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Typical snowbird RVers spend the summers in northern locales and then head south for warmer weather in the winter. Check out these gifts for those in your life who know all about camping during the holiday season.

Mini Portable Fire Pit

Duraflame 5.5″ Stainless Steel Mini Fire Pit

  • Simple, classic design with a sleek stainless steel frame
  • The double-walled design cuts down on annoying smoke
  • Compact and weighing less than 2 lbs.
  • Fold-down feet let you safely place the firepit just about anywhere
  • Choose between wood or pellet fuel with the included pellet chimney

Perfect for those frequently on the move, the Duraflame 5.5″ mini firepit makes a beach fire or campground fire painless and easy. Snowbird RVers will love its compact size, stainless steel durability, and versatile wood or pellet chimney, so you can choose the fuel source. All the control you need from a portable firepit in a unit that weighs less than two pounds.

Patio Lights

Tropical Parrots Mini Patio Light Set

  • Light your RV patio with a colorful tropical setting
  • 8.5′ strand of mini lights
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • Plugs on both ends for stringing lights together

A little decoration can make any locale feel just like home — and a little festive. This tropical parrot mini patio light set adds just the right touch. Fun, beach-themed, and a great way to make your campground feel like your own. Use these inside or outside, and string together multiple sets for larger spaces.

Lighting Accessories

Light Up 4.5′ Palm Tree

  • Light up your space with a bright LED tropical palm tree
  • 58″ tall x 46″ wide
  • PVC leaves come with LED light strips
  • A coiled LED rope light attaches to the trunk pole
  • Assembly required

Who needs an evergreen tree during the holidays when you have a more southern-appropriate flora to put the presents beneath. The snowbird RVers in your life will love this 4.5′ palm tree year-round. Perfect for patio parties and indoor decor, this is sure to get plenty of use beyond the holiday season.

Outdoor Games

Brookstone Pickleball Paddle Set

  • Introduce yourself to the exciting game of pickleball
  • Perfect for entry-level and up-and-coming pickleball players
  • 4 durable paddles, 8 high-performing pickleballs, and a convenient carry bag

Snowbirders love the warm weather and the outdoor activities it allows, even in the winter. And pickleball is the perfect mobile game to get outside and enjoy a little friendly competition. Whether you’re a pickleball pro or just getting started, these will provide endless hours of entertainment. And with everything fitting in a convenient bag, this won’t take up too much space in an outdoor storage compartment.

Southwest Travel Guide

Wildsam Travel Guide – Desert Southwest

  • The best burger-and-shake joint in Moab, Utah
  • Scenic back roads from every Southwestern state
  • A map of stunning Grand Canyon overlooks
  • Intel on seeing New Mexico from a hot air balloon
  • Where to find authentic Navajo rugs

Wildsam Field Guides bring local expert recommendations to you. From hidden restaurant gems to places to shop, fun activities in town, and places only the locals know, you’ll have a world-class experience wherever you’re traveling. This Desert Southwest edition provides great recommendations in the Southwest. Once you introduce your friends and family to Wildsam, they’ll be looking for a guide wherever they travel next.

American South Travel Guide

Wildsam Travel Guide – American South

  • The top meat and threes in the South
  • Scenic drives in every southeastern state
  • Illustrated map of Alabama folk art
  • Our essential list of Southern books, films, and music
  • An interview with a barbecue legend

Do the snowbirders in your life favor the southeast states? Wildsam’s American South Field Guide provides great food options and cultural activities, from folk art to southern book recommendations, films to see, and local music to find and hear. Read interviews with southern chefs and learn about the local cuisine, all in one tome of a guidebook.


JackRabbit Portable Ultralight Micro eBike

  • Can fit anywhere from RVs to closets or even on a plane
  • Weighs an ultralight 24 lbs. with a max speed of 20 mph
  • 100% electric powered with no pedals, for a sweat-free ride
  • 300-watt rear hub brushless motor with a Li-Ion 36V battery
  • Charges in about 3 hours for a 10+ mile range

The JackRabbit Portable Ultralight Mirco eBike is a traveler’s best friend — especially when visiting warm locales. Easy to store without taking too much space, and a snap to easily get from campground to campground and explore nearby towns and scenery. An eBike like this makes every bike ride a comfortable cruise. Want to learn more about the JackRabbit? Check out our review of this micro but mighty biking option.

  • Makes it easy to mount your Starlink Internet Dish above your RV or trailer
  • Easily attaches to any 1″ RV ladder
  • Can be installed within 20 minutes
  • Powder-coated to last in severe weather
  • Can also be used as a telescopic flagpole

This telescopic Starlink mount system provides an easy way to incorporate Starlink directly into an RV’s setup. Easy to install and much faster than alternative dish-mounting options, this is a great option for those who already own Starlink and is an incentive for those thinking about taking the next step. Provides easy Starlink setup as soon as they park at the campground.


PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier

  • Removes excess moisture from the air in small indoor spaces
  • Reduces allergens and that unpleasant “musty” smell caused by mold, mildew
  • Runs quietly with Peltier (thermo-electric) technology
  • Electronic On/Off controls and automatically shuts off when the tank is full

Traveling from one climate to another can prove to be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to navigating the humidity levels. This PureGuardian Dehumidifier makes a great gift for snowbirds taking their RVs south this winter. Great for small spaces like RVs, vans, or trailers, this will help keep your space clear of mildew and mold in the most humid of spaces. Plus, it’s great for those with allergies. Compact and out of the way, it won’t be too much of a storage hog, either.

Beach Towels

Salty Crew Chasing Tail Beach Towel

  • 100% Cotton
  • Screen-printed artwork
  • Towel measures 60″ x 32″

Snowbird RVers love the beach more than most — so much so that they’re willing to spend a good part of the year there! Gift the perfect all-purpose beach towel for day trips where you need a large towel to post up near the water. This 100% cotton Salty Crew towel is comfortable and durable.

Portable Gas Fire Pit

Ukiah Qube Portable Gas Fire Pit with Dual-Tank Technology

  • Fueled by two 1-lb. propane tanks housed inside the firepit
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable. Perfect for camping, tailgating, or the beach
  • Six jet tip burners create high-definition flames that can reach 20″ in height
  • 3.5-hour burn time
  • Magnetic lid for easy transport and storage

If you don’t want to burn wood (or can’t at a given campground), a portable firepit is an excellent tool to keep handy in your RV. Even snowbirds want to enjoy the ambiance of a campfire. This gas-powered portable firepit makes it easy to light a fire at a moment’s notice. Plus, there’s no pesky smoke or clingy campfire smell to worry about. You’ll just need to replace the propane containers periodically.

The best gifts for snowbirds show you know their lifestyle and know what would add to their adventure. Consider these items and which would be a welcomed addition to a snowbird’s winter rig.

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