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Jenny Anderson

Favorite Trip

Road trip through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana where we visited the national parks and went fly fishing for trout.

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Land of 10,000 Lakes aka Minnesota

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I absolutely love our current fish house, a custom Glacier Ragen R216. But if I could have any RV, it would be YETTI A816-PK.

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Jenny Anderson is an outdoor content creator, best known as the Girl of 10,000 Lakes. As someone who didn’t grow up “outdoorsy,” she believes it’s never too late to fall in love with the great outdoors. Prior to becoming an outdoor content creator, Anderson was a news anchor and reporter in western Wisconsin. She now uses her passion for storytelling to inspire families of all experience levels to get outdoors. Anderson is a published children’s book author and shares her love for nature, fishing, and the outdoor life with her husband, two children, and their yorkie named Kiwi.

Hunting season is upon us and as someone who didn’t grow up hunting, I’m always “on the hunt” for new tools and gear to improve my experience. This fall, my husband and I are taking the RV to our hunting property to set up deer camp and spend a few weekends in the treestands. 

Whether you hunt for deer, elk, bear, turkey, or waterfowl, Camping World and Gander Outdoors have all your base camp and hunting essentials. From big-ticket items like bows, rifles and treestands to smaller items like clothing, game calls, and hunting knives – hunters can find it all. 

I hope this gift guide helps you streamline the hunting experience for yourself, or for the hunter in your life. Customize your gear for your hunting experience, and learn how to pack your RV for a hunting trip so you don’t leave anything behind.

Sitting in Comfort

While hanging out at base camp or hunting in a ground blind or treestand, a comfortable chair may make all the difference in how many hours I spend hunting. I’ve used everything from a 5-gallon bucket with a swivel seat to a camping chair. Consider an upgraded hunting seat like the Rhino Padded Swivel Hunting Chair which allows you to swivel 360 degrees. Or, try something more portable like the MacSports Portable Tripod Camo Chair. I have a tripod chair just like this and it is so practical and multifunctional for not only hunting but also ice fishing and camping. 

MacSports Portable Tripod Camo Chair

Scent Control

Scent control can be as simple as using odorless detergent and scent-free soap. I’ve done both and while I’m not sure if it actually makes a difference, I know I’ve had better luck seeing deer on days I take all of the steps to be odorless. But there are also scent-eliminating electronics that can up your game, like the Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace PureION Field Generator which neutralizes human scent with the flow of small ion molecules. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts six hours in the field so that you can get close to the action without detection. 

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace PureION Field Generator

Scouting Technology

I think one of the most time-consuming parts of hunting is scouting. Looking for ideal wildlife habitat and a good location to place the trail camera can be tricky. But going back and forth from my house to the trail camera to review photos of a possible big buck can be time-consuming. Trail cameras with cellular capability help save time. Muddy Manifest Cellular 16 MP Trail Camera can send back photos without disrupting your hunting spot while the Stealth Cam Reactor Cell Camera is a 26-megapixel camera that can send both photos and videos to your smartphone. 

Stealth Cam Reactor Cell Camera

Warm and Steady Hands

When the weather starts to cool down in the late hunting season, cold fingers can be an issue. I’ve had some trouble feeling the rifle trigger in freezing temperatures which usually leads to calling it quits for the day. That’s why it’s important to keep your hands warm with a good pair of gloves and some hand warmers. The Celestron Elements ThermoCharge 10 Hand Warmer and Power Bank Combo is an electronic hand warmer that heats up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 12 hours while also serving as a power bank in case your phone is low on battery. It’s ergonomically designed for holding in your hands or inside a pocket. 

Shoo, Skeeters

There’s nothing more annoying than mosquitos during the early hunting season. I’ve found myself swatting at them while sitting in an open treestand which is a problem when you’re trying to be really still. Thankfully, the Thermacell Mosquito Repeller in Realtree has been the answer to my skeeter problems. Just turn it on to create a 15×15 foot zone against mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. It’s powered by butane and refillable mats so be sure to stock up on those as well. 

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller in Realtree

A Pack for All the Essentials

When I get up at 4:30 a.m. to get to my hunting spot, I usually need a backpack to carry some essentials along with my rifle or bow. At the top of the packing list: a coffee mug with hot coffee, camera and tripod, cellphone, extra hand warmers, and some granola bars. The Heavy Hauler Back 40 Backpack is ergonomically designed with the hunter in mind and includes a large side pocket, mug holder, inside mesh pocket with key holder, magnetic cell phone pocket, hardshell sunglass pouch, and trap door bottom ammo storage area. It’s perfect for all of those extra items needed while sitting in the treestand.

Heavy Hauler Back 40 backpack

Processing Your Food

I’ve only processed deer a couple of times and it is quite the ordeal. Once all of the meat is cut out, my husband and I usually vacuum seal the venison tenderloin and striploin. Most of the other pieces of meat get sent to a wild game processor and turned into sausage or jerky. Gander RV & Outdoors has all of our meat grinding, smoking and dehydrating essentials that could give us the ability to do that at home. After all, I think homemade is always the best! The LEM 5 lb. Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer can manually turn meat into snack sticks and sausage. For something quicker, consider an electric grinder like the LEM #8 Big Bite 0.5 HP Electric Meat Grinder which can grind 7 pounds of meat per minute. The Hi Mountain Seasonings Jerky Master comes with all the seasonings and a jerky gun to create strips or sticks when you’re ready to dehydrate your meat.

LEM #8 Big Bite 0.5 HP Electric Meat Grinder

Find everything you need for the hunting season at Camping World or Gander Outdoors.

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