal. GUARANTEED: YOU WILL TREASURE THESE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! AND YOU WILL LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN A WORLD OF MEMORIES TO TELL THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT (before, during, and after they take off on adventures with them).

  • Dave Russell says:

    I can’t believe people are pointing out the color of people, what I see is a American family do what families should be doing, spending time together and seeing as much of our country posable, good on them, nothing better then a great time camping…

  • Mike says:

    As an African-American RVer, I have to be very selective of the campsites my family and I visit due to the potentially unsafe political climate that exist in this country. I recently canceled one of our annual RV trips because of it’s location. It’s nice to see the Hambrick’s having a wonderful time and I trust they are considering their safety as well. Not to be pessimistic but we all are aware of today’s news cycle. Hopefully, articles are written to provide us safety tips to address this matter.

  • Bucket Hamilton says:

    Wow, been camping bout 5 yrs.,now.My first camper 1996 Jayco 5 th.,wheel,no slides,but was well taken care.Until I moved all my stuff out of the house,an I was sleeping on the floor.So now I have a 1998,5th.wheel Toy Hauler,so I live in it.It’s a joy to be out on the road an see all the head turning.Been to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas.Wonderful

  • Brad Brenner says:

    You guys look like you are having a blast. So great to see kids doing outdoorsy things with their parents. Two thumbs up for you guys. Hope to see you on the road.

  • William Schmidt says:

    Makes me want to get adopted into their family and I’m 73. They sure demonstrate their knowledge and endless possibilities for the freedom of traveling in an RV. Stellar commercial.

  • Eddie Harris says:

    I love to see Blacks out camping. We have been camping for about 30 yrs off and on, started out with tents, moved up to trailers and now we have a Class A. But during our travels we rarely see any Blacks RVing. It is wonderful to see you and your family out in nature enjoying all that God has put on this earth for us to enjoy. Your children will have memories to last them a life time. My sons still talk about the trips we took and the things we saw along the way. Best of luck and hope to see you guys on the road.

  • Mike says:

    There is a real racial element that Black family RVers may need to contend with that is seldom not mentioned in these type of articles.

  • David moreno says:

    Great American Family, this video needs to be shown on CNN, Msnbc,the view,etc. thank you for finding the Hamblings

  • David Moreno says:

    Thank u for your understanding and safety is always #1 but life is to short to miss out on great times with strangers who all want the same for them and there families. But when its time to run, do it. Happy camping, hope to see u out there!!!

  • Kelsey Glennon says:

    Agreed William! RVing with The Hambricks looks like a blast!

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