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Has the camp chef in your life been struggling with poor barbecue tools or a small cooking surface? These gifts for RV grilling and cooking are perfect for outdoor cooking. They’ll step your grill game up and allow you to explore creative, new recipes for your upcoming camping season.

Griddle Package

Blackstone On The Go 22″ Griddle RV-Ready Package

  • 22″ griddle with two independently controlled stainless steel burners
  • Classically styled hood with heat-resistant grip
  • Flex-Fold legs
  • Includes LP quick connect with 15′ hose and 5-piece tool kit

This much grilling surface is hard to come by when you’re traveling in an RV. Blackstone has defied the nearly impossible by making this 22″ griddle and including everything you need to use it in their “RV-Ready Package.” It quickly folds up when you’re ready to store it, and the wheels make it easy to set wherever you want to do your campsite grilling.

Griddle Cleaning Kit

Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Tool Kit

  • Scraper and scouring pads are great for daily cleaning
  • Pumice stones are helpful for resurfacing and restoring
  • Includes scraper, 3 scouring pads and handle, and 2 pumice stones and handle

Every good camp chef takes the added time at the end of each meal to clean their cooking surface and grilling utensils. To go along with a camp griddle, the gift of a cleaning kit makes keeping that surface clean a lot easier. This kit has everything you need for spot cleaning after each use, as well as restoring the surface at the start or end of each camping season.

Folding Table

Fold-N-Half Table with Heat-Resistant Top and Storage Bins

  • Heat-resistant aluminum plastic surface
  • Zippered storage bins
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Adjusts to 3 different heights
  • Weather-resistant for short-term outdoor use

This isn’t your average folding camp table. Sure, it’ll give you an extra tabletop surface for meal prep or serving, but it also gives you outdoor storage you won’t get with any of its competitors. You can keep the storage bins open or zipper them closed for overnight storage, so long as you don’t keep any food items in there. Plus, it adjusts to the perfect height to fit a variety of campground settings.

Grill Tool Set

Blackstone E-Series 4-Piece Griddle Tool Kit

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Heat-resistant
  • Induction-compatible
  • Non-stick compatible
  • Spatulas feature beveled edges
  • Includes griddle spatula, hamburger spatula, tongs, and squeegee scraper

Has the camp chef in your life recently experienced the pain and tragedy of a broken camp spatula or missing tongs? Instead of just replacing what’s broken or missing, give their entire grilling tool set an upgrade. Blackstone’s kit can go with one of their high-quality griddles, or be used with any other outdoor grill. Just ensure you store them safely and securely!

Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron Seasoned 10.25″ Skillet with Assist Handle

  • Cast-iron construction
  • Non-stick surface
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking
  • Pre-seasoned and ready-to-use

If you’ve never cooked on a cast iron, we must say you’ve been missing out. A cast iron skillet is a great gift for RV grilling and cooking because it can distribute heat more evenly than other pans and can also be easier to clean (with the right tools). You just might want to share a few specific cast iron recipes with the RVer in your life as a supplement to this epic gift.

Stove Cover

Camco Stove Topper and Cutting Board

  • Fits 3 or 4-burner RV stovetops
  • Non-skid backing holds the board in place
  • Flexible cutting mat included
  • Measures 17″ x 19.5″ x .75″

Most RVers struggle with minimal counterspace for meal prep inside. This gift for RV grilling & cooking can alleviate that struggle by turning otherwise unused stovetop space into viable counterspace for cutting meats, veggies, fruits, and other foods. It even comes with a secondary flexible cutting mat if you want to keep some of your foods separate while preparing them.

Fire Cooking Utensils

Rome Cast Iron Square Pie Iron

  • Made of solid cast iron
  • 28″ long, including head and handle.
  • The head measures 4.25″ x 4.5″
  • Weighs just over 3 pounds

This campfire cooking accessory can be fun for the whole family. There’s really no limit to the creative snacks, meals, and desserts you can make inside them. Stuff them with graham filling, peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows to create a truly decadent S’mores pie. Or go with standard white bread and American cheese for campfire grilled cheese to accompany one of your favorite camping soup recipes.

Campfire Grill

Stromberg Carlson Stake & Grill

  • 36″ long stake
  • 15″ x 22″ grill
  • The locking handle easily slides up and down to adjust the heat
  • Up-turned edge keeps items from rolling off
  • Chrome finish cleans easily

Cooking over the campfire is still nostalgic for many RVers. Even with the fancy outdoor grills and griddles available these days, there’s still nothing quite like cooking over an open fire. But not every campground firepit comes with a grate you can use as a safe cooking surface. That’s why this gift for RV grilling and cooking is perfect for anyone in your life who loves the flavor of burgers, hot dogs, steaks, or anything else cooked over a wood fire.

Breakfast Accessories

Blackstone 4-Piece Breakfast Kit

  • Bacon press
  • 2 4″ steel egg rings
  • Batter dispenser

A perfect gift for the Blackstone griddle owner who is also a breakfast aficionado, Blackstone’s breakfast kit is perfect for cooking the perfect bacon, frying expertly round eggs, and topping everything off with delicious, fluffy pancakes. No, the ingredients themselves aren’t included, but you’ll have the freedom to make the perfect breakfast feast with this kit.

Charcoal Grill

Americana Keg-A-Que Charcoal Grill

  • Unique shape with durable powder-coated hood and bowl
  • Deep bowl delivers savory, smokey charcoal flavor at every cookout
  • Flip-down sturdy steel legs for easy setup
  • Two side hood vents allow better draft for easy temperature control
  • Oversized Keg-A-Que handle makes transport a breeze

If you have a camp chef who loves to pull out all the stops when hosting the holidays in their RV, they may struggle to get really creative with meals without a proper grill. Now, a full grill might not be very practical for most RVers to lug around, but this keg option is certainly a viable alternative.


Rome EZ Tripod Grill

  • Chrome-plated grill
  • Assembles in just 90 seconds without tools
  • 21.5″ diameter grate sits up to 20″ above the fire
  • Breaks down to 24″ x 11″

Charcoal cooking brings a unique challenge to your RV adventure. Most believe it’s worth it because the flavor is unmatched by anything you could do on a traditional grill or griddle. But the trick is having a platform that can support everything you’re trying to cook so it’s all done at the same time and warm when everyone is ready to eat. This tripod grill is the perfect RV grilling gift to help solve that “lack of campfire cooking surface” issue.

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