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Winegard entered the television reception industry at the dawn of the television era back in 1954. Since becoming a Camping World vendor in 1973, they’ve demonstrated a strong commitment to adapting to evolving technological advancements and customer needs.

Today, the Winegard Company is the leading television reception products provider in the RV industry. With a diverse line of Winegard TV antennas and a proven track record of quality, they have earned the distinction of being a preferred satellite provider. 

A Smart Satellite TV Antenna Choice

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Winegard Company, located in the heart of the Midwest in Burlington, Iowa, takes great pride in designing and manufacturing its antennas in the US. Winegard is committed to providing top-quality products by putting all of its RV antennas and antenna accessories through stringent environmental testing procedures to ensure they can survive the harshest weather conditions.

Furthermore, all automatic antennas are live tested before leaving the facility. With a Winegard antenna, you can be confident you are getting a top-quality product, and their antennas are backed by a limited warranty that covers parts for two years and labor for one year.

Shop Camping World’s complete selection of Winegard TV antennas.

Types of Winegard TV Antennas

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Winegard has launched more than ten new mobile television antennas in recent years, so there’s a good bet that you’re considering Winegard TV antennas if you’re trying to upgrade your RV with a new antenna or satellite dish

Winegard satellite TV antennas can be categorized into three main groups:

  • Portable Antennas
  • Automatic Roof-Mounted Dome Antennas
  • Automatic Multi-Satellite Antennas

By understanding the differences, you can identify the essential features to help you select the best antenna for your specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at each group.

Portable Winegard Antennas

Flexibility is the primary benefit of portable Winegard antennas. They can be set up in your desired location and moved around as needed. They can also go with you for RV camping, car camping, or tailgating trips

Winegard Carryout® G3 Antenna

Photo by Camping World

If you want a portable antenna, your next step is to choose an automatic or manual portable antenna. Winegard’s Carryout® G3 Automatic antenna is now equipped with larger reflectors that translate to faster channel surfing and signal acquisition. This antenna’s speed and accuracy are incredible, but users rave about how simple it is to use.

The Carryout antenna hooks up to a 12-volt power source inside your RV and comes with a 25’ coax cable, a power inserter with a 3’ coaxial cable, and a 110-volt power cord. The 13’ x 16’ dome provides maximum flexibility in selecting the best location for optimum reception. 

This outdoor antenna is compatible with DIRECTV® SD, DISH® SD/HD, Bell TV SD/HD, and the DISH® Wally™ receiver and Pay As You Go programming, although the latter two accessories are sold separately. It also supports up to two receivers and can be mounted on the roof if you want a permanent RV television antenna.

Winegard Playmaker and Playmaker Dual Portable Outdoor TV Antennas

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The Winegard Playmaker single-receiver and dual-receiver portable antennas are two of their most popular options. Both offer a compact 16” x 13” size that allows them to easily store in your RV or tow vehicle when you’re on the move. 

An optional roof mount is sold separately if you decide to install one permanently. But whether you set it up on the ground outside your RV or mount it to the roof, these antennas offer a faster setup than most other automatic antennas. 

They are also powered by their receiver, eliminating the need for a separate power cable. Because these are DISH products, they are designed only for stationary use and are compatible with only the DISH Solo HD receivers or DISH Pay-as-you-go service for viewing on one or two TVs. 

Winegard Mounted Dome Antennas

Mounting a dome antenna on your RV’s roof only needs to be done once. From there on out, you won’t have to worry about setting up a portable TV antenna whenever you move to a new destination. 

Dome antennas are durable enough to handle adverse weather conditions. And by mounting a dome antenna permanently, you can free up RV storage space for other toys or recreation equipment. 

Winegard RoadTrip T4 Dome Antenna 

Photo by Camping World

The compact Winegard RoadTrip T4 satellite dome antenna is designed based on the Carryout Automatic Portable. It requires minimal roof space with the smallest footprint on the market (14.3” in diameter x 13.5” tall and weighing only 10 pounds).

RoadTrip’s updated antenna design and smooth rounded dome provide maximum signal strength, reduced noise, and smooth tracking ability. It’s compatible with DISH Network Pay-as-you-go service and programming, as well as Bell TV (standard and HD) and DIRECTV (standard) programming.

These antennas automatically receive signals from the best satellite when you change channels and provide in-motion tracking capability. So you can tune into programming whether you’re stationary in a campground or moving between sites.

Multi-Satellite Winegard TV Antennas

Multi-satellite TV antennas are typically provider-specific, but they can deliver superior performance compared to the other types. However, they tend to be larger and bulkier, making them a liability for a permanent installation on your RV’s roof (especially if you’re already pushing the limits of acceptable RV height clearance). 

If you use one as a portable model, they can deliver great reception because they automatically raise, rotate and skew to lock on all satellites simultaneously, so there’s never toggling between satellites. 

There are two main benefits to this: 1) Family members can watch separate programs on any TV in the RV simultaneously; 2) They work great with DVRs.

DISH Winegard TRAV’LER® Pro Smart Multi-Satellite TV Antenna.

Photo by Camping World

The TRAV’LER® Pro is Winegard’s premier multi-satellite TV antenna. Made from reflectors that are approved, certified, and used for the home market, the TRAV’LER® antennas provide everything satellite TV has to offer.

Multiple receivers allow you to watch different channels simultaneously if your RV is manufactured with multiple televisions. And it’s compatible with the DISH Hopper 3 DVR system and Wireless Joeys for recording your favorite shows to watch later. 

Equipped with cloud connectivity, you’ll also be able to monitor the antenna’s search sequence, check signal strength, and troubleshoot issues from a remote device with the Winegard Connected App. 

Why Winegard TV Antennas?

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While the Winegard Company holds the title of one of the longest-standing RV TV antenna manufacturers, they are also one of the largest home satellite antenna manufacturers. Winegard distributes satellite antennas to the US, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand for companies such as DISH Network®, Sky Mexico, SkyNetwork Television, and Bell Distribution.

Choosing the right satellite TV antenna or dish greatly impacts your RV entertainment choices. 

Once you get a high-quality antenna, consider these tips for improving TV reception in your RV.

What is your experience with RV TV antennas, and which antenna brand are you currently using? Let us know in the comments below!

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